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Trent Bennett Biography

Trent Bennett is an American Journalist who t joined the KETK news team as the Longview bureau reporter in November 2016. He is a native East Texan who is thankful to begin his career close to his hometown of Hallsville. While in high school, Trent made his first appearance on the KETK airwaves during an interview on East Texas Live to talk about his lead role in local production.

Trent Bennett Age

Bennett was born on November 15, 1990. He is 28 years as of 2018.

Trent Bennett Education

Trent would attend college in East Texas at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre arts and a minor in English. His many leading roles performed in front of as many as a thousand people would prepare Trent for his future on TV. He would eventually fall in love with journalism while filling in for an SFA sports report.

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Trent Bennett Winnsboro

Article by Trent Bennett;

For the Howell family, a fresh start to the Piney Woods sound better the more they began to imagine the idea.

“We lived down south during Harvey (Hurricane Harvey) and we lived through, and we lost a lot from it,” said Amanda Billingsley-Howell.

The family of 5 had hoped to bring a small town life for their 3 children, but just 20 days after signing the dotted line to buy their new home, an EF-2 tornado swept through their town and ripped apart a portion of their home.

“It was definitely not expected, we spent our life savings just to buy this house and so all the rainy day money we would have is no longer an option,” said Howell.

Amanda’s husband Chris works out of state on a rig and is more than 1,500 miles away.

“Where he is, he has no service so he knows there was a storm, but not the extent of what happened said, Howell.

The Howell family has a guardian angel in the form of a friend that formed a GoFundMe page to help the off-set financial costs.

Trent Bennett School Saviors

Article by Trent Bennett;

When the EF-2 tornado swept through Canton Wednesday, several schools were still in session. That included Pecan Ridge Daycare Schools.

“We have more than 140 children enrolled,” said Director Leeann Chavez.

Some parents had already picked up their kiddos, but several were still in the facility.

“In this type of situation, the worst part is that you’re in charge and responsible for several children who are not your own,” said Chavez.

While Chavez and her staff were worried about the safety of their students, little did they know help was already on the way.

“So as I’m sitting there watching what’s going on I realize the daycare is right across
the street and I’m looking at my watch and I realize they probably still have kids,” said Bryan McAteer.

“I wasn’t shocked because I love them and they’ve been good to me, but I was speechless
that they would come and save us all,” said Chavez.

Trent Bennett Longview

Article by Trent Bennett;

For 18-year-old Chloe Curtis of Longview, her journey through high school was anything, but normal.

When she was in her early teenage years, she had no place to call home.

“Before 2015, I was homeless. My parents had made some bad financial decisions and I had nowhere to go,” said Curtis.

That was until the summer before the start of her freshmen year. Her grandparents got custody of her and Curtis moved 1,100 miles from Arizona to Longview, Texas.

“It was way different. My old school would have had like 25 maybe 30 students in it,” said Curtis.

Instead, she graduated with more than 500 others last Friday night at Lobo Stadium.

“It was amazing. I had friends who didn’t even know who Matthew McConaughey was. That was a cool way to end everything,” said Curtis.

In her 4 years at LISD, Curtis gained a knack for cooking She was active in her culinary arts classes. That passion later pushed a desire to do it as a profession.

Curtis was in Kevin Hill’s dual credit class through Kilgore College and with that, it set her up with a scholarship and job.

She has since graduated and attained a Monday thru Friday job at Hilton Garden Inn where she works in the kitchen.

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