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Paola Tristan Arruda Biography

Paola Tristan Arruda is born Belo Horizonte, a city in Brazil. Then that was her first name. Therefore Boston is my second home. There she was raised for the majority of her life.

Paola Tristan Arruda Education

She has received a B.S. in Journalism. It is with an emphasis in Broadcast from Emerson College in Boston, MA. As she was in  College. She had to do a mini-documentary in Cuba. The ended up speaking to families about life in Havana. It ended up being one of my most eye-opening and rewarding experiences. She learned so much about the culture and the people while doing journalism. Then that story ended up winning an award. It was truly a wonderful experience for me.

Paola Tristan Arruda Family

She has a family is quite large. There but back in Boston she has my mother, stepfather, brother, and grandparents all watching Live 5 News online.

She doesn’t have a favorite book. Then but at the moment. She is really into motivational books that get you in touch with yourself. Self-care is so important. It is also anything hip-hop her in.

Paola Tristan Arruda WCSC -TV News

Paola during my four years of college. She could be filmed, edited, reported, and anchored for a variety of news shows. Paola was a reporter for WEBN-TV at my college for both the English and Spanish shows. She was also a production assistant at WHDH-TV in Boston. Then before moving to Charleston. She realized All the delicious food and the beautiful weather.

As she was not reporting. Paola could be probably going out with friends or going to the movies. She absolutely loves trying new and exciting things. Then she has visited places that have never been to before. She has also danced all my life. It was since was 3 years old. That is so dancing is a huge passion of mine.

Paula reporting news on Flooding and more flooding. This is what Cannon St in Downtown Charleston looks like right now.  Therefore Some drivers are backing up while others are bracing through the water. She also had news on t now the West Ashley Revitalization Commission. It is meeting to discuss the future of the old Piggly Wiggly site.

 Paola Tristan Arruda Net Worth

Paola Net Worth has been estimated to be greater. Then her annual salary has not to be reviewed. She is a journalist in college. She could be edited all the news. There she could enjoy her self by traveling to her news places. Poala has a lavish life. Therefore she is also enjoying her self with friends.

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