Jose Arredondo Bio, Age, Samuel, Son, Death and Cause of Death

Jose Arredondo Biography

Jose Arredondo is the 58 year old Bakersfield car dealer who was found dead in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California on July 16, 2019.

Jose Arredondo Age

He was born in 1961. He was a very private person when it came  He is 58 years old.

Jose Arredondo Family

According to his Family Motors website, Jose was born in a village called Cualcoman, in the Mexican state of Michoacan. Half of the Arredondo family moved to the United States to find work, when he was 12. However, his father, Fidel, and his siblings traveled from Michoacan to Tijuana. They waited for months before they could finally cross into the U.S. However, Jose and his younger siblings stayed behind.

Jose Arredondo Wife

Jose Arredondo was married to his wife, Kim Kyung-ju.

Jose Arredondo Children

Jose was the father of a daughter by the name Mariana and a son Samuel Kim. His son Samuel was a former member of the K-Pop duo 1Punch in 2015 and was featured in the reality television series Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017. That same year, Samuel made his solo debut with the song, “Sixteen.”

Jose Arredondo Education

Jose went to middle school in Saugus, and secondary school in the San Fernando Valley. He dropped out of school to help bolster his family.

Jose Arredondo Career

In 1977 he began washing vehicles at a Mission Hills business to support his mom, Maria de Jesus Lopez Arredondo. At 17 he made $325 at regular intervals. His frame of mind was energetic to the point that he was allowed to sell vehicles on ends of the week.

During the principal month, he sold 12 vehicles. He made $4,000 in spite of the way that his English was so poor. He invested a significant part of the energy motioning with his hands. After that he turned into a full-time sales rep.

Arredondo set aside his cash and acquired different properties. He made enhancements and afterward sold them. In 1990 he bought an auto-body shop and a comfort store in Los Angeles. He remained there for a long time.

In 1993 he caught wind of a vehicle parcel that was losing cash at the Auto Mall in Bakersfield. He had never been to Kern County. He went there and investigated the part. He got it and the 5-section of land Family Motors part presently holds 250 to 300 vehicles. Since 1993 Jose has extended his business bunch by including TaftFamily Motors, Family Used Cars, Delano Family Motors, Delano Family Motors Hyundai, Fillmore Family Motors, and Santa Paula Family Motors. He additionally possesses a land office (Family Realty) a golf go (Jose’s Golf Range and Pro Shop) in addition to a cutting edge auto, body, and paint shop( Family Motors Auto Body And Paint).

Jose Arredondo Bakersfield Killed

Jose Arredondo was murdered in an obvious crime in Baja Sur, Mexico. Experts in Baja Sur, the Mexican express that incorporates La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, told The Associated Press that Arredondo had passed on from obtuse power injury.

Jose Arredondo Death – Jose Arredondo Bakersfield Death

Jose Arredondo was discovered dead in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California on July 16, 2019. Following Arredondo’s demise, Reverend James Ranger of the New Life Church revealed to that Arredondo was “the genuine article.” Rev. Officer said that throughout the years, Arredondo had given fresh out of the box new vehicles to chapel to sell for philanthropy. The reverend said Arredondo was “intense as nails however he had an excellent heart.”

The central activities officials for Motor City Buick GMC and Motor City Lexus of Bakersfield, John Pitre, said of Arredondo, “He was a profitable individual from our locale and we’re absolutely going to miss him,” Pitre said. “We’re unquestionably in grieving and we’ll state a supplication for him.”

Jose Arredondo Drugs

Tattle about supposed medication associations had pursued Arredondo for a considerable length of time, however he was never charged. Arredondo tended to the bits of gossip in a 2006 meeting with The Californian.

“I don’t comprehend why individuals have such a great amount of spotlight on me as opposed to agonizing over their stuff,” he said around then. “Individuals think, ‘Hello, hold up a moment. This can’t be genuine. He should bargain or getting things done. How might he be so liberal?'”

Billy Faeth, a previous expert golfer who worked for Arredondo, revealed to The Californian in that 2006 article that when he accepted the position, loved ones approached in the event that he’d launder cash for Arredondo.

“All that I’ve heard is totally unwarranted and, to be completely forthright, it gets me upset — not on the grounds that I work for him, but since he’s a companion,” Faeth said.

Arredondo’s minister, the Rev. James Ranger, revealed to The Californian he’d had long discussions with Arredondo about the tattle and the specialist emphatically accepted the gossipy tidbits were begun by individuals envious of his expert achievement.