Priit Vesilind Biography, Age, Family, Married and Net Worth

Priit Vesilind Biography

Priit Juho Vesilind is an Estonian and American senior writer and photojournalist of National Geographic magazine and an author of nonfiction.

Priit Vesilind Age

Vesilind was born on 4th of January 1943 in Tallinn, Estonia. He is 76 years old as of 2019.

Priit Vesilind Family | Young

Vesilind was one and a half, his mother Aino took him and his brother Aarne and fled to Czechoslovakia. The family was fleeing the Soviet occupation of his homeland during World War II. Later, his father Paul Eduard Vesilind rejoined his wife and children and they spent the next five years after the war in displaced persons camps in Geislingen, West Germany. In 1949 the family emigrated to the United States of America. He spent his childhood in Beaver, a small town in Western Pennsylvania.

Priit Vesilind Married

He is married to Rima Vesilind, There is no much information about him having dated before.

Priit Vesilind Education

He Wa enrolled and later graduated from the liberal arts college of Colgate University, located in the town of Hamilton in Madison County, New York, earning a BA in English and then an MA in Communications Photography from Syracuse University.

Priit Vesilind Career

Vesilind was a communications officer in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam and has worked extensively in underwater exploration for the magazine, most often with oceanographer Bob Ballard and many times while using his scuba skills. His 2005 book, Lost Gold of the Republic, documents the richest monetary and archaeological marine salvage in American history.

Priit Vesilind

Vesilind also specialized in Eastern European affairs during the Cold War, writing and contributing photographs to an article about the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Baltic States, the Baltic Sea, and Kaliningrad. A native of Estonia, Vesilind was decorated with the Third Order of the White Cross by Estonian President Lennart Meri in 2001 for his contributions to Estonian independence. He has written and photographically illustrated three books about political and cultural affairs in Estonia, including The Singing Revolution, which tells the story of Estonian history and resistance to Soviet occupation.

Vesilind has written for Sports Illustrated and photographed for many travel and trade magazines. He continues to lecture about history and culture on National Geographic cruise ships. He has written 35 full-length stories for National Geographic and has the photography credit for one.

Priit Vesilind Net Worth

Priit estimated net worth is under review, there is no information about his net worth or salary but he is said to have been earning a huge salary from his work.

Priit Vesilind Books

  • National Geographic on Assignment USA, Publisher: National Geographic Books (1997),
  • Horse People, Publisher: Bökforlaget Max Ström, Stockholm (2003),
  • Eestlane Igas Sadamas—An Estonian in every Port, Publisher: Kirjastus Varrak, Tallinn (2004),
  • Lost Gold of the Republic: The Remarkable Quest for the Greatest Shipwreck Treasure of the Civil War Era,
  • Publisher: Shipwreck Heritage Press (2004),
  • Eesti Aastal 1979—Estonia in the Year 1979, Publisher: Kirjastus Varrak (2006),
  • The Singing Revolution, Publisher: Varrak Publishers Ltd (2008),
  • When the Noise Had Ended—Geislingen’s DP Children Remember, Publisher: Lakeshore Press

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