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Kim Lyons Biography

Kimberly Lyn, popularly known as Kim Lyons, is an American athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness model who has appeared many times on the covers of many health and fitness magazines. She was born on born May 5th, 1973.

She has also starred in the competitive reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. She replaced a former trainer, Jillian Michaels in Season 3 but later competed against her in season 4. She didn’t go back to the show after season 4 but she was in the 2008 Miss America pageant as a panelist and she wrote a book, Kim Lyons; Your Body, Your Life.

She wanted to become a pilot but when she went to Colorado State University, she majored in Human Development and Nutrition. She graduated in 1995 and started teaching aerobics. This led her to compete in Galaxy Fitness Competition and in 2002, she earned herself an IFBB(International Federation of Body Building and Fitness).

Kim lives in Hermosa Beach, California and she is married to a German bodybuilder, Gunter Schlierkamp. The two got married in March 2007. Kim was previously married to an F-16 pilot. On June 3rd, 2010, Kim and Gunter had their first child, Jake Alexander.

Kim Lyons was picked as a fitness coach to be in Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Race in his seventh season. Kim Lyons was on American Ninja Warrior, yet flopped on the quintuple steps. She contended in the Venice Qualifiers.

Kim Lyons Age

She was born on born May 5th, 1973. She is 45 years old as of 2018.

Kim Lyons

Kim Lyons Husband| Boyfriend| Children| Married

She is married to a German bodybuilder, Gunter Schlierkamp. The two got married on March 2007. Kim was previously married to an F-16 pilot. On June 3rd, 2010, Kim and Gunter had their first child, Jake Alexander.

Kim Lyons Bionic Body

Kim developed a fitness gear that she uses in her studio. It is supposed to give you a total work out that will give you progressive resistance to build muscle and burn up calories. For more information on Bionic Body Wear, CLICK HERE.

Kim Lyons Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is an American competition show that has run on NBC for 17 seasons, that is, from 2004 to 2016. The show involves obese contestants competing to win cash prizes by losing the highest percentage of weight in comparison to their initial weight. The show has not yet been officially canceled though no new seasons have been released.

Kim Lyons Your Body Your Life

On NBC’s hit TV show The Biggest Loser, trainer Kim Lyons encouraged, cajoled, and inspired her team members to change their lives. And they did, not only losing an incredible amount of weight in the process, but gaining a world of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and enjoying an all-around healthy lifestyle. Now Kim is leading the way again, ready to work that same magic on everyone.

Her totally life-changing new guide, bursting with color illustrations, presents Kim’s tested program for optimizing your health . . . in just 12 short weeks! You’ll feel almost as if she’s right there, working with you. Kim, who received her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, puts her time-tested, fat-burning circuit-training system and solid, comprehensive nutrition plan right at your fingertips.

She understands the psychological and practical barriers facing those starting a new program and offers simple strategies to help anyone adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Every aspect of fitness and nutrition is explained, such as the role of genetics, metabolism, and body type in achieving success; the importance of meal planning and journaling; and how to exercise to maximize your time and increase your calorie burn.

To illustrate her key points, many of Lyons’ clients tell their uplifting personal stories, and Lyons herself answers a wide range of “burning questions.” At the end of each chapter, a “Homework” section sets out several goals to achieve be they mental, physical, or emotional that reinforce key points learned in that chapter.

Title Kim Lyon’s Your Body, Your Life: The 12-week Program to Optimum Physical, Mental and Emotional Fitness
Authors Kim Lyons, Lara McGlashan
Edition illustrated
Publisher Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2007
ISBN 1402751427, 9781402751424
Length of 262 pages
Subjects Health & Fitness › Exercise

Health & Fitness / Exercise
Health & Fitness / Healthy Living

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