Mark Levine Bio, Early Life, Career, Show, Philosophy

Mark Levine Biography

Mark Levine is a Radio personality, a lawyer by profession and he DemocraticDelegate to the Virginia House of Delegates from Virginia’s 45th district, which encompasses the eastern half of Alexandria, some of the northern West End, parts of South Arlington, and the Alexandria portion of Fairfax County.

Mark Levine early life

he was born on May 7, 1966, in Nashville Tennessee U.S. He is a resident of  Alexandria, Virginia and a graduate of Harvard University and Yale law school, graduating with an economics degree and a Juris doctor respectively.

Mark Levine career

Levine was hired by the Congressional Black Caucus in December 2000 to appeal the United States Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore to the United States Congress.

He moved from California to Virginia to serve three years as chief legislative counsel to Barney Frank, a high-ranking Democrat on the Judiciary, Homeland Security, and Financial Services Committees. during his time he personally persuaded Hillary Clinton to withdraw her endorsement from President Bush’s faith-based initiative, which would have allowed the federal government to discriminate on the basis of religion.

Mark’S Radio Show

Levine began radio hosting 2003 at his show mark Levine inside scoop on Washington at WAGE Based in Leesburg, 2005 his local Fairfax County, Virginia television show The Inside Scoop.

Today, Levine’s program is carried on 43 radio stations nationwide and locally. From July to December 2007, Levine hosted the television show The American Dream on Press TV. Levine also has served as an investigative journalist, doing stories uncovering spies at the FBI and spreading the word in 2006 about the national government monitoring the telephone calls of the vast majority of ordinary American citizens.

Mark Levine Congress

Levine became one of ten candidates entering the June 10, 2014, Democratic primary to succeed retiring Representative Jim Moran.

Mark Levine Delegate

He was voted to represent Virginia’s 45th district in the House of Delegates on June 9, 2015, and repeatedly won Nov 3, 2015, facing no opposition in the general election, Levine won with 95% of the vote. On November 7, 2017, facing no opposition in the general election, Levine won re-election to represent Virginia’s 45th District in the House of Delegates with more than 95% of the vote

Mark Levine philosophy

Levine has described himself as “someone who goes out and strives to achieve the impossible and sometimes succeeds.”

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