Phil Torres Biography, Age, Education, Spouse, Career

Phil Torres Biography

Phil Torres is an American scientist, journalist, television host, photographer, and explorer. He is now the lead host of the television show TechKnow on Al Jazeera America. This was after leading conservation projects in the Amazon rainforest for two years. His science research and reporting have also sent him around the world. This includes a submarine to the bottom of the ocean, a USCG ice breaker into the Arctic, and an expedition into Mongolia.

Phil was born in Denver, Colorado. He went to Cornell University, located in Ithaca, New York. He graduated with degrees in entomology and biology. Phil is also working on a Ph.D. at Rice University, located in Houston, Texas, working on tropical conservation biology.

He recently resides in Los Angeles, California. Phil speaks English and Spanish. He sometimes uses on TV when he must translate information from local researchers in Latin American countries. He also appeared on the television quiz game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. This was in October 2008 and won $100,000.

Phil Torres Age

He was born on 17 March 1986 in Denver, Colorado, United States. He is 33 years old as of 2019.

Phil Torres Spouse

Phil tied his wedding knots with Silja Danielsen. The couple first met in 2014. They met through a mutual scientist friend and, after a few years of friendship. In August of 2017, Phil took Silja to Fedje, a small Norwegian island. This is where Silja’s grandparents got married and asked her to start a lifelong love story of their own. The couple now lives in New York but loved the idea of getting married at the Nordic Museum in Seattle.

Phil Torres Career

He worked extensively in the Amazon rainforest before coming to television. He had lived remotely there while leading conservation research and education projects for almost two years. Torres helped to discover over 40 new species by the age of 20 during scientific expeditions in Mongolia and Venezuela. One of his most-publicized discoveries was a spider that constructs a fake, larger spider in its web using silk, leaves, and dead insects.

This is the only known animal that creates another animal from scratch and was Wired Science’s number-two story of the year in 2012. His other television work includes hosting and analytic duties on Animal Planet, the BBC, and the Discovery Channel. Torres also is involved in macro photography and has had images of his work published around the world, including BBC Wildlife magazine and Discovery Channel Magazine.