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Kali Muscle Biography

Kali Muscle born Chuck Kirkendall  is a bodybuilder, Youtuber, Author and actor originally from Oakland, California. Due to his fit physique, Kali has appeared in commercials for brands such as Taco Bell, Geico, Snickers, Comcast, Honda among others.

Kali Muscle Age| Birthday| How Old is Kali Muscle?

Kali Muscle was born on February 18th 1975 in Oakland, California and is 44 years old. His eye color is brown while his hair color is black.

Height & Weight

The body builder stands at a height of 5’9″ (175cm) tall; with a weight of 235 – 245lbs (106.6 – 111.1kg) He is of an American nationality.

Kali Muscle Young

Chuck grew up in an extremely violent and crime-ridden area, being raised by his mother and step-father who treated him badly. While he was a teenager, he used his local gym as a refuge to get away from the crime and violence happening around his neighborhood. He landed a job at a 24 Hour Fitness gym which gave him the leverage to spend his free time lifting weights for free. In one of his videos; Kali confesses that he had to buy a gun in elementary school, as other children threatened to kill him on multiple occasions.

When he joined high school, he got involved in the wrestling and track team, receiving a scholarship to play football at Fresno State University.  Chuck credits this love for sport as one of his main reasons for living at this stage. He didn’t have a good time at home, or at school, so needed something in his life that he could enjoy.

Kali Muscle Crime

While he was young, Kali’s brother lost his life while playing with a cocked gun. After this, Kali’s life seemed to take a downward spiral as he became a criminal. He lost all of his money, and resorted to robbery to make ends meet. The body builder was arrested for one of his crimes, and spent 11 years in San Quentin State Prison. When he entered prison, Kali once again found solace in working out. He attended the prison gym, and loved lifting weights in his free time while trying to make gains eating prison food. While behind bars, he says he gained a lot of muscle – weighing 230lbs at one stage. Kali also features these Prison Exercises on his YouTube channel. He says that when he was in prison, the inmates worked out because they had to be ready to fight at any time. Because of this, he says that the workout has to be completed with “intensity” and seriousness.

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Kali Muscle Career

Kali Muscle left prison in 2010 and began to try making a career as an actor and bodybuilder. He trained for a year to get in shape for the Mr California in 2012, and managed to win convincingly. He moved to LA, and managed to land a place in a Jamey Johnson music video doing what he does best – working out.

 YouTube Channel

He also vlogs on his self titled YouTube channel. On this channel, he discusses nutrition, bodybuilding and general fitness topics, talking about how to workout and train with limited equipment. This channel gradually climbed to over 1.9 million subscribers in 2019. He has collaborated with strongmen such as C.T Fletcher on some of his videos.

Kali Muscle Meal Plan| Diet

Healthy Diet
This clean diet for Kali includes a lot of healthy vegetables and fruit, as well as ground turkey, salmon and chicken breast for his protein options. His carbs also come from a variety of sources, but he likes to eat sweet potato, rice and a variety of beans.

High Calories
Kali follows an extremely high calorie diet. He says that he did so in prison as well, and ate whatever he could – often relying on tinned tuna to reach his protein intake needs. He tries to eat 6 meals a day, but sometimes eats a number of very large meals to maintain his mass. He also says that he eats as ‘clean’ as he possibly can.

Water & Hydration
Kali believes that drinking a gallon of water everyday is vital for his health and appearance. He drinks this water for protein synthesis, as well as to re-hydrate after his heavy gym sessions.

He avoids supplements, believing that protein powder isn’t an effective option. Kali says that he sees too many men who expect to get big through using the powder all day, but not eating a lot of food. He sees food as vital, and eschews all forms of whey protein.

He does, however, use pre-workout supplements. Kali loves the buzz the product gives him, so uses it before big leg and chest workouts when he needs an extra pump.

Kali Muscle Networth

The body builder and actor’s networth is estimated to be $5 Million in 2019 with his income streaming from his career as a body builder, acting career, endorsements as well as the sales of his publication.

Kali Muscle Quotes

”If you choose to be ordinary, don’t blame someone who chooses to be extraodinary.”

Kali Muscle Book| Author

He is a writer of a publication titled ”From Xcon tO Icon”  His biography From Xcon to Icon was released around 2013.

Kali Muscle Wife| Relationships

The bodybuilder is said to have been married to a woman identified as Dvyne. Their marriage lasted six years before Kali found out she stole his money from him. Thus, the couple separated and their divorce was finalized in 2016.

Kali Muscle Training | Workout Plan


Kali Muscle Films| Movie Appearances

One of his early acting roles was in the 2011 film titled Wonder Woman where he played as Super Soldier Jeffrey Reiner. The following year he appeared in the film Applebaum as body builder Chris Columbus. Another film released that year was a film about a crime busting Labrador called Zeus titled ”The Dog Who Saved the Holidays”. The film starred Shelley Long, Gary Valentine and Dean Cain. He played the part of Mikey. In 2014 he appeared in the episode Road to Natesville, from the TV series, ”Raising Hope”, playing the part of Brett.He played the part of Bones in the Demetrius Navarro, Valente Rodriguez production, The Big Shot, a film about two small time film producers who have to make a successful movie as they are under pressure from their exec producer.

Wonder Woman                                          Super Soldier Jeffrey Reiner 2011 TV movie
Applebaum                                                   Bodybuilder Chris Columbus 2012 TV movie
Crispus    Attucks:                                        Today Was a Good Day Josh Martin 2012
Internal Behaviors Part 2:                          The Regurgitation Inmate Mark Schaefer 2012
Savior                                                              Boss Dallas King 2012
The Dog Who Saved the Holidays             Mikey Michael Feifer 2012 TV movie
White T                                                           Bouncer Mike McGuinn 2013
Roscoe and Maggie                                      Ghoul Brent Coble 2014
The Liaison                                                    Adam Hodge 2014

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