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Ross Jeffries Biography

Ross Jeffries (Paul Ross) is an American author, writer and television personality. He has been featured on such programs as The Montel Williams Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Daily Show, The Jane Whitney Show and a self-described speed seduction expert.

He is also known for Speed Seduction program that helps men in gaining women’s attention. He was profiled on a television documentary series “Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends”.

Jeffries was the one who inspired Tom Cruise’s character in the film Magnolia according to the film’s writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Ross Jeffries Age

He was born in 1958 in United States of America. He is 60 years old as of 2018.

Ross Jeffries Books

  1. Subtle Words That Sell: How to Get Your Prospects to Convince Themselves to Buy Without Pushing, Pressuring Or Pitching
  2. How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed
  3. Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery

Ross Jeffries Pdf

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Ross Jeffries Nlp

Ross Jeffries discovered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Eriksonian Hypnosis in the late 80’s and early 90’s when he trained with the co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler.

Ross Jeffries Photo

His first product called How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed was created in 1992 and soon thereafter started teaching seminars on Speed Seduction. It was a course that taught men how to use NLP and hypnosis to lead women into pleasurable states.

NLP has various definitions which include: it is the study of subjective experience and that it is an attitude and mindset that leaves behind it a trail of techniques. Speed seduction uses a combination of NLP and hypnosis techniques to help women access various positive states of mind which are then associated with the speed seducer.

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Ross Jeffries Quotes

  1. Leave her better than you found her.
  2. I never know what physical type a woman will go for so I always go for it congruently and powerfully.
  3. The kind of questions you ask yourself control you think. Therefore it is crucial to learn to ask new, better, different and empowering questions than the ones you have been asking and the ones you have been taught to ask.
  4. Love, fascination, desire, lust are not ‘things’ but processes that take place in the human, mind, brain,physiology and neurology.
  5. Successfully attracting / seducing women is about how you can capture and lead their imaginations and emotions.
  6. Whatever you can get a woman to imagine will be perceived by her as being her own thoughts, and therefore will not be resisted.
  7. Learning and skills are state dependent and your state can be designed controlled and created by you.
  8. Beautiful women create altered state, the combination of internal dialogue, imagery, physiology, flows of sensation, beliefs and attitudes, attributing meaning. Will you go into an altered state that is useful for you?
  9. If you are going to build an auto-pilot, why not build an auto-pilot that flies the plan in stead of crashes into the ground.
  10. I never get rejected, I only discover if a woman has good taste.
  11. When I don’t know what to do, I take a bold step forward.
  12. You let action and reality teach you what will work rather than your worry, guessing or speculation.
  13. I make no apology for my desires as a man.

Louis Theroux Ross Jeffries


Ross Jeffries Interview

Cliff interviews Ross Jeffries, the self-proclaimed Father of the Seduction Community !

Clifford: Let’s start with an introduction, please tell a bit about yourself, your history with women, your story.

Ross: Cliff, many people would say I’m the father (or indeed the GRANDfather) of the seduction community.

I first got involved with all of this way back in 1988, when I wrote and published my original book; How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed, A Down And Dirty Guide To Dating And Seduction For The Man Who’s Fed Up With Being Mr. Nice Guy. That book detailed my first experiments with using NLPas a tool both for self-change and for attracting and seducing women.

Then, in 1993, I introduced the Speed Seduction® seminars and the first SS Home Study Course, followed shortly thereafter by getting on the web with in 1994.

At that time, if you typed in “seduction” only ONE site came up, mine! So it was a pretty free ride for quite a long time!

Cliff: Tell us a bit about your media experiences. Back in those days, being on TV talking about seduction must have made you a big target and I remember they were looking to show you up. I also remember the guys all huddled over the old sargy channel chat line while watching you on Politically Incorrect, and you making sure everyone noticed the expensive new shoes you were wearing.

Ross: Generally speaking, TV talk shows are looking for sound-bites; little 30 second clips that will get people to stay tuned in while they are flipping channels. I’ve always been good at that sort of thing, so I KNEW how to bait producers.

It got to the point where, during the pre-show briefings, the producer would point at me and say to the other guests, “If you get confused on how to act, just watch Ross.”

Before you do these shows, they do phone interviews with you, to get a feel if you know how to talk. These women (90% of the producers are female) would wet themselves at how good I was in coming up with the little bits to say, like, “For women, getting laid is a choice, for men, getting laid is a chore” or “You don’t get laid, I don’t get paid”.

Same kind of stuff in my marketing, for which I still take some flack, but that is EXACTLY the kind of thing you HAVE to write to get people’s attention. As one of my early marketing guru’s, Gary Halbert, would say, “No one has time to try to figure out your pathetic subtlety!”.

The thing about these shows is, basically, they try to make it a public lynching. It’s like wrestling; they have to have SOMEONE “be the bad guy” to rile up the studio audiences, which usually have a collective IQ of about 92. So of course, they’d try throwing ME to the lions.

My strategy was (and still is) to take control IMMEDIATELY. Talk about “alpha”; I challenge all the Alpha/PUA guys to be able to go on a show like Geraldo and take control away from him RIGHT OUT OF THE CHUTE.

He would ask me questions, cut to a commercial or another guest and I would INSIST on answering his question. One of my favorite tactics was to IMMEDIATELY correct the host, whomever it was, on my first introduction.

That was usually pretty easy, as they almost always got the title of my book, How To Get the Women (that’s “women”, plural) You Desire Into Bed, wrong. They used the term “Woman”, singular. So that was easy to correct. Or they’d flub up or leave out some other detail, so I’d jump in to correct them.

The other thing to bear in mind is, I could and did easily cut the audience to shreds. If some fat, stupid, dumbass trailer-trash ho got up to insult me, I’d slam her way back down into her seat by being incredibly cut-throat with her. That riled the audience up even more.

The worst audience experience was a show in New York called “Faith Daniels”.

Faith’s brilliant producer had the idea of surprising me with an all female audience; I guess she thought I would somehow crack.

Instead, I was at my full-blown most insulting and vicious and as a result, they had to security escort me to the limo. There was a small mob of VERY angry women waiting for me at the door and they were NOT happy. I managed to roll down the limo window as we were driving away and offer something along the lines of, “You chicks better be good in the kitchen, cuz no one is going to want to take YOU into the bedroom”. Or something like that.

I actually LOVED taunting the crowds. I would stand backstage, ready to be introduced, and picture that scene from Enter the Dragon. You know the one; Bruce Lee is in some underground complex and he is suddenly surrounded by goons, and they are all holding weapons of some kind. He gets this look on his face..a slow grin..and you know he is thinking, “Hey…I’m not trapped in here with YOU. YOU’RE trapped in here with ME!”

More recently though, the media has been a lot nicer. I don’t do “talk shows” per se anymore. My favorite all time show (and one that STILL gets me recognized) was Louis Thereoux’s Weird Weekend. He’s a brilliant, BRILLIANT guy, very funny, who travels around the world, visiting wacky people, “taking the piss” out of them, as his fellow Brits would say.

In my case, he was doing a show on hypnosis, that featured me, Marshal Sylver, and a couple of other people. I was the only one who came off as being totally legit; I actually taught Louis to pull chicks and he picked up a nice on one camera, using what I told him to do. I’m still in touch with him in fact; he’s writing a book about his favorite guests and I’ll be featured in it.

As for Politically Incorrect; ha, that was a dream of mine. I got that one because, at the time, Hollywood was panting after the movie rights to my life story, as a result of the Rolling Stone article that came out in 1998 (more on that in a second). So, I optioned it to Brillstein/Grey, or, more accurately, to a client of theirs who was a writer, and my perk was that they get me on PI, which they were producing at the time.

I dominated that show totally; I’d say of about 25 minutes of air-time, I was speaking for 19! You’ve got to be totally pushy, indeed “Alpha” to survive on those shows. I don’t remember any new shoes; I do remember wearing a $3,000 Brioni suit that I bought when I found out I was going to be on that show!

But I would say the best publicity…the biggest publicity breakthrough I ever had, was the 1998 Rolling Stone story, by Erik Heddegaard. To this day, he has done the best, most objective reporting on Speed Seduction® and the community built around it.

He immersed himself in the story. Followed me around for days, came to the seminar, followed the guys around, and his was the FIRST magazine story to say, “ works. This guy is NOT lying. I may not like him, he’s a bit odd, and I object to some of what he does, BUT IT WORKS, JUST AS HE SAYS IT DOES.”

His editors, indeed some of the publishers of RS were NOT happy with the story he turned in. They didn’t want to be seen as endorsing SS, and tried to get him to change it, but he stuck with his guns and insisted on keeping the story he wrote. As he told me, “I wrote what I saw”.

To this day, Rolling Stone has REFUSED to sell me reprint rights. They don’t want to be seen to be in any way endorsing what I do. What uptight fucks.

I’ve also been lied about a lot by print media. I’ve had articles written from people who CLAIMED to be at seminars who were never even there. I’ve had “quotes” attributed to me that I never even came CLOSE to saying. For the most part, so called “journalists” are scum who couldn’t get a REAL job.

Remember, there are NO licensing or other requirements to be a “journalist”.

More importantly, they write on deadlines and very few (Erik H is a notable and honorable exception) have the time to truly investigate anything. So if what you are doing really IS new, really IS different, they have no real time to examine it. They either have to just take the easy way out, and ridicule it, or simplify it down into something that doesn’t even resemble what you are teaching.

Overall, the worst experience I’ve ever had with ANY media was around 1999. Fox News, in LA, snuck hidden cameras into my seminar for an “expose” on me.

This betrayed the confidence and the sanctity of the teacher/student relationship and just fucking infuriated me. I considered suing, but my attorney at the time told me I’d be fighting Rupert Murdoch – not a good idea unless I was prepared to take years and spend every penny I had. No thanks.

But it did wise me up and from that point on, anyone attending a seminar has to sign an agreement expressly forbidding the possession or use of any recording device of any kind, among other things. That will NEVER happen to me again.

What most guys don’t know is I’ve done FAR more radio than TV; at least 400 radio shows over the years. Radio is FAR more enjoyable, far more fun, and you can actually discuss things with some real substance, without having to pack it all into 30 second bites. I actually did Tom Leykis’ program on KFI, 640, in Los Angeles, about half a dozen times in the early 90’s. I think he got the basic idea for Leykis 101 from those shows we did and looking at the giant ratings I got him. He made it very clear to me that the ratings when I was on were sky high. That was usually the case with most shows; we’d MELT the phone lines. I miss doing radio and always welcome the chance to do a radio show whenever it’s offered and whenever I can.

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