Sofia Pernas Bio, Parent, Married, Credits, Blood And Treasure, Net Worth

Sofia Pernas Biography

Born in 1989, Sofia Pernas is a Moroccan-Spanish actress. Currently residing in Los Angeles, USA. She appeared in the single-season main cast of The Brave series and stars as co-leader in the Blood & Treasure series. When she was 5 years old, she moved to the United States[USA] and grew up in Orange County.

Her mother comes from Morocco, while her Galician father comes from Spain, they’re both multilingual. As a result, she speaks these four languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, and German. Although she initially planned a journalistic career, after being scouted, she was redirected to a modeling and acting career.

Sofia Pernas Age

Sofia was born on 31 July 1989 age, she will be celebrating her birthday this upcoming July 2019, she will turn 30 years. Further, she celebrates her birthday every July 31 yearly.

Sofia Pernas Parents

The names of the starlets ‘ parents are not available as of now but we will soon update the information. Not much is really known about these gorgeous stars’ folks but just that they come from Morocco[mother]and Spain[father]. Her folks are multilingual and extended that feat to their daughter who learned to speak four languages at an early stage in life.

Sofia Pernas Movies And Tv Shows

Miss Sofia has been able to capture the hearts of most of us, with a notable huge fan following due to her amazing acting performances. The actress has a number of television shows,  including s: The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake[2009] she plays Isabella Drake. Age of the Dragons[2011]  where she was cast as Rachel.
[2011] NCISMarine First Lieutenant she portrays  Gabriela Flores in Episodes: “Engaged (Parts I & II).

Leverage as Sister Lupe in the Episode: “The Boys Night Out Job”[2011].Roger Corman’s Operation Rogue as Jenna Wallace[2014].Indigenous she plays Elena[2014].[2015]The Young and the Restless as Marisa Sierras Recurring role.

TransylvaniaCoriander[2016].Jane the Virgin as Catalina Recurring role (season 3), 5 episodes[2016–2017].[2017–2018]The Brave as Hannah Archer[ Main role].Blood & Treasure [2019]as Lexi Vaziri[Main role].Currently, she plays the character Hannah Archer, a member of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in NBC’s The Brave alongside Anne Heche and Mike Vogel.

Sofia Pernas Blood And Treasure

Sofia Pernas

Blood & Treasure is an American action-adventure TV series created on CBS on May 21, 2019, by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia. Together with Taylor Elmore, Ben Silverman, Marc Webb, and Mark Vlasic, Federman and Scaia will also serve as authors and executive producers. For a second season, CBS renewed the series in June 2019.

Actor Sofia Pernas, who in the new show ‘ Blood and Treasure ‘ plays the role of an art thief, had a blast of work on the show. She regarded this as a dream role she wanted to play since she was a little kid from the time she got the script and the breakdown.

The hunting of treasure crime drama revolves around the personality of Pernas Lexi Vaziri and Danny McNamara of Matt Barr, who is out to track down the lost treasures buried with Queen Cleopatra and her lover Anthony. When it comes to her deeds, Lexi is courageous, cynical and calculated. Perhaps not as responsibly as Danny would like her to be, but after all, she is a rebel.

Breaking her personality, Pernas clarified that Lexi is a rebel, but at this stage, she has no direction: “She has no clue where to guide that rebellious arrow except to the rich one percent. It was fun to play a character, to sink my teeth into someone who was completely distinct from me. I mean, she’s talking differently, she’s walking different, she’s got a British accent on the show. “Pernas also went on to explain how she personally linked with Lexi’s character and how that helped her play.

She said: “I think it’s her armor suit-her guard-and I really admire that about her because I kind of has a derivative of that. I have a wall up with a lot of people. Lexi is almost afraid to let anyone in because she doesn’t want to be vulnerable and expose that vulnerability because she doesn’t get hurt.

Sofia Pernas The Brave

Sofia Pernas assumed the position of Hannah Archer in the TV series The Brave. She is a member of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and is responsible for coordinating the missions of the team. As the coordinator, her main responsibility is to maintain the army team out of risk. Hannah Archer is a female DIA operator and analyst.

The Brave is an American TV series that revolves around army men and women’s private and professional sacrifices in war missions. With a team of analysts and monitoring professionals assisting them, the patriotism of the military and their attitude to coping with all types of threats see them saving a life in dangerous fields. The TV show follows an action series model but goes one step greater through realistic sequences of action and crisp pacing. The Brave cast’s decision makes watching the series even more pleasant.

Sofia Pernas The Young And The Restless

The Young and the Restless have been winning 10 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series since their debut. It is also currently American television’s highest-rated daytime drama. It had appeared in that category for more than 1,000 weeks since 1988 at the top of the weekly Nielsen ratings since 2008.

As of 12 December 2013, The Young and the Restless were the leaders in Nielsen’s ratings. For an unprecedented 1,300 weeks, or 25 years. Sofia portrays” Marissa”  in the daytime drama. The serial is also a series of sisters for The Bold and the Beautiful, as several actors crossed the shows. In April 2019.

The Young and the Restless was renewed for the 2019–20 United States network television schedule. Oftenly abbreviated as[ Y&R]. The show is set in a fictional version of Genoa City, Wisconsin. The Young and the Restless was originally broadcast as half-hour episodes for the first time on March 26, 1973.

Five times a week. On February 4, 1980, the show expanded to one-hour episodes. In 2006, the series started to air SOAPnet’s weekend episodes until 2013 when it moved to TVGN. Pop is still airing the encore episodes on weeknights as of July 1, 2013.

After casting the actress in the new CW pilot, TRANSYLVANIA, some fans assumed she had left the soap, but Pernas is on recurring status, so she can show up at any time in Genoa City! Look for her from Thursday, May 5 this time! Pernas shared a photograph of herself on the Y&R set with Robert Adamson (Noah) and Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith), saying, “Always the greatest work with these two”.

 Sofia Pernas Married

The prominent actress in the entertainment field surely follows a lot of fans, and if not wrong, most seats belong to guys who hope to date this beauty someday. Well, this may come as a blower, but somebody is dating Sofia already. Yes, the beauty of 28 years, thanks to her boyfriend, is out of the market!.  Now and well, by the looks of it, the couple has been dating for quite the time. He sure is husband material.

Miss Pernas dates her boyfriend under the name Randal Graves at the moment. Unfortunately, it is not known whether they are married or not but the couple shares a lot of pictures of them visiting places together, having fun and getting all loved up. On April 30 the couple even celebrated their one-year anniversary with a Bacara Resort and Spa seaside vacation.

In addition, Sofia also dated an American actor and singer, Christian Kane. The pair even worked together on his single, Let Me Go, which these days must be the reason for their flourishing romance. In May 2011, they started dating each other. The duo later found out, however, that their love life did not go strong and broke up in 2013.

 Sofia Pernas Height

Sofia Pernas, the Brave actress has appeared to rave reviews in a few movies and series, but her charismatic appearance has also played a role in the fame she loves today. Pernas parades breathtaking curves and has a beautiful face to go with it, widely admired for her excellent endowments.

Her measurements of the hourglass body read 36-25-36 inches, made up of 59 kg weight. stands at an altitude of 5 ft 7 in 1,68 m. She has preserved the structure of her hourglass body well. Her body measurement is 36-25-36 inches, including waist, hips, and breast. Her weight of 57 kg also provides her a fit shape. When she is not working on-set, Sofia Pernas engages herself in different hobbies like rollerblading, tennis.

Sofia Pernas Workout routine involves exercise a few times a week and does speed jump rope for cardio. Also, I used to play tennis competitively, so I still like doing that from time to time—I’m all about being outdoors.
She also takes part in martial arts in her free time.

Sofia Pernas Net Worth

As of 2019,  Pernas has a net value of $1.5 million. Well, Sofia’s successful early modeling, highest-rated movies, and TV series have helped her earn such voluminous value. In the entertainment industry, she is still active. So, her hard work and accomplishments make it clear that she will also enjoy enormous fortune in the days ahead.