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Taylor Selfridge Bio

Taylor Selfridge born on June 13th, 1994 in Portlandis a famous person who is best known as a Reality Star. Taylor is a model turned reality star who became known as a contestant on season five of MTV’s reality series Are You the One? She’d go on to appear on MTV’s Ex on the Beach in 2018. She’s acquired over 400,000 Instagram followers and growing.

Taylor Selfridge Education

She went to Washington State University. She worked as an early child behavioral management teacher, prior to joining Are You The One? She began modeling at age 18.

Taylor Selfridge Family

She has brothers named Caleb and Zack. However she has not disclosed much about her brothers other than their ages.

Taylor Selfridge Relationship – Teen Mom OG

She was once in a relationship with Andre Siemers, who also appeared on season five of Are You The One? and later Cory Wharton from Ex on the Beach. Cheyenne Floyd and her ex-boyfriend, Cory Wharton, who many know from MTV The Challenge, appeared as cast members for the first time last season on Teen Mom OG. However, this season, both Floyd and Wharton are dating new people. Wharton has a new girlfriend named Taylor Selfridge and it’s not smooth sailing for the couple when it comes to breaking the ice with Floyd. According to Radar Online, Floyd told Wharton on the show that she felt he “could do better” when it comes to Selfridge. Floyd also said that she didn’t want Selfridge around their child.

Taylor Selfridge Photo

Her response after the footage aired, was, “Obviously it doesn’t feel good to hear that she said that about me … That’s fine if everyone else thinks he can do better. But it’s about what he thinks, not everyone else … I’m used to people talking about me negatively so I don’t lose sleep over it anymore.” She also admitted to Radar that, “There was tension with Cheyenne and I at the beginning of Cory and I’s relationship.”

Taylor Selfridge Cory Wharton

According to Selfridge she had dated Wharton on and off for a year before they made their relationship public. The two had met on the reality show Ex on the Beach but according to Wharton while speaking to People their spark never really died, despite their times apart. The fact that their relationship was one of on and offs was one of the reasons why Floyd said she didn’t want Selfridge around her baby. Selfridge, while speaking to Us Weekly said that they are definitely serious about their relationship now. She stated; , “Cory and I do have a serious relationship. We haven’t talked about getting married maybe in the future but we’re just enjoying our relationship and getting stronger every day. I could see myself with him for a long time. We already stay together almost every day and we work well together.”

And, even though Floyd initially said she didn’t want her daughter, Ryder, around Selfridge, things appear to have changed in that department. And, Selfridge also put some pregnancy rumors to bed. Selfridge revealed, “I do want my own kids in the future and Cory’s an amazing father to Ryder so it’s hard to not want kids with him! I think when the time is right it will happen for me. But to squash any rumors, no, I’m not pregnant! I’m just enjoying my relationship with Cory and Ryder.”

According to Wharton, while speaking to The People, the reason why thinks his relationship for Selfridge is for the better, he said that, “Cheyenne’s dating somebody too. We decided we’re both not right for each other right now and things aren’t working out.”

To see how Wharton’s relationship with Selfridge plays out, Tune in to MTV on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT ad 8 p.m. CT to watch Teen Mom OG and also see how he and Floyd settle their differences, and how Floyd juggles her own relationship.

Taylor Selfridge Net Worth

She is a very private person who prefers keeping her personal details off the limelight. Thus details of her net worth are not known .We will be sure to notify you if any information on her net worth arises.






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