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Wayne Adam Ford “Wayne Adam” is an American serial killer, who confessed to having killed four women in (1997-1998) and is thought to have killed others.

He was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder on 27th June 2006 and was sentenced to death in August 2006.

He is staying on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California. The Murder dropped out of high school and served in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he worked for 6 years before being honorably released in 1985.

From 1983 he had escalating problems at work and psychological declines, requiring several hospitalizations. He had a series of scrapes with the law, involving accusations of beating and robbing a prostitute, and animal cruelty for which he served a brief jail sentence. He was working as a long-haul truck driver at the time of his arrest.

Wayne Adam Ford Age

Wayne is an American serial killer. He was arrested after he walked into the Humboldt County Sherrif Department in Eureka, California in November 1998 with a woman’s severed breast in his pocket.

The truck driver was born on 3rd December 1963, in Petaluma, CA. He is 57 years old as of 2018.

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Wayne Adam Ford Arrest

The famous Killer turned himself in; he walked into the Humboldt County Sheriff Department in Eureka, California in November 1998 with a woman’s severed breast in his pocket.
He confessed to having killed four women in (1997 – 1998) and is suspected to have murdered others. He was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder on 27th June 2006 and in August same year. He resides on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California

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Shadows of Evil
  • Long-haul Trucker
  • Dismemberment,
  • Murder (True Crime by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

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Rape Victim Identifies Alleged Serial Killer as Her Attacker

SAN FRANCISCO — A 22-year-old woman has identified suspected serial killer Wayne Adam Ford as the man who picked her up in Santa Rosa in August and raped, beat and robbed her, a spokesman for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department said Monday.

Lt. Mike Brown said the department is seeking charges, including kidnapping and rape, against Ford, who is being held in Humboldt County Jail in lieu of $1-million bail.

Accompanied by his brother, Rodney Ford of Vallejo, Wayne Ford walked into the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department last week carrying a severed breast and allegedly confessed to murdering and dismembering four women in Humboldt, Kern, San Joaquin, and San Bernardino counties.

The 36-year-old trucker pleaded not guilty Friday in Humboldt County to a murder charge involving the killing one year ago of an as-yet unidentified woman.

On Monday, Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson issued a gag order to keep the prosecution and defense from discussing the case publicly. Ford’s court-appointed attorney requested the order.

Two Sonoma detectives interviewed Ford on Friday. Brown said Ford is suspected of picking up the 22-year-old woman, whom police identified as a prostitute, in Santa Rosa about 11 p.m. Aug. 23.

Ford allegedly bound, gagged and raped her before dumping her in a ditch beside U.S. 101 north of Healdsburg. Police said the woman picked Ford’s picture out of a photo lineup Sunday at her home in San Pablo.

Ford is suspected of carrying around the bodies of his victims–sometimes for days–before throwing them in waterways. In some instances, he is believed to have stored body parts in his freezer.

 Wayne Adam Ford Documentary

On 4 November 1998, Wayne Adam Ford made headlines when he walked into the Sheriff’s station in Northern California, pulled from his pocket a Ziploc bag with a severed breast inside it and admitted to killing four women.

Ford, 36, of Arcata, was being held on murder charges in the Humboldt County Jail on $1 million bail. Sheriff Dennis Lewis said Ford walked into his department, said he had some evidence, and pulled out the baggied bag breast.

According to the Sheriff the emerging serial killer, “was remorseful and apparently had reached a point in his life where he wanted to talk about what he’d been involved in.”

Investigators in Eureka said the four victims he mentioned were female hitchhikers and/or prostitutes who had been sexually assaulted before they were slain and mutilated post mortem.

One of the slayings dated back to 1997, when the torso of a woman 18 to 25 was found floating in a channel near Eureka.

Investigators found six or seven body parts of the unidentified woman based on information Ford provided, said Sheriff Lewis.

The breast he brought to the Sheriff’s station was from another victim. Authorities said Ford implicated himself in two other recent slayings, in San Bernadino and San Joaquin counties.

The first body found, discovered in October 1997, had been so thoroughly dismembered that her identity remains unknown.

Believed to have been a hitchhiker whom Ford picked up, her mutilated torso was found in a marsh near Eureka. One of her arms was later found on a beach.

Her head, other arm and parts of her legs are still missing. Ford stored other body parts in the freezer of his Arcata trailer for a year, and according to laboratory analysis, apparently tried to cook some of them.

On June 2, 1998, the nude body of a Las Vegas prostitute, Tina Renee Gibbs, 26, was found in a Kern County aqueduct. She had been strangled. Four months later, the nude body of Lanett Deyon White, a 25-year-old prostitute from Fontana, was found floating in a San Joaquin County irrigation canal. The precise cause of death remains undetermined.

Patricia Ann Tamez’s nude body was found floating in the California Aqueduct in San Bernardino County in October 1998. She had been strangled and one of her breasts removed–the one Ford carried in his coat pocket more than a week later when he and his brother walked into a sheriff’s station in Humboldt County.

After confessing to killing the four women, Wayne told authorities he turned himself in so he wouldn’t kill his ex-wife and leave his son an orphan “`He said he was ashamed of what he was doing and his anger was mostly directed against his wife and he was getting more angry at her every day”‘ for keeping him from seeing their son, Humboldt County Coroner Frank Jager Jr. said.

People who knew Ford have said he regularly complained that since his separation and divorce from his wife, he has been frustrated in his efforts to see their son. Their divorce decree gave him limited visitation.

In a 3 1/2-hour interview with investigators just before his arraignment, Ford disclosed the location of the head of a woman’s headless torso that was found el 26 de Octubre de 1997, in a channel outside Eureka.

Pathologists hope to use a knife and saw marks on bones from five body parts Ford led them to at a campsite outside Trinidad to match them with the still-unidentified torso. Ford had kept the body parts in a freezer in his Airstream trailer in Arcata for the past year but hid them in a hole at the base of a tree just days before turning himself in.

Wayne’s arrest has led officials to identify el Cuerpo de Patricia Anne Tamez, a 29-year-old Victorville woman discovered dead two weeks ago in the California Aqueduct near Interstate 15 outside Hesperia. San Bernardino County officials said the body was missing a breast.

Ms. Tamez may have been working as a prostitute at truck stops, officials said. A friend, Deborah Reck, said Ms. Tamez was an upper middle-class college student who dropped out because she liked to party too much and was “really into crystal meth.”

Authorities identified another of his victims como Tina Renee Gibbs, a prostitute Las Vegas, 26, whose body was dumped in an aqueduct in Kern County. Ford admitted to killing Gibbs, saying that she died during rough sex that included bondage. Two other victims remain unidentified.

Born in Petaluma, Ford told friends he served in the military and bounced around the West, living in Big Bear and San Clemente before moving with his wife and son to Las Vegas.

After breaking up with his wife he moved to the Northern California coast, where he started working as a long-haul trucker.

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