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Peggy Fox Biography

Peggy Fox is an American award-winning journalist working as a multi-media journalist for WUSA9.

She attended Virginia Tech where she received a BA degree in Communications. Fox attended West Springfield High School. She used to work as an anchor and reporter in Charleston and Bluefield, West Virginia.

Peggy Fox Age

Information about her age will be updated soon.

Peggy Fox Husband

She is a married woman since she is married to her high school sweetheart.

Peggy Fox

Peggy Fox Career | Peggy Fox WUSA9

Fox has covered numerous news including the Virginia Tech shootings, 9/11, Washington’s sniper shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Panama Invasion, and the last four Presidential elections.

Peggy has received numerous awards including the 2007 Fairfax Partnership for Youth, Y-SAD, Youth Suicide and Depression Award for her stories on mental illness. She received an honor in 2007 by Justice for Children for Outstanding Reporting on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.

She was also given a Certificate of Achievement by the Fairfax County Commission for Women for superior efforts in furthering the cause of Women in Media. Fox won two Emmys back in June 2009. One was for a breaking news story and another one for a series on her brother-in-law.

He was recovering from a brain injury he suffered in the Iraq war. She also won an Emmy award for her investigative report on childhood lead poisoning. The story prompted three local governments to remove playground equipment that was covered with lead paint.

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 Article by Peggy Fox

Award-winning 100-year old tree damaged in a storm


One of Arlington’s award-winning trees dropped a huge branch causing hundreds of power outages.

Power has slowly been coming back on in neighborhoods hard hit by Thursday night’s violent storms.

Arlington County was hit especially hard with thousands of customers losing power. But one “famous” tree put hundreds of people in the dark.

Busy Harrison Street in North Arlington has been closed since Dominion Energy Crews from Richmond rolled in to fix a downed power line.

Thursday’s storm brought down a massive branch from an old tree. The force was so great as it crashed to the ground, it pulled down a utility pole a 100 feet away.

Tamara Martin was at work when it happened.

“My partner called me about 12 times, so I knew something happened and I needed to come home,” said Martin.

When she found out what happened she was heartbroken. Because it’s not just any old tree.

“It’s an award-winning tree,” Martin said.

Every year, Arlington recognized notable trees, to highlight heir beauty and environmental benefits. Back in 2013, Arlington recognized Tamara’s American Linden tree.

“I was just shocked. As I said, this is our prized tree. Then to see, oh, my goodness, the damage,” she said. “But, everything else, it’s intact.”

Martin said she just had the tree trimmed to prevent something like this from happening. But, they’re thankful their beloved tree is still standing.

Most of all, they are thankful the huge branch didn’t hit a car, or worse, a person. They live near a few schools and a popular park.

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