Rachel Loyd Biography, Early Life, Fox 4, Career, KRON, and Twitter

Rachel Loyd Biography

Rachel Loyd is an American reporter. She works for FOX 4 based in southwest Florida. Besides journalism and media, she likes watching movies and spending time with her loved ones ie friends and family.

Rachel Loyd Early Life

Rachel was born and raised in the US state of Chicago. She was one of those who always asked her mum “But Why?” when still a child. This was a trait she believes really maddened her mother. She is also known to have two older brothers. She considers them loving and protective of her.

Rachel Loyd attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She considers herself “a proud Illini” for this. Later, she would pursue a master’s degree from the University of California’s School of Journalism located in Berkeley.

Rachel Loyd Career

Her first known job was as a first-grade teacher in Houston, Texas. She was a member of the Teach For America Corps. This role helped her regain a passion for learning and thus, she went for a master’s degree from UC Berkeley. While in school, she worked on the side as an assignment editor at KRON 4 News. As a web reporter at her campus (UC Berkeley), she reported on misconduct between Oakland police officers and sex workers. She also reported on the Bay area housing crisis as well as the climate after Donald Trump’s election as president of America.

Even before she joined KRON 4 News, Rachel Loyd had worked in small journalism roles in various stations. Her first was as an intern reporter at Evanston Roundtable in 2011. In 2012, she interned at WCIA Channel 3 News. While she was an intern, she also worked on the side as an Assistant editor for the Big Ten Network. She left WCIA in August of 2012 and joined Illinois News Bureau as a videographer. For 2013, she started the year as a Blogger at IAU College located in France.

In August 2013, she joined Illinois Promise as a Project and Media Coordinator. She worked here until May the year after. After this, she went for a 2-year break. She re-appeared as a reporter for Oakland North from August 2016 to May 2017. It was after this she joined KRON 4. Sometime later, she joined FOX 4 as a reporter. She has been working there till date. Rachel has a dream of becoming a multimedia journalist. As we see her continue her career, she’s well on her way to achieving this dream.

Rachel Loyd, a reporter at FOX 4