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Pat Lawson Muse

Pat Lawson Muse is an American journalist who works as an anchor for News4 at 4 together with Leon Harris.

She also hosts News4 Your Sunday and Reporter’s Notebook. This is a weekly public affairs program that airs on Sunday mornings.

She attended Howard University where she graduated magna cum laude. Here, she studied broadcast management. She is a native of Las Vegas and she currently lives in Maryland, USA, together with her husband, Maryland State Senator C. Anthony Muse.

Pat Lawson Muse Age

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Pat Lawson Muse

Pat Lawson Muse Husband

She currently lives in Maryland, USA, together with her husband, Maryland State Senator C. Anthony Muse.

Pat Lawson Muse Education

She attended Howard University where she graduated magna cum laude. Here, she studied broadcast management.

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Pat Lawson Muse stays News4 at 4 with Leon Harris and hosts News 4 Your Sunday and Reporter’s Notebook, week by week open undertakings projects seen Sunday mornings. Pat joined News4 in 1982 as a stay of nearby newsbreaks during NBC’s Today appear.

She at that point progressed toward becoming co-grapple of News4 at Noon where, alongside Barbara Harrison, was one of the primary all-female stay groups in the nation. Muse later secured the end of the week releases of News4 at 6 and News 4 at 11.

Pat’s communicating vocation started in radio, where she worked at stations including WTOP-AM, WOL-AM, WHUR-FM, National Public Radio, and the previous Mutual Black Network. Pat started her TV broadcasting vocation at WBAL-TV in Baltimore where she moored the end of week 6 and 11 pm broadcasts and filled in as a general task correspondent.

Pat has won a few EMMY Awards, including two Best Anchor statues. She has likewise been perceived by the American Association of University Women, the National Association of Black Journalists, the International Television and Film Festival of New York, the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. DC Chapter, and the Minority Business and Professionals Network.

Pat Lawson Muse Ark Of Safety Christian Church

She is Director of the Women’s Ministry where she regulates ladies’ effort, association, exercises and withdraws. A writer via preparing, she likewise directs, surveys and supports every composed correspondence, and fills in as a consultant to the Ark’s media service, managerial staff and love board of trustees.

Muse established the “Youthful Senior of the Month” service, which looks to perceive, energize and bolster what she calls the “extraordinary fortunes” in the assemblage. What’s more, Lady Muse gives directing to the ladies of the Ark who need consolation and backing as they manage the difficulties of shuffling work, family, and professions.

The spouse and right hand of the cherished Bishop Muse for over 22 years, Lady Muse has a genuine hireling’s heart and solidly accepts that “to whom much is given, much is required.” She keeps the Ark family solid, adoring and centered.

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News4 Your Sunday Mental Health Awareness Month

Article by Lawson Muse

‘Any Mom Would Do This’: Maryland Mom Donates Kidney to Son

When her son was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening kidney condition, a woman from Prince George’s County, Maryland, didn’t think twice about donating her kidney.

Cheryl Whitaker never imagined that a health crisis would strike her eldest son. But at 22, Christopher needed a kidney transplant.

Cheryl was a match.

She didn’t hesitate. She donated her kidney to her son just weeks before Mother’s Day, possibly extending his life by decades.

“He came in and he said, ‘You are a hero,’ and I didn’t feel like a hero,” the mother of four said. “I think that any mom would do this.”

Christopher was finishing college and was excited about starting a career in IT when doctors found that he had a rare kidney disease, known as FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis), which destroys kidney functions.

“It was weird because I had no real symptoms. I felt normal. I felt like a very healthy adult,” he said.

Eight months ago, doctors said Christopher needed a transplant to survive.

His father, mother and two younger brothers were tested to see if they were a match. It turned out every one of them was.

The brothers were the most logical donors because they were younger, stronger and healthier. But for Cheryl, who’s in her 50s, it wasn’t even an option.

“They were willing to do it, but there’s no way I could have two sons on that table,” she said.

For the Whitaker family, it was a miracle that Cheryl was a match for her son. Some people wait on the transplant list for years or some people’s donors back out, Christopher said.

“The fact that my mom stepped up, and not once, never complained … that made me feel much better,” he said.

The transplant happened two weeks ago. Both Cheryl and Christopher are doing fine, and Christopher’s new kidney is already working.