Prim Siripipat Biography, Age, Espn, Tennis Channel and Net Worth

Prim Siripipat Biography

Prim Siripipat is an American tennis player and a former news anchor. Prim was also a co-host of Spain and Prim on ESPN Radio. While growing up, Prim had taken up dancing, swimming, gymnastics and piano. She later began ballet and tennis at the age of seven.

Eventually, Prim became a skilled tennis player by the time she was turning 10. She was born in Mexico but her family migrated into Tampa, Florida in the USA when she was only 12 years old. Prim attended Saddlebrook Preparatory School. This where she got to travel all over the world with the US.

National team. Prim finished in the top 10 for players aged between 18 and under all over the USA. She was playing for The Duke Blue Devils Tennis team which was ranked top 10. However, Prim suffered allot of injuries over the years while playing for the team. In her academic career, Prim pursued sociology with a minor in biological anthropology and anatomy at Duke University.

After she graduated with a degree, she received a job as an intern for WRAL-TV. From there, she became one of the contestants trying out for the show Dream Job which was aired by ESPN.She then received a job at CBS-4 in Miami as a sports reporter in 2007. Prim also received a job as an anchor at ESPN in March 2011. She also made appearances as a tennis analyst where he did several appearances on ESPN radio.

Prim Siripipat Age

She was born on January 15, 1981, in Mexico, Missouri. As of 2019, she is 38 years old. However, since her parents moved to Tampa, Florida in the USA, she was given American citizenship.

Prim Siripipat Height

Prim stands at a height of 5.5 m tall. Her height in feet is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has been described as a lady who has an attractive body figure. Her approximate weight is 54 kg. She has not given any details about her other body measurements.

Prim Siripipat Nationality

She is an American citizen who was born to American parents with a Caucasian- American ethnicity.

Return of Prim Siripipat To Tennis Photo

 Prim Siripipat Wedding

Prim became engaged to Ben Michael Aronson in 2016. the couple later married in 2017. There is no current information about their personal afterward.

Prim Siripipat Espn | Tennis Channel

After taking a break from playing tennis, Prim became a news anchor at ESPN. She played her role well before quitting and resuming her career as a tennis player.

Prim Siripipat Injury

Siripipat had been suffering a lot of injuries over the years of playing tennis. She had two stress fractures in her back by the time she was 17. She even had to undergo surgery on her shoulder and both knees while in her junior year. From there, she decided to go for a long hiatus from playing tennis. However, she recently resumed her career as a tennis player.

Prim Siripipat Net Worth

Prim’s estimated net worth $750 thousand dollars. This worth is gathered from her former work as an anchor and her current work as a tennis ball player. Her lifestyle, cars and wardrobe are known. She has been deemed as the best-bodied player.

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Prim Siripipat News

Break Point: How Former Sportscenter Anchor Prim Siripipat Found Balance After ESPN

Prim Siripipat sits at a table in a Starbucks in Soho, mulling over how she wants to be remembered, her arm in a sling after undergoing shoulder surgery less than a month before.

“That’s a great question,” she says before taking a few contemplative breaths. She begins to answer, then cuts herself off again. “That’s a great question.”

Siripipat has been known for quite a few things during her career. She was a widely recognized tennis prodigy from a very young age. She was a highly touted Duke player who—despite losing most of her senior season to injury—managed to collect a 44-15 overall singles record and a 17-2 ACC singles record. She had dreams of going pro.

Then, suddenly, it was all gone. She underwent three surgeries during her senior year—a rotator cuff and two knees—and lost most of her fall and spring seasons. Eventually her interests turned to broadcasting, and she worked her way up from a producer at a news station in North Carolina to a SportsCenter anchor at ESPN. With a new career blossoming, thoughts of playing professional tennis dissipated. But, according to Siripipat, they never seemed to fully go away.

The woman who listed “winning a major tournament like the U.S. Open” in her Duke bio had become estranged from the game, taking a long hiatus from the sport. Siripipat had essentially refused to pick up a racket on a regular basis after her time at Duke and she even struggled being a spectator at matches. But in 2016, she felt an urge to get back into the game.

“I picked up a racket once in awhile but it was just too painful for me,” she said. “I guess it was just a sense of bitterness a little bit and just going out and playing—especially if I go out and play recreationally and I can’t do the things I used to be able to do—it was just so frustrating and that’s why I probably stayed away from it.”

In Siripipat’s own opinion, she hadn’t lived up to expectations during her time at Duke. Retirement—especially at such a young age—is something so few athletes are prepared for. And Siripipat was no different. That is until 2016, when she decided that she wanted to begin playing at a high level again.

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