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Rhodes is an American host, comedian-actor and host.


Tom Rhodes Age

He was born on January 14, 1967, in Washington DC

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Tom Rhodes comedy

Rhodes grew up in Washington DC till the age of 12. His uncle who is a stand-up comedian made him realize his love with comedy. This is after he saw him perform. Tom became more obsessed with comedy after his family moved to Florida. At first, he dreamed of either becoming a major league baseball player or a professional stand up comedian. Rhodes shifted his focus to comedy after realizing he wasn’t born for Baseball.

During his time in Oviedo high school, he started filling his notebook with jokes ideas. everybody knew that he wanted to become a comedian and so he was invited to host shows, pep rallies and morning and afternoon announcements. On one occasion his drama and speech teacher, Mr. Martin Mintrel encouraged him to explore his natural talents. MR Mintrel went even further allowing him the first five minutes of the class for Rhodes to talk what he wanted to.

Tom Rhodes Career

Rhodes career began at the age of 17, where he auditioned for a slot at the comedy club in Orlando, the funny farm. During his junior and senior years of high school, he did shows every weekend in Orlando.

After a successful development in comedy at the age of 22, he decided to move to San Francisco with the sole purpose of growing and strengthening his comedy. Along meeting many people and becoming popular in the comedy giant city, he got to open concerts for James Brown and the brothers while in San Francisco.

Tom became the first comedian to sign a one-year development deal with Comedy Central that led to his one hour special ‘Viva Vietnam’ a comedy travel log to the newly opened country Vietnam as a heartfelt tribute to his father and the other veterans who served. Tom’s friend Rich Hall worked on ‘Viva Vietnam’ as the one and only writer he was allowed to bring with him. Viva Vietnam was critically acclaimed and the Washington Post ran a feature story on Tom and his father, and how the premiere in Washington DC attracted both Vietnamese diplomats and US diplomats laughing in the same room when they were once mortal enemies.

Tom Rhodes wife

he is married to his wife Ashna Rodjan

Television & film

  • Viva Vietnam: A White Trash Adventure Tour (Comedy Central)
  • Mr. Rhodes (NBC)
  • Comedy Central Presents (Comedy Central)
  • Kevin Masters Show starring Tom Rhodes (Yorin Dutch Television)
  • Yorin Travel (Yorin Dutch Television)
  • 4:20 Hour Stand-Up (Salient Media)
  • Stand Up Australia (The Comedy Channel in Australia)

Tom Rhodes Nominations

Nominated at staff choice award for unsung hero 2018/19.

Tom Rhodes Awards

Rhodes won the funniest person in central Florida at the age of 19.

Tom Rhodes Net worth

Tom Rhodes is $1million net worth.

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