Kenya Duke Biography

Kenya Duke was born on 26 July 1974 in Cincinnati, Ohio the United States of America under the birth sign Leo.she is an American television personality and the owner of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel which is a successful travel management company. She is famous for her work on Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling (2011), DeRay Davis: Power Play (2010), The Gary Owen Show (2016), and many more.

she is married to Gary Owen who is one name that immediately pops out while talking about comedians. He is an American actor, screenwriter and a stand-up comedian who is adored mostly by the African-American viewers. Her husband is famous for his stand-up comedy and was named Funniest Serviceman in the United States of America.

Kenya Duke Age, Height

Kenya was born on 26th July 1974. she is 44 years as of 24th May 2019. she is 5 ft 4 inches, has got long sexy legs and feet so she looks mesmerizing in high heels and pencil skirts and she weighs 53 kg.

Kenya Duke Images

Kenya duke image

Kenya Duke Parents

Father and mother

Even though it has been very difficult to extract her personal, siblings and parents information because she is very secretive about it, Kenya disclosed she had a very close relationship with her father who passed away years back and then revealed that her mother’s name is Barbara Jean. Her early childhood is not known but it will be uploaded in case of an update.

Kenya Duke Family

The successful businesswoman  Kenya Duke married another man with whom she had a child, Emilio Toliver. However, the couple had a divorce and soon Kenya married comedian, Gary Owen. The couple has two lovely children Kennedy Owen (daughter) and Austin Owen (son). Gary Owen is a proud father of three amazing children and all of them live together in Ohio, United States of America. They share a very strong family bond and live happily.

Kenya Duke Kids

Kennedy Owen

she is the younger half-sister of Emilio Toliver and younger sister of Austin Owen. she is on twitter and facebook

Emilio Toliver Owen

He is the older half brother to Austin Owen and Kennedy Owen.

Austin Owen

Austin is a composer known for ‘the Gary own show'(2016) and ‘petty things isolation’ (2014).he is the older brother to Kennedy Owen and younger half brother to Emilio Toliver.

Kenya Duke Social Media

Kenya is has a very secretive life and because of that her social media platforms are very active. That includes Instagram twitter and facebook.

Kenya Duke Net Worth

Kenya Duke has an estimated amount of net worth around $8 million. She is one of the successful African-American women and also a successful businesswoman who has set up her own travel Management Company. Moreover, she thought to open a travel company, which was a wise decision and it has paid her quite well.
Furthermore, Kenya Duke’s success in career path has paid her well financially also her net worth and salary aren’t disclosed. Moreover, she is currently living a successful married life besides her husband and children. Additionally, her husband Gary Owen’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Kenya Duke Birthday

Kenya was born on July 26, 1974, so her birthday is every year on 26th July. In information on how she celebrates it, when and how is not available but you will be updated.

Kenya Duke Movies

Kenya has appeared on tv show named The Gary Owen show which is hosted by her husband and aired on bet.she has gone on to make an appearance in several other tv shows which include DeRay Davis, Power Play, Hollywood Look I’m smiling among others.

Kenya Duke Delta Airlines

Gary Owen accused delta airlines flight of racially discriminating his wife before boarding the flight.

Gary called out the airline on Instagram after Duke was questioned for standing in the first-class line to board.

“So, this morning, my wife and daughter were flying from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Francisco, California on Delta. 7:20 AM, Gate B21. So, they tell everybody to line up for first [class],” Owens explained. “my wife gets in line, and the guy working the gate at B21, Cincinnati Airport asks my wife, ‘Oh, are you in first?’ And my wife said, ‘Yeah, I am.’ And then my wife said, ‘Are you not gonna ask the guy behind me?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ My wife said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Cause I don’t feel like it.’”

Owen went on to state the difference between his wife and passengers who were not questioned.

“Now my wife’s a Black lady. The guy behind her’s a white dude, and the ticket agent was a white dude. But he asked the Black lady, ‘Are you in first?’ But not the white dude. So, Delta – I have almost 3 million miles with you. When you see my wife know that She flies first. Don’t ask.”

Kenya Duke Gary Owen

The duo met while they were working in a show together and fell in love; soon after, they started dating. The couple exchanged vows on July 19, 2003, in a private ceremony. They have lived together for over 15 years Furthermore, the couple is parents to their 3 children: Kennedy Owen (daughter), Austin Owen and Emilio (from Kenya’s past affair).