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Who is Natasha Stenbock?

Natasha Stenbock an American Chief Meteorologist for KOIN 6 News Monday through Friday at 4, 5, 6 and 11 p.m. While living in San Diego, Natasha went from being single to married with 2 stepkids and newborn twins in a year’s span. 

Detailed Natasha Stenbock Biography

After the twins arrived, she had an overwhelming urge to raise her children near family in her original stomping grounds of Portland. Natasha broke into the business with a radio job in San Diego, then moved to TV in Redding, California.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from Pepperdine University and will soon have her Geosciences degree from Mississippi State University. She spent the last few years volunteering for the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities and San Diego.

Natasha Stenbock KOIN 6 News

Over 17 years, Natasha has forecast weather in Bakersfield, San Diego, Sacramento, and Minneapolis. She also worked as an embedded digital reporter covering a historical aerospace event — Red Bull Stratos.

In that, an Austrian skydiver jumped from a floating platform in the stratosphere (127,852.4 ft) and broke the sound barrier with his body in freefall. The scientific mission yielded life-saving strategies for future space travelers. Her team won a 2012 Streamy Award and a Sports Emmy for their work.

Natasha received the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval in 2009 and is an active member of the Oregon Chapter.

She’s also been a licensed pilot since 2008 and an AAUS scuba diver, working on research dives supporting marine reserve environments and marine biology research. And she offers weather lessons to elementary schools.

What is Natasha Stenbock Age?

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Who’re Natasha Stenbock Family Members?

Her family moved from San Diego to Minnesota. It was an extremely difficult decision but one that was necessary to accommodate everyone. Natasha shares a story of how she met her husband in a separate post. You know when they say fact is stranger than fiction…it’s real.

Earlier this year I learned(2014) I was pregnant with twins and shared it with the world on KFMB. See this link:

Shortly after, my doctor ordered a modified bed rest at nearly 20 weeks due to complications. Thankfully my bed rest paid off and I gave birth to two healthy babies July 18th, Alexa and Austin.

I always imagined I’d go back to work and somehow find the perfect person to watch my twins for a schedule that starts at 3 in the morning.

That never happened. Not only was it not doable, I simply didn’t want to pay someone else (most likely a stranger) to raise my babies

Natasha StenbockI never knew how territorial I would be until I gave birth. Even to this day, I have a hard time letting other people hold my twins or even watch them for an hour or so.

I’ll address new mom symptoms in another post. Yes, I’m slightly neurotic and proud of it.

So here we are in a small town north of Minneapolis, living where my husband grew up. We have chosen to be here for the sake of our entire family.

I’m staying home with the twins, my husband is gainfully employed, and my stepchildren are beyond giddy to be back in their hometown. I do miss my friends, coworkers and the fun I had forecasting San Diego’s weather.

I hope to get back to it one day soon but right now it’s most important for me to care for these babies.

Stay tuned for more posts as I explore this foreign world of motherhood. It’s unlike any challenge I’ve ever faced. I will share all of the ups and downs as I know many of you can relate. I miss San Diego like crazy. Please run out to the beach and enjoy the ocean for me. 🙂

Who’re Natasha Stenbock Children?

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Who’s Natasha Stenbock Husband?

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What is Natasha Stenbock Net Worth 2020?

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