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Victor Jacobo Biography

Victor Jacobo is an American Journalist who is a bilingual statehouse and political reporter at CBS 58 and Telemundo Wisconsin. He joined the team in June of 2018 as a producer. Victor is no stranger to Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. Prior to joining CBS 58, he was a producer at WISC in Madison where he spent two years as a producer.

Victor Jacobo Age

Jacobo’s age information is not available for now but will be updated soon.

Victor Jacobo Education

Victor is a proud alum of Marquette University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communication with a minor in Political Science. He is also an avid Marquette basketball fan.

Victor Jacobo Fun Facts

When he’s not working, he enjoys running, cooking, reading and traveling. Jacobo enjoys everything Wisconsin has to offer, from its beautiful state parks to delicious restaurants.

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Victor Jacobo EPA

Article by Victor Jacobo;

Environmental regulations in Racine County could come under review following the release of documents from the Environmental Protection Agency.

That could have a major impact on operations for the future Foxconn facility.

Newly released emails to the Sierra Club and Clean Wisconsin reveal scientists at the EPA objected to decisions on matters related to environmental regulations in southeastern Wisconsin.

The emails show that last year, the EPA then led by Scott Pruitt left parts of southeastern Wisconsin out of a list that would have required businesses like Foxconn to face stricter regulations.

Those decisions were being made as former Governor Scott Walker was seeking reelection and was touting the potential job creation that Foxconn would bring.

Clean Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in federal court to have the EPA reversed its decision but Walker says pollution in southeastern Wisconsin was worse in years past and doesn’t see it being an issue with Foxconn’s development.

“I think if you look at comparables to the way things were years ago when there was a high volume of manufacturing jobs in Racine County and southeastern Wisconsin, this is still going to be a much better situation on the water, on air quality, and others,” said Scott Walker.

“If southeastern Wisconsin air monitors are exceeding that number those health standards for a smog then they need to do something to clean up. It doesn’t really matter what was happening 15 years ago. Yes, the air was probably dirtier 15 years ago but it still has a long way to go,” said Kathryn Nekola, General Counsel, Clean Wisconsin.

Foxconn and Governor Evers Office did not return CBS 58’s request for comment.

Victor Jacobo Madison

Article by Victor Jacobo;

The Humane Society released its annual report this month which highlights problematic puppy mills across the country.  Seven were identified in Wisconsin and now there’s a bill to prevent puppy mills from staying in business.

The bill circulating at the Capitol would ban pet stores from directly selling dogs and cats to consumers. The bill’s author Representative LaKeshia Myers of Milwaukee says it’s an effort to cut demand from puppy mills.

Instead, pet stores would have to partner with shelters and humane societies to encourage adoptions of dogs and cats. Many big name pet stores already do this.

Stores that don’t comply under the bill would face steep fines of thousands of dollars. The Wisconsin Humane Society says they support the bill and that there are benefits for everyone involved.

“It’s really a win-win because it gets different markets and public visibility for the animals, it’s great for the businesses because they still get that foot traffic and can sell pet supplies to the families that adopt the animals and it’s great for us as shelters, too. It’s one more place where we can get our animals out and into great homes,” said Jill Kline, VP of Community Impact Programs with WHS.

In the past, similar regulations have brought concerns for dog breeders who may sell to pet stores.

Kline says that this bill shouldn’t affect the reputable dog breeders since many work directly with families looking to purchase dogs.

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