Robin Sloan Bechtel Biography, Husband, Bechtel Ventures and Net Worth

Robin Sloan Bechtel Biography

Robin Sloan Bechtel is an American Grammy-nominated new media pioneer who rose to fame after introducing the music industry to the internet. She apparently did this back in the 90s when music was not on the internet. Aside from that, Robin is also widely recognized as matchmaker  SiliconValley and Hollywood.

She kicked off her career as a venture capitalist by first starting up a new media division in the entertainment industry back in 1993. Her project was the one that laid the foundation for the way entertainment is marketed today. Robin was the one who created the first major site on the internet that garnered global press coverage and won awards.

From there she sold one of the world’s first digital single from the music industry. Her digital strategy included streaming an album online for the first time and many more. She even built the music industry’s first mobile, digital music and merch divisions. She also worked with Apple to launch iTunes and then partnered with YouTube.

Robin Sloan Bechtel Age

Robin has managed to keep her personal details to herself. she has not revealed any information about her actual age or even date of Birth. She has managed to keep her family background all to herself. Therefore, it will be updated soon.

Robin Sloan Bechtel Marriage

This information is still under review. It will be updated soon. However, for a woman her age, she is certainly in a relationship it’s just that she has kept it all to herself.

Robin Sloan Bechtel Bechtel Ventures

Bechtel Ventures is a company that was formed by Robin. the company has made several investments with other companies like uber among others.

Robin Sloan Bechtel Top Uber Investor

Robin is also among the top investors in Uber when it was only just a startup. However, because of her leadership and other partners like Adam Leber, the company grew an began to generate Billions of profit. It also became known globally and many investors from different countries like in African Continent began to share their ideas and opened branches

Robin Sloan Bechtel Net Worth

Robin’s estimated net worth is still under review. However, she has managed to scoop many awards due to her first site that promoted Digital albums from the music industry. She even landed a multi-billion deal with Apple to launch iTunes and also Partnered with YouTube. Judging from her record of success, Robin is worth billions of dollars.

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