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Salice Rose is an American Instagram and YouTube star, who became highly popular for posting multiple numbers of videos on Instagram. She has gained more than 7.6 million followers within a short period. She also earned a large number of followers when the feature ‘My Story’ appeared on SnapChat.

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Salice Rose Age Biography

Salice Rose is an American Instagram and YouTube star, who became highly popular for posting multiple numbers of videos on Instagram. She has gained more than 7.6 million followers within a short period. She also earned a large number of followers when the feature ‘My Story’ appeared on SnapChat.

Rose also gained a large number of followers when ‘My Story’ appeared on SnapChat. She is a brunette who often dyes her hair to give it various colors like red. She is well supported by her followers and enjoys a very good relationship with them.

Salice adopts a way of talking that is very down to earth, easily understood and accepted by her followers. She dances and sings to make her point and even does a bit of acting when she describes some interaction with others. Rose mixes up her talks, dancing and singing with background music to make her videos highly entertaining.

Salice Rose Age, Height

Salice Rose was born in Lancaster, California in the United States of America on November 20, 1994. ERose is 24 years old as of 2018. She has two brothers and an older sister named Ashley. She posses Hispanic ethnicity. With the height of 5 feet and 5 inches, she has seductive and perfect body measurements of 34-24-34 inches.

The 24-years-old Salice Rose attended a Military  School when she was about 16 years. Although her real name is not out in public yet, she is nicknamed “Salsa Roja” because of her distinctive red hair. She also calls herself “Popeyes Queen” because of her love for the restaurant and the fantastic biscuits that they serve.

Rose has a lot of tattoos all over her body, but the massive tattoo on her hand, with the inscription of California, is disclosed to be her love for the place where she was born.

Every tattoo that she has got on herself till today’s date holds great meaning in her life. However, the tattoo of California on her hands always holds a special place on her heart.

Salice Was Brave Gay

Back in 2017, Salice confronted with her family for the first time that she was gay. Coming out as gay in front of her Christian family was hesitant at first, but she decided not to hide her real self, and her fans were very proud of her.

Later on, she even posted a video on how to come out in front of your family on her YouTube channel which was a complete inspirational package for her fans.

Salice’s openness and her authentic self are the reasons she has a massive amount of fans all over the world.

Salice Rose Married, Gay, Or Lesbian

Is She Married, Gay or Lesbian?

Rose hasn’t really shared any details with regards to her sexuality, her relationships, and affairs. That has raised several eyebrows among her fans, thus leading to several speculations about her sexuality. It is assumed that Salice Rose isn’t a lesbian or gay and that she has a straight sexual orientation.

Salice RoseHowever, since she hasn’t shared much about her relationships, it will be hard to run away from such rumors and controversies. The fast-rising star is single and has not been linked with anyone or any relationship; she is currently focused on making it to the top of her career ladder.

Salice Rose Abusive Relationship To Her Fans

If you are assuming that a guy and a girl can only be in an abusive relationship, then let me address it to you quick that Salice rose was in an abusive relationship with one of her ex-girlfriend; whose identity she chose to remain disclosed.

Salice quotes the above saying before letting her fans know about her past abusive relationship on her Youtube channel. She adds, she and the person(girl) she was in a relationship with met each other when she was in college. Soon after a few meetings, both decided to be in a relationship and everything was perfect at the beginning.

As time went by, Salice’s girlfriend made her feel useless, unwanted, insecure and unloved. This behavior further made Salice depressed and sad. However, after some time, she realized that the person she was in a relationship with was not worth her love and she decided to love herself first than to give it to the person she was in a relationship.

So, she decided to split with her ex-girlfriend and moved on from the relationship. And as of now, she is enjoying her singlehood.

Salice Rose Rise To Stardom

Salice Rose posted her first pictures on Instagram in the month of August 2013. After people saw her videos on various topics she became a well-known figure on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
At present, she has more than 180K followers on Twitter. Her videos can also be seen on YouTube on which she has more than 120K subscribers. She has more than 1.5 million fans on FaceBook.
During the middle of 2015, she started getting almost 5K followers every day which increased by a great extent after ‘My Story’ became available on SnapChat. She promotes apparel for some companies which include T-shirts, hoodies and other clothes.

Her videos contain talks on many problems that are faced by youngsters as they grow up to be adults and how to handle them. The funny content in many of her videos is also responsible for her immense popularity.

What Makes Salice So Special

Salice Rose is very popular because she is quite attractive. The biggest advantage that Salice Rose enjoys is the genuine relationship she shares with her followers unlike many celebrities of her age.
Her relationship with her followers has earned her their continuous support which has been present since day one. Many of her videos have become very popular because many youngsters could relate themselves to what she was talking about and felt they had the same problems that she had.
The solutions and advice she offers in a very friendly manner to her viewers on these videos made them feel that she is the first person who understands their problems. This feeling of oneness of her followers has given Salice all the popularity and support she wanted.

Salice Rose Beyond Fame

Salice Rose has received a lot of criticism though she has a good number of followers on various social media. She has been said to have tried to become popular by getting other celebrities to collaborate with her in her videos.
Her personal life has been criticized by many to be fake and she has also been accused of trying to look different from what she actually is. None of the criticisms has deterred her in any way though sometimes they have been quite disappointing at times.
Many say that she is gay while others talk about how she uses a fake name instead of using her own. She is an avid follower of waist training techniques and has claimed to have lost two inches from her waist in two weeks with the help of the training regimen she follows.
At one point of time, she even promoted waist training products through photos on Instagram. These photos were later deleted because of controversies regarding waist training. She continues to produce videos that attract a lot of viewers and make her more and more popular by the day.

Salice Rose Behind The Curtains

Salice Rose is of Peruvian descent which has exposed her to the Spanish language from her childhood. She grew up in California with two of her two brothers. Very little is known about her parents and brothers at this moment.

She is extremely fond of different kinds of food and is sometimes referred to as being married to it. The foods she likes most include pizza rolls, hot Cheetos, more tarts and Popeyes. She also likes to watch Netflix for the latest videos and movies. Though she uses English as the main medium of communication with her followers, she is well conversant in Spanish also.

Salice Rose Tattoos

Rose has lots of attractive tattoos on her body. She recently made a YouTube Video where she talked about all of her tattoos. She has a few tattoos on her body, she has two crosses on her two ears, on her back, she has the gates of heaven, basically, all her tattoos are literally about God. You can find out more about her tattoos by watching her video below.

More so, she has the tattoo of a rosary and three roses on her hand. The three roses are dedicated to her mum, her sis and herself because they have always been together.

She also has the tattoo of Jesus Christ on the cross and she attributes her tattoos to the excessive love she has for God. She also has another tattoo – California, representing where she is from and very proud to say it anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, she has revealed that she has plans of getting more tattoos drawn on other parts of her body.

Salice Rose Career

The young social media star started her career in 2013 when she just joined Instagram. She started as an entertainer and an internet personality who posts sexy pictures and short comedy videos on the platform. After a while, her popularity began to increase and she started having numerous followers. Currently, she has more than six million followers on her Instagram page.

As a result, she also started a YouTube channel where she uploads videos on trending topics including her daily life experiences. She is a very talented singer and often posts videos where she is singing on her channel.

Currently, she has built a huge fan base on YouTube and has more than one million subscribers. Salice Rose also joined SnapChat where she has garnered much fame as well after she started a thread titled My Story.

Aside from being a social media idol, the charming internet personality is also a model and has done a brand advert for many top companies some of which appear on her YouTube channel.

Additionally, Rose has received lots of criticisms as well as various awards nominations and recognition. For her distinctive creativity, she has received TECLA Awards for Top Comedy Creator in 2017 and she equally appeared on Latin Music Awards 2017.

Salice Make Net Worth

Aside from Instagram, Salice’s also well-known on YouTube, where she has over 1.6 million subscribers. Since the launch of her channel in 2014, she has received more than 48.3 million combined views.

Mostly known for her vlogs, she also posts other content such as challenge videos from time to time. The most famous videos on her YouTube channel were How I Did My Makeup In High School (3.4 million views), My Coming Out Story (2.7 million views), and How I Make My Eyelashes so Long (2.5 million views).

Seeing as how Salice has over 48.3 million combined views on her YouTube channel, it is apparent that she makes a reasonable $30,000 from the ad revenue. So, her total net worth is estimated to be around $ 500,000.