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Judge Greg Mathias born Gregory Ellis Mathis is a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge turned Daytime Emmy Award arbiter–winning

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Judge Greg Mathis Biography

Judge Greg Mathias born Gregory Ellis Mathis is a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge turned Daytime Emmy Award arbiter–winning, trusted reality court show, Judge Mathis. Produced in Chicago, Illinois, his program has been on the air since September 13, 1999, beginning on Monday, September 3, 2018, entering his 20th anniversary of the season.
Mathis also made a name for himself as a prominent leader within the Black American community as a black-culture motivational speaker, emanating from the success of his venerable courtroom series. Mathis boasts any African American presiding as a court show judge’s longest reign, beating Judge Joe Brown whose program lasted fifteen seasons. Mathis is also the second longest serving television arbitrator ever, behind only Judith Sheindlin of Judge Judy by three seasons.

Been there, Done, a spiritually inspired play that, based on his life, in 2002 toured twenty-two cities in the U.S. Moreover, Ballantine Books published Inner City Miracle, a memoir.

Judge Greg Mathis Age

Mathis was born in Detroit, Michigan, the USA on 5th April 1960. He is of American nationality and part of the African-American ethnicity. His birth sign is Aries. Mathis is the fourth child of Charles Mathis and Alice Lee Mathis. He attended Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Public Administration.

Judge Greg Mathis Parents| Siblings

He was born in Detroit to his parents, Charlie, and Alice. He shared with three other siblings his childhood. He married a beautiful wife, Linda Resse, after his long struggle, with whom he shares four beautiful children, Jade, Camara, Amir and Greg Mathis Jr.

Judge Greg Mathis Wife

Mathis was part of a street gang as a young person that led him to imprisonment for committing a crime at the age of 17. He says that he was transformed by the intelligence and trust of a kind judge, Jesse Jackson. Mathis got married to Linda Resse in 1985 after each of the obstacles and battles and shared four beautiful children with her.

One of the extravagant and amazing weddings was the little girl from Mathis, Camara’s wedding. The embracing looked like a white marvelous land, and the hour lady wore a hypnotizing wedding dress.

Judge Greg Mathis Education

Once out of prison, Mathis started to work at McDonald’s, a job he needed to keep to keep his release on probation. Mathis was helped by a close family friend to be admitted to Eastern Michigan University and he discovered a new interest in politics and government. He became a campus activist and worked for the Democratic Party, organizing various demonstrations against policies of South African Apartheid. He got a B.S. degree. In the Ypsilanti Campus Public Administration, Detroit City Hall began to seek employment. He also became a member of the fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Judge Greg Mathis Young

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mathis was the fourth of four boys born to Charles Mathis, a native of Detroit, and his wife Alice Lee Mathis, a devoted Seventh-day Adventist, nurse assistant, and housekeeper. During the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, Alice (then divorced from Charles) raised Mathis alone in Detroit. Mathis moved to Herman Gardens in 1964 and lived with the family there until about 1970. To avoid rising drug use and violent crime rates, they moved away from the housing complex.

The real father of Judge Mathis was alienated from him but closely associated with the Errol Flynn, a notorious Detroit street gang that would eventually join Mathis as a teenager.

He was arrested many times in the 1970s. While imprisoned as a seventeen-year-old youth in Wayne County Jail, his mother visited him and broke the news that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Due to his mother’s illness, Mathis was offered early probation.

Judge  Greg Mathis Career

Mathis was denied a license to practice law for several years after graduating from law school because of his criminal past. He received his J.D. from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1987. In 1995, he was elected a district court judge for Michigan’s 36th District, making him the youngest person in the state to hold the post. During the five years he was on the bench, he was rated in the top five of all judges in the 36th District; there are about thirty judges each year.

Mathis began his political career as an unpaid intern, and then became an assistant to Clyde Cleveland, a city council member. It was at this time[when?] Mathis took the LSAT and applied to law schools; he was conditionally admitted to the University of Detroit School of Law, which was located in downtown Detroit, walking distance from city hall. He passed a summer course and was officially admitted to the night program which took four years to complete.

Mathis was appointed head of Jesse Jackson’s Presidential campaign in the state of Michigan in 1988. Mathis later became head of Mayor Coleman Young’s re-election campaign and after the victory was appointed to run the city’s east side city hall.

Mathis has continued to be involved in politics after rising to national entertainment prominence through his television show. Urban politics and African-American movements have been his focus. Most recently, Mathis was invited by the Obama administration to be a part of “My Brothers Keeper”, a White House Initiative to empower boys, and men of color

On June 4, 2011, Detroit-area drivers lined up for blocks as Mathis offered up to $92 worth of free gasoline apiece to the first 92 drivers to show up at a northwest Detroit Mobil station. He told the Detroit Free Press it was a gift to the people who elected him to District Court despite his youthful criminal record. “LA didn’t elect me judge,” he said. “Chicago didn’t elect me judge. Detroiters took a chance on me. It’s just the right thing to do. And when you’re blessed, you have to look out for the rest.” The giveaway took place near the Mathis Community Center, which he funds. Its activities include self-improvement classes, food and clothing assistance, and training for ex-convicts. “No matter what international fame he’s achieved, he’s still a hometown guy,” said WMXD-FM’s Frankie Darcell, who announced the location on the air. “Everybody’s happy. I’m happy,” said gas station owner Mike Safiedine. “The people need it, especially (because) the price is very high.”

In September 2008, Mathis wrote a novel called Street Judge, based on the life of a judge who solves murders. It was co-written by Zane, a well-known erotic series writer of Zane’s Sex Chronicles. Mathis also wrote a book entitled Of Being a Judge to Criminals and Such.

Judge Greg Mathias Activism

Judge Greg Mathias Image

After spending his time in mixed-income housing at the Herman Gardens, Mathis remained dedicated to helping families in the area. In 2003, on behalf of former residents of Herman Gardens, he lobbied city officials, imploring lawmakers to allow these individuals to move for the first time to new apartments where Herman Gardens once stood.

Judge Greg Mathis Show

Judge Mathis is a long-running, Daytime Emmy Award-winning syndicated arbitration-based reality court show presided over by the retired Judge of Michigan’s 36th District Court and black-culture motivational speaker, Greg Mathis. The syndicated series features Mathis adjudicating small claims disputes.

The series was originally produced by Black Pearl Entertainment. It is now produced by Telepictures Productions and Syndicated Productions, while distributed by Warner Bros. Television. It is taped at the NBC Tower in Chicago but includes cases and litigants from other U.S. jurisdictions.

Greg Mathis’s “inspirational and positive messages to young people” won the court show a PRISM Commendation in May 2002. The court show also won an NAACP Image Award in 2004 and a Daytime Emmy Award in 2018, just ahead of making it to its 20th season anniversary.

Each Judge Mathis episode runs for one hour and typically consists of 4 cases. The show is broadcast five days a week in every U.S. state, as well as Canada through Omni Television. The show has been on the air since Monday, September 13, 1999, and has taped over 2000 episodes.

By the 2014-15 television season, Judge Mathis made it to its 16th season, making Mathis the longest-serving African American court show arbitrator, beating out Judge Joe Brown whose program lasted 15 seasons. Moreover, Mathis holds a record of second longest serving court show arbitrator ever, just behind Judy Sheindlin of the court show Judge Judy.

Judge Mathis is among few courtroom programs able to boast a long, successful series run as most court shows suffer the fate of early cancellations. It is the fourth longest-running courtroom series behind Divorce Court, The People’s Court, and Judge Judy, respectively. Though both Divorce Court and The People’s Court have suffered cancellation(s) and shifting arbitrators, Judge Mathis has not. Consequently, of the court shows with only one production life, Judge Mathis is the second longest running (second only to Judge Judy by three seasons).

Judge Mathis began celebrating its 20th season anniversary beginning on Monday, September 3, 2018

Judge Greg Mathis Episodes

May 9, 2019, S20 E140 · Episode 140

May 8, 2019, S20 E139 · Episode 139

May 7, 2019, S20 E138 · Episode 138

May 6, 2019, S20 E137 · Episode 137

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May 2, 2019, S20 E135 · Episode 135

May 1, 2019, S20 E134 · Episode 134

Apr 30, 2019, S20 E133 · Episode 133

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Apr 26, 2019, S20 E131 · Episode 131

Apr 25, 2019, S20 E130 · Episode 130

Apr 24, 2019, S20 E129 · Episode 129

Apr 23, 2019, S20 E128 · Episode 128

Apr 22, 2019, S20 E127 · Episode 127

Apr 19, 2019, S20 E126 · Episode 126

Apr 18, 2019, S20 E125 · Episode 125

Apr 17, 2019, S20 E124 · Episode 124

Apr 16, 2019, S20 E123 · Episode 123

Apr 15, 2019, S20 E122 · Episode 122

Apr 12, 2019, S20 E121 · Episode 121

Apr 11, 2019, S20 E120 · Episode 120

Apr 10, 2019, S20 E119 · Episode 119

Apr 9, 2019, S20 E118 · Episode 118

Apr 8, 2019, S20 E117 · Episode 117

Apr 5, 2019, S20 E116 · Episode 116

Apr 4, 2019, S20 E115 · Episode 115

Apr 3, 2019, S20 E114 · Episode 114

Apr 2, 2019, S20 E113 · Episode 113

Apr 1, 2019, S20 E112 · Episode 112

Judge Greg Mathis House

Greg previously resided in his luxurious house “Tarzana Villa” with his family. However, in 2018, he sold the “Tarzana Villa” worth $3.199 million and opted to live in a modern-style set-up in Bel-Air worth $4 million.

Judge Greg Mathis Salary

He earned enough annual salary which was equal to $5 million.

Judge Greg Mathis Tickets

If you live in the Chicagoland area or are planning to visit and would like to attend a taping of “Judge Mathis” please call: 1-866-3-MATHIS to make a reservation.  Or get the form from the link here

Judge Greg Mathis Crackhead

Judge Mathis Net Worth

As a Michigan Superior Court Judge, Mathis has accumulated a vast total asset of $20 million and earns a decent income from his court show, Judge Mathis. Judge Mathis is a show that depends on the life travel of Mathis. Because it is an incredible source of motivation for the youth, it has become an honor-winning TV show in the courtroom.

In the show, Mathis is the judge who goes to extreme cases and condemns the legitimacy of his judgments. The show is a decent blend of humanity, diversion, and political editorial. The important thing about the show is that from numerous TV arrangements it is extraordinary and unique. Maybe that’s the motivation behind why it was able to enchant the group of onlookers and celebrated the 20th season on September 3, 2018.

Mathis is a national board member from the NAACP and the Morehouse School of Medicine, apart from judge and TV life. Many daily papers, magazines and television systems referred him for his charitable activities. Mathis gets so much love in the place where he grew up one of which includes The City of Detroit named after his name as Mathis Avenue as one of the lanes.

Judge Greg Bibliography

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  • Mathis, Greg. “Black men must fight back against obstacles.” (For Brothers O Ebony (magazine). February 1, 2007. vol: 62:4 p. 38

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