Joyce Taylor KING5, Biography, Age, Husband, and Net Worth

Joyce Taylor KING5 News, Biography, Age, Husband, and Net Worth

Joyce Taylor Biography

Joyce Taylor is an American journalist working as an anchor for KING5 News. There genuinely is no spot like home!

She understood that like never before when she arrived in Seattle in 1988 – getting back from North Carolina to start the most amazing job she could ever imagine at KING 5.

Never did she envision such an extremely long time later the amount of a home and family the Home Team would turn into. Much obliged to you for permitting her to come into your homes every day.

It keeps on being one of the best honors of her life – one she won’t ever underestimate. After over 30 years, she actually can’t envision doing anything more.

Joyce Taylor KING5
Joyce Taylor KING5

Joyce Taylor KING5 News

She is respected to be sitting at the night anchor seat, continuing in the strides of previous partners she has long appreciated – news veterans and Northwest symbols Lori Matsukawa and Jean Enersen.

She is glad to be important for the heritage that is KING 5; grant winning reporting and local area administration. There are as yet a couple of them left who were recruited by KING’s organizer Dorothy Bullitt.

They owe her an obligation of appreciation for her responsibility, boldness, and vision. Is LOVE areas of strength for to word for how she feels about the Northwest? Obviously not. She was brought up in Tacoma with two siblings and two sisters, including her twin.

Her functioning guardians focused on schooling, and she was lucky to go to Western Washington University in stunning Bellingham. Go Vikings! From that point, she traveled east to Spokane where she lucked into an end-of-the-week weather casting and week-day correspondent work.

She then, at that point, headed farther east to North Carolina where she, at last, progressed to the commentator work area. From that point, she won’t ever think back.

The call that brought her home came in 1987 – the most amazing job she could ever imagine at the station she had watched for as long as she can remember.

She works in TV news and has taken her the nation over and all over the planet; to Washington D.C. for an official introduction, to New York for the Seahawks’ very first Super Bowl win, and to London to cover the terrible demise of Princess Diana.

She has had the phenomenal distinction of conversing with legends Walter Cronkite, President Jimmy Carter, Robert McNamara, Gloria Steinem, Katherine Graham, John Denver, Eartha Kit, Michael Jordan thus some more.

Be that as it may, YOU – her neighbors – are probably the most fascinating and exceptional individuals she has met – moms and fathers, teachers and artists, understudies and veterans, and volunteers influencing the world!

YOU are individuals who have molded their local area and it’s YOUR accounts you have so liberally shared that she loves to tell in particular.


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Joyce Taylor Age

She was born on February 19, 1965, in Tacoma, Washington, the United States. She was brought up in Tacoma with two siblings and two sisters, including her twin.

Joyce Taylor Husband

Taylor is married to Edward Bellison. The couple married in 1992 in a private wedding. The couple has two children; a son, and a daughter.

Joyce Taylor Height

She is approximately 5’6” tall.

Joyce Taylor Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Joyce Taylor Instagram

Joyce Taylor Twitter

CLICK HERE to visit her Twitter page.

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