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Nicole Pantenburg Biography

Nicole Pantenburg is an actress and dancer. She is also known for her roles in Moesha and Longot. Nicole has also performed in a variety of music videos.

Nicole Pantenburg Age

Pantenburg was born on 10th May 1973 in San Dimas, California. She is 46 years as of 2019. Her birth sign is Taurus.

Family and Marriage

In 2007, after working as babyface’s backup dancer Nicole Pantenburg began dating him. There was an age difference of 14 years between them. Babyface was previously married to tv producer and businesswoman Tracey Edmonds for 15 years, from 1992-2007. They had 2 sons together, Dylan Michael Edmonds and Brandon Edmond.

Throughout his career as a musician and producer, babyface has won 11 Grammy Awards. In 2008, Nicole Pantenburg had her first child Peyton Edmonds with Babyface. They wedded in 2014 and have displayed a strong relationship throughout their dating years as well as a married couple.


Nicole Pantenburg’s first big music video feature was in Janet Jackson’s video in 1993. She also toured with her from 1993 to 1999. Nicole Pantenburg was one of the girls in NSYNC’s music video and played Justin Timberlake, girlfriend. panten was present in the music videos of other smash hits. In August of 2001, pantenburg toured with babyface throughout Japan, where they grew close and eventually began to date.

Nicole Pantenburg

In 1997, pantenburg began dancing in films and not just music videos or small performances. She started with the short film “Ghosts” which starred Michael Jackson as a maestro that is forced out of a small town and puts on a final performance that leaves the town in awe. Nicole Pantenburg worked in film as a backup dancer.

In 1998, she also worked with Janet Jackson and danced in her documentary Janet. The Velvet Rope, which covered the final concert in her Velvet Rope tour.

From 2000 to 2001, she worked on a few episodes of the short-lived comedy Nikki, and in 2003, she appeared as a club dancer in the movie Chasing Papi. She also had an appearance as a dancer on the TV show that ’70s Show in 2006.

In 1996, she joined the TV show Moesha, which was about a teen growing up and dealing with the everyday struggles of high school and family life. Pantenburg played Teresa, a recurring side character.

In 2001, Nicole Pantenburg took another acting role in movie longshot, about a young tennis instructor that gets caught up in an insider trading scheme. She followed that up immediately with the TV series for your Love, where she played Nurse Johnson for two years.

Nicole Pantenburg Net Worth

Pantenburg has a net worth of 170 million.