T.D Jakes Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Ministries and Church

T.D Jakes Biography

T.D Jakes his full name Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr. was born in June 9, 1957,is a pastor, author and filmmaker. T.D Jakes is the pastor of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American megachurch. Jakes’s church services and evangelistic sermons are always broadcasted on The Potter’s Touch, which airs on Lightsource.com these are the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Black Entertainment Television,the Daystar Television Network and The Word Network.

Other side of Jakes’s ministry include the annual festival MegaFest which attract more than 300,000 people, the annual women’s conference Woman Thou Art Loosed, and gospel music recordings. He hosted the T.D. Jakes Show, a nationally broadcasted talk show produced by Tegna Media and distributed by NBC, until the show’s cancelled in March 2017.

T.D Jakes Age

T.D Jakes was born on 9th June year 1957. He is 61 years old as in year 2018.

T.D  Jakes Family

Jakes was born  in South Charleston, West Virginia, and grew up in Vandalia where they lived with his parent, attending local Baptist churches. He spent his teenage years caring for his invalid father and working in local industries. as in year 2018.  His father’s name is Earnest Jakes Sr and her mother Odith Jakes. He is a grandson to Jason Coleman and Amauri Noelle Coleman, he has a sister and brother namely: Jacqueline Jakes and Ernest Jakes.

T. D Jakes Wife Children|Daughter

T.D Jakes married his wife Serita Jakes an actress, known for Not Easily Broken in May 29, 1982. The couple has five children.

T.D Jakes Books

These are some of the books T.D Jakes has written:

  1. Woman Thou Art Loosed: Healing
  2. Reposition Yourself: Living
  3. The Lady,Her Lover and Her T.D. Jakes
  4. Before you Do: Making Great
  5. Loose That Man and Let Him Go
  6. Daddy Loves His Girls
  7. So You Call Yourself a Man?
  8. Let it Go: Forgive So You Can Be

T.D Jakes Ministries

Act II Evangelism

This ministry does  not only evangelizes to the community, but identifies and implements the services needed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.

For more information about Acts II Evangelism, contact Marian Sanders at 214-331-0954 x1135 or email at MSanders@tdjakes.org

BRICKHOUSE (ages 18 – 39)

Brickhouse is referred to the young adult ministry of the Potter’s House that equips young adults to declare, communicate and demonstrate the purpose, power precepts and principles of the Kingdom of
God and a wonderful opportunity for young adults to fellowships. It is led by Pastor Onterio Green a passionate, dynamic communicator.

Brickhouse comprises of college students, young professionals, singles and married couples of the Potters’s house of Dallas, Texas as well young adults from across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
It is built on five bricks:Strong Teaching, Education Community Service,Young Proffesionals Network and 21st Century Finance. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Friday nights at 7:15 P.M in the Worship Center Chapel located at The Potter’s House of Dallas, TX 6777W. Kiest Blvd.

Counselling Ministry

his ministry deals with counselling it is concerned with people’s spiritual and emotional Wholeness.

This ministry uses different approaches to restore relationships between the individual and God, self and community.

  • These are the programmes used:
  • One-on-one Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Counseling (Children and Youth)
  • Marriage Counseling – In partnership with our pastors
  • Spiritual Growth Groups – They are designed to assist individuals in gaining victory over abusive, addictive and damaging thoughts or behaviors, while also building a
  • closer walk with Jesus.
  • Spiritual Enrichment Groups
  • Referral Services for Members.

Fire House Youth Ministry (ages 14

This  ministry convey the message of Christ Jesus in a relevant and effective way to a lost and unclaimed generation of young people that HE is neither law nor religion but is freedom.
It is has four programmes:

  • Catalyst Youth Leadership Programme
  • Mentorship Program
  • Envision Dance Ministry
  • 31-06

International Language Ministry

This ministry its goal is to translate efficiently with integrity and excellence to the guests it serves. The most important thing is when translation brings a soul to Christ- that is our MISSION.

Marriage Ministry

This ministry is to help couples prosper in their marriage by providing empowering educational tools to nourish and cherish each other in a health marriage relationship.
It always target the Premarital couples, Married couples,couples in crisis and couples living with children.
Meetings are as follows:

  • 1st Thursday of every month at 7 pm in the Chapel
  • 3rd Saturday of every month for an outing at different locations.

You are required to Meet all necessary requirement and be an active member of The Potter’s House for you to join Marriage Ministry Volunteers.

Music and Fine Arts

This ministry consist of professional, semi-professional, and amateur musicians, singers,artist, dancers, writers and actors among other creatives. It is a committed, Christ-centered and purpose driven ministry which serves church and community with God-given talents.

Single Life

Potter’s House is created to enrich the lives of Single Adults of all ages, stages and phases of life’s journey through on-campus thought-provoking sessions, and off-campus social interaction and events. Single Life Ministry has a goal of enlightening and empowering Singles to grow and develop to a state of wholeness, completion and well-being in God while fully living an engaging, exciting, effective, and meaningful Spirit-filled life.

Women’s Ministry

Since WoMan to Woman’s inception, T.D Jakes wife Serika Jakes’s vision for the program has been for the women of The Potter’s House to become one. Her heart’s desire for the women to come together as a God-breathed organism of sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, and life-time legacy mentors who together will set an atmosphere of relational well-being. This is a vision of unity where the prevailing countenance of feminine grace exudes a gentleness that is heralded as strength; where peace insists on reigning; a kind word is freely passed around; and love is expected to stretch to great lengths. With a doctrinally sound and programmatic approach to ministry, WoMan to Woman seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her so that she may reach the point of her abundance.

Destiny World (ages 3mos -13)

This ministry operates under the umbrella of The Potter’s House of Dallas, and is a dynamic children’s ministry that services children ages 3 months to 12 years old. It has a nursery and numerous classrooms for our older children including children who require special accommodations. At Destiny World they understand that they are developing the next generation of leaders. . . a privilege that they do not take lightly. They delight in providing our children with a true experience with God, which is accomplished through sound, biblically-based teaching, in a fun environment and a teaching staff that loves children, and are quite simply, the best at what they do. Every week they teach their children the core values of Destiny World that they are Destined, Effective, Strong, Teachable, Intelligent, Noble . . . Yours Lord!”

G3  Living Life

G3 is a ministry that speaks to the ages of 50 and up. We are a ministry that represents three generations. This is a time in your life you may think you’ve seen and done it all; but the greatest contributions God can achieve through you will likely occur during this time of your life. The wondrous blend of maturity and efficiency makes possible these significant contributions.

T.D Jakes Church|Potter’s house

T.D Jakes is the founder of the church known as “The Potter’s House”. It is a Megachurch in Dallas, Texas United States. This church was established by Televangelist W.V.Grant as the Eagles Nest Family Church. After conviction of tax evasion in 1996 he sold the facility to T.D Jakes who renamed it and relaunched it as The Potter’s House. Due to expansion the church was built a 191,000-square-foot(17,700m2) sanctuary at cost of $45 million, paying off the debt in four years. The auditorium which comprises of a large stage, a choir loft that cna seat 450, a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and features cascade seating was completed in August 2000. The santuary contains about 7,600 people and is also used for non-church events such as graduations, concerts and corporate presentations.

T.D Jakes Movies

  1. Woman Thou Art Loosed
  2. Miracles from Heaven
  3. Jumping the Broom
  4. Heaven is for Real
  5. Not Easily Broken

T.D Jakes Quotes

  1. “No woman wants to be in submission to a man who isn’t in submission to God!”
  2. “a setback is a setup for a comeback”
  3. “Each day is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him.”
  4. “Its not over, until the Lord says its over.”
  5. “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”
  6. “Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation.”
  7. “We are the people that we have been waiting for and no one else is coming.”
  8. “Blame unto others only as you would first blame yourself.”
  9. “Silence isn’t golden and it surely doesn’t mean consent, so start practicing the art of communication.”

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