Marie Osmond Bio, Age, Husband, Son Death, Children, Songs, and Net Worth

Who is Marie Osmond?

Olive Marie Osmond is an American country musician, doll designer and actress. She is a member of the show business family the Osmonds. She is popularly known for hosting ‘The Osmonds’ alongside her brother Donny. They also host known as ‘Donny and Marie’ show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Detailed Marie Osmond Biography

Marie began her career in music along her brothers. In 1970 she gained success as a solo artist on the popular music charts and became a teen idol. She signed with MGM/Kolob Records . In 1973 she released her first single as a solo artist ‘Paper Roses’ which was a cover song and became a No. 1 country hit, reached the Top 5 on the Billboard magazine pop chart.

In 1974 she released another single, “In My Little Corner of the World” (another Anita Bryant cover), and an album with the same title both entering the Billboard country Top 40.

She released her fourth studio album ‘This Is The Way That I Feel’ in 1977. Her latest work was ‘Music Is Medicine’ which was announced through a social media campaign in late 2015. The album was released on 15th April 2016 both in CD and digital format.

Marie Osmond Dolls  QVC

Marie Osmond debuted her doll line on QVC in 1991. QVC is the primary distributor for her dolls but they are also available in retail shops and through the internet.

Her first toddler doll she created was named after her mother “Olive May” and was the one that set a collectible record on QVC. Since then she has sculpted several dolls, including “Remember Me,” “Baby Adora Belle,” “Kissy and Huggs” and her hallmark doll “Adora Belle.”

Her doll collection has garnered numerous award nominations, including “Trendsetter of the Year” and Dolls magazine’s “Awards of Excellence.”

Donny and Marie Show

Donny and Marie has a show Donny & Marie since 2008 which is hosted in the 750-seat showroom at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 90 minute show was originally scheduled for a six-week run but it has run for 10 years with scheduled performances through November 16, 2019 according to the website

During the show Marie & Donny sing together at the beginning and end of the show, and have solo segments in between. They are backed by eight dancers and a nine-piece band.

Marie Osmond Death

Marie has battled depression, in August 2006 several U.S. tabloids suggested that she had attempted suicide. Her publicity team denied the reports and claimed she had suffered an adverse reaction to a medication she was taking.

Marie Osmond Books

  • 2001: Behind the Smile: My Journey Out; the book discusses her struggles with postpartum depression.
  • 2009: Might As Well Laugh About It Now; The book focuses on the milestones and missteps in Osmond’s life.
  • 2010: Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends; a step-by-step instructions for more than 20 projects, all designed by Osmond.
  • 2013: The Key Is Love: My Mother’s Wisdom, A Daughter’s Gratitude; It focuses on the values of her mother.

Marie Osmond Albums

  • 2016: Music Is Medicine
  • 2010: I Can Do This
  • 1989: Steppin’ Stone
  • 1988: All in Love
  • 1986: I Only Wanted You
  • 1985: There’s No Stopping Your Heart
  • 1977: This is the Way That I Feel
  • 1975: Who’s Sorry Now
  • 1974: In My Little Corner of the World
  • 1973: Paper Roses

Marie Osmond Songs

  • Paper Roses
  • Deep Purple
  • There’s No Stoppin’ Your Heart
  • Read My Lips
  • Soul and Inspiration
  • A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • In My Little Corner of the World
  • Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout My Baby
  • I Only Wanted You
  • Until I Fall in Love Again
  • It Takes Two
  • Baby You’re Crazy
  • I’ll Be Faithful to You
  • Take Me Back Again
  • Like a Hurricane
  • May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day
  • Then There’s You
  • A” My Name Is Alice
  • Give Me a Good Song
  • Living on My Suspicion
  • True Love Lasts Forever
  • A Beautiful Life
  • Least of All You
  • Lonely as the Night Is Long
  • Everything Good Reminds Me Of You
  • Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
  • My Home Town Boy
  • Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
  • Winning Combination
  • Baby, I’m Sold on You
  • You’re My Superman
  • One of These Days

Marie Osmond Weight Loss

In 2007 Marie weighed 165 pounds but by 2009 she had shed 45 pounds with the help of the NutriSystem diet plan. During an interview she said that she believed most of her weight struggles were caused by the entertainment industry.

“You see the Twiggy models, and you [feel like you] have to be emaciated to be accepted in society. There were a lot of head trips. … Every week I was standing by Raquel Welch and Cheryl Tiegs and Cheryl Ladd, and I’m 14 and looking really stupid. I think that girls do that, [and] women do that. We compare our worst to everybody’s best.”

What is Marie Osmond Age?

Marie was born on 13th October 1959 in Ogden, Utah, United States.

Who’re Marie Osmond Family Members?

Marie was born as the only daughter of Olive May (née Davis; 1925–2004) and George Virl Osmond (1917–2007). She is the eighth of nine children. Her brothers are Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny and Jimmy Osmond. Her brothers are in the show business, singing and performing on national television as The Osmond Brothers.

Donny and Marie

Marie and Donny Osmond are siblings, in 1975 they hosted a special variety show which was later picked up mid-season as a weekly variety show and began airing in 1976 as Donny & Marie, and ran on ABC until 1978 before it was renamed The Osmond Family Hour in 1979.

Who’re Marie Osmond Children?

Marie has eight children; 3 biological children and 5 adopted. She has a son Stephen James Craig born on 20th April 1983 from her first marriage to Stephen Lyle Craig. She has two children Rachael Lauren (born on 19th August 1989) and Matthew Richard (born on 6th July 1998) from her second marriage to Blosil.

Her adopted children are Jessica Marie (born on 17th December 1987), Michael Bryan (May 4, 1991 – February 26, 2010), Brandon Warren (born in November 1996), Brianna Patricia (born on 19th November 1997) and Abigail Olive May (born on 5th September 2002).

Marie Osmond Son

On 26th February 2010 Marie’s son Michael committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of his apartment building in Los Angeles. He reportedly battled. When an autopsy was done on him no drugs were found in his system.

In 2007 Michael spent time in rehab for substance abuse. At that time Osmond’s brother Donny told PEOPLE that his sister had been dealing with Michael’s issues “for a very long time.”

Marie Osmond Daughter

Marie’s daughter Jessica is bisexual, on 29th April 2009 Marie announced that Jessica was bisexual and at that time she was living with her partner Los Angeles. She expressed support towards her daughter and for same sex marriage rights.

Who’s Marie Osmond Husband?

Marie has been married thrice and engaged once. In 1979 she got engaged to Jeff Clayton but she called off the engagement in July the same year. At the moment she said that she did not want to fool around with marriage. She reasoned that it was difficult to make a commitment and that marriage is a serious involvement.

On 26th June 1982 Marie married Stephen Lyle Craig, a Brigham Young University basketball player. They divorced in October 1985.

Marie married Brian Blosil on 28th October 1986 at the Jordan River Temple in Utah. On 30th March 2007 Osmond and Bosil announced that they were divorcing with both parties releasing a joint statement stating that neither one assigned fault for the divorce.

On 4th May 2011 Marie remarried her first husband Stephen Craig in a small ceremony in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple wearing her dress from the 1982 wedding.

Marie Osmond Wedding

Marie Osmond told Closer Weekly that she is happy with Steve Craig who she married for the second time in 2011.
They were first wed from 1982 to 1985. The couple tied the knot again in Las Vegas at a Mormom temple then had the reception at their Nevada home.

What is Marie Osmond Net Worth 2020?

Marie has an estimated net worth of $17 million.

Marie Osmond Social Media Accounts

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How Tall is Marie Osmond?

Marie stands at 5 ft 5 inches/ 1.65 m.



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