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Julie Lake is an American actress, Writer and producer. She is famously known for playing inmate Angie Rice on Orange is the New Black.

Julie Lake Biography

Julie Lake is an American actress, Writer and producer. She is famously known for playing inmate Angie Rice on Orange is the New Black. For her role in the Series, she has won the Screen Actors Guild Award two times. She is a two-time winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

She attended Grad School. While there, she dated a fellow actor named Robert Stephan. Lake later ttended Yale University. At the University, she majored in theater. Lake has acted in theatrical plays in New York for several years. Among the thetrical plays, some she has acted with Nick Jones.

When Jones was hired to be a writer for Orange is the New Black, Jones suggested that Lake audition for the part of Angie Rice. She auditioned, and she got the part perfectly well. Lake and Shirin Najafi created a web series called George and Julie.

The series is about a struggling actress in Hollywood who seeks advice from her cat George. In contrary George degrades her. The duo has also created a web series called Mental. Mental is about two friends and their anxiety and mental instability. She has also written and produced very many films.

Julie Lake Age

Julie Lake was born in Palo Alto, California, United States of America. Her actual date of birth still remains unknown. We will update you on her age immediately we get the factual details.

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Julie Lake Net Worth

Julie Lake has made a huge fortune from her career. The American actress and writer is known for Nha Tu Kieu My (2013), Mental (2016) and Boomtown (2016). She has an approximated net worth of $1.7 million. She has mainly accumulated her income and wealth from her career.

Julie Lake Husband

Julie Lake is married. She got married to her husband Jeff in December 2015. The wedding ceremony took place in New Orleans. When she was asked to do a make-out scene on Orange Is the New Black she declined. The producers asked her if she had someone in mind for the part, and her husband was brought in for the role. Her character has drugs delivered via a kiss from a visitor.

Julie Lake Movies | Julie Lake The Ring

Orange is the New Black (2013-2017)
Farah Goes Bang (2013)

Julie Lake Instagram

Julie is very active on social media. Especially on Instagram.

Julie Lake Interview

Q: You majored in Theatre at Yale University, but how did you decide you wanted to be an actress?

Julie Lake: I’ve wanted to be an actress ever since I saw a children’s theater play when I was five years old. I didn’t “decide” to be an actor, and honestly there have been many times in my life I wished I could decide to be something else. Acting is the one thing I’ve always been obsessed with and could never give up.

Q: How was the experience on a show as groundbreaking as “Orange Is The New Black”?

Julie Lake: It was a ton of fun to be on the show. I love my castmates, and some of those girls are my best friends now. The popularity of the show was a total surprise, and I think we all lucked out getting to be a part of such an important and groundbreaking show.

Q: Angie Rice was a beloved character. How did you prepare to portray such a problematic, yet human and relatable for the audience, character in the Litchfield Penitentiary?

Julie Lake: I watched some documentaries about addicts for research, but I think I was really just playing a goofy, messed up version of myself. I didn’t think about being relatable, I just tried to always have fun and play with the other actors in the scene. I also got to improvise a ton on set, which helped me get into character.

“I also got to improvise a ton on set, which helped me get into character.”

Q: “Orange Is The New Black” is one of the most loved and successful series of these years: what was the best reaction you ever received for the show?

Julie Lake: It so fun for me to see all the fan art on Instagram that the show has inspired. I have several posters of Angie drawings by fans printed out and posted in my office.

Q: On “Big Little Lies,” how was being part of such an incredible cast? What can you unveil about what happens in your episode?

Julie Lake: I was super intimidated to meet some of the cast, but they were truly incredibly kind. Unfortunately, I can’t unveil anything about my episode -we sign contracts saying we won’t spill the beans 🙂

Q: “Mental” is a mini web-series that faces the very important subject of anxiety. What were the main difficulties in talking about such a delicate theme?

Julie Lake: That series was based on my own life and personal experience with anxiety. No research required. I’ve struggled with anxiety and insomnia my whole life and have had to fight to stay stable. Acting is not a career that induces peace and stability, so I’ve had to develop a lot of techniques and strategies to combat my demons.

Q: You are also a writer and producer: what’s the best thing about being in front and behind the camera?

Julie Lake: The best thing about being in front of the camera is getting to play, lose control, and connect deeply to the other actors.
The best thing about being behind the camera is actually having control for once and not having all the pressure of being on screen.

Q: What’s next for Julie?

Julie Lake: I have a couple pilots in the works and am working on a Halloween feature for kids. So much to look forward to!

Q: Must have on set:

Julie Lake: Comfy clothes to nap in and headphones.

Q: Superpower:

Julie Lake: I’m super empathetic. Practically a mind reader.

Q: Epic Fail on the job:

Julie Lake: When my phone rang during a take. Whoops.

Q: Favorite quote:

Julie Lake: “Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.” – Maya Angelou

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