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John Coughlin  Bio

John Patrick Coughlin was an American pair skater. Together with Caydee Denney, he was silver medalist for the 2012 Four Continents and national champion for the U.S. He was the U.S. champion in 2011 with former partner Caitlin Yankowskas.

John Coughlin died in January 2019. Coughlin was under investigation for sexually assaulting skating partners, as a result, he committed suicide and took his own life.

Ice Skater John Coughlin

John Coughlin Age

Born in Kansas City, Missouri on December 1, 1985, John Patrick Coughlin was the son of a third-generation police officer, Michael Coughlin. His mother, Stacy Coughlin died of chronic disease in February 2010. He had a sister called Angela Laune. At the time of his death on January 18, 2019, Coughlin was 33 years old.

John Coughlin Obituary

John Patrick Coughlin who was 33 died in his home on January 18, 2019. John was born on 1 December 1985 in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents, Sergeant Michael Coughlin and Stacy Coughlin BSN RN., and his older sister Angela Laune were Catholics. He was a proud Center High School graduate.

He is survived by his father Michael, his sister Angela  Laune; his grandmother Nancy Holmes; aunt Margaret Cochran and uncle Tom Edmondson. His mother Stacy, grandfather Gary Holmes and grandparents Charles and Rosemary Coughlin preceded John in death.

He left behind many of his adoring cousins, nieces, and nephews. John was Kansas City’s most accomplished ice-skating athlete ever. He started skating when he was four years old. His dedicated training, including the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, won him two titles of the 2011 and 2012 U.S. Pairs National Championship.

He was a force to be counted on for about ten years on the international skating circuit performing in international competitions in Russia, France, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Japan for Team USA. After retiring from the competition, he took on a leadership role in international skating, advocating for skaters around the world who were unable to stand up for themselves.

He served on committees for the International Skating Union and US Figure Skating. John had a gentle soul and his strengths shined through his ability to keep his cool under extreme pressure. John died at his home in Kansas City at 33 years of age. We lost a gentle soul, a gracious man, and a child of God.

A visitation service was held at Christ the King Catholic Church, 425 W. 85th Street, Kansas City Missouri 64114 on Monday, January 28, 2019. There was a rosary at 5:30 pm with the visitation following from 5:45-8 p.m. The Funeral Mass was held Tuesday afternoon, January 29, 2019, at 1:30 pm. at the church. Burial was at Mt. Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri.

John Coughlin Funeral

Coughlin’s funeral took place in Kansas City on Tuesday, two days after the end of the Detroit National Figure Skating Championships. As a coach, TV commentator, and a rising star in both the U.S., he was a fixture at skating competitions and rinks around the country. Figure Skating, the sport’s national governing body, and the International Skating Union, the Federation of sport around the world.

John Coughlin Safesport

John Coughlin & Caydee Denney

In 2017, SafeSport was opened in the midst of scandals of sexual abuse that ravaged national governing bodies such as USA Swimming and USA Gymnastics.

One day after being suspended by the U.S. Centre for SafeSport, Coughlin took his own life. The 33-year-old faced three reports of sexual misconduct against him, two of them involving minors, according to a person who was not allowed to speak publicly about the matter. Even though the U.S. Centre for SafeSport still officially suspends John Coughlin, the two-time U.S. pairs figure skating champion.  it’s unlikely that SafeSport will continue investigating the allegations against him.

“I think it’s unlikely given the Center’s mission,” Dan Hill said in a telephone interview. “We are not a punitive body. When someone is suspended, it is to keep individuals safe. It’s all about the safety of the reporting party. In this instance, sadly, the safety issue isn’t there now.”

Hill continued, “The only likely reason to keep the investigation open would be if there were any reports of “systemic issues. If there were other parties that perhaps were involved or anything else that would be systemic in nature, that would be a reason to keep it open. In other cases, there have been people who assisted, knew of things, had an obligation to report and didn’t, that kind of thing.”Hill said.

SafeSport removed Coughlin’s interim suspension notification from its website, but there was no other indication of the investigation’s status. USFS officials said that it is “imperative” for SafeSport to complete  Coughlin investigation and encouraged it to hire a third-party investigator or external counsel to assist.

John Coughlin Net Worth

John Coughlin was an American figure skater expert who won several titles and prizes. He made his fortune from his sporting skills. His salary has not yet been exposed to the public however his net worth was estimated to $7.8 Million.

 John Coughlin Twitter

John Coughlin News

John Coughlin’s former skating partner Bridget Namiotka,  says he abused her and at least nine other women. The death of Coughlin came one day after being suspended from the sport because of allegations of abuse.

“I’m sorry but John hurt at least 10 people including me,” Bridget Namiotka wrote in a Facebook post responding to a messaging supporting Coughlin. “He sexually abused me for 2 years. Nobody innocent hangs himself.”

Bridget also accused Coughlin of grooming women he abused. She urged his supporters to think about “all the girls he hurt.”

“Grooming happens. It happened to me and he hurt a lot of girls. Think about the victims,” she wrote.

Bridget is the first woman to accuse Coughlin of abuse publicly.

Coughlin’s former representative, Tara Modlin, refused to comment to CBS News.

Modlin said, “It seems that you want me to comment on an unstable persons (sic) Facebook comment – I don’t really understand your question… my suggestion is to call some of his other partners.”

John Coughlin partnered with Bridget Namiotka from 2004 to 2007. Bridget was 14 to 17 years old at the time, and he was 18 to 21. Coughlin won a U.S. pairs title in 2011 with Caitlin Yankowskas and a second title with Caydee Denney a year later.

The U.S. Figure Skating issued a statement about the abuse that made no direct mention of Coughlin or Namiotka.

“We fully support all victims of sexual abuse and misconduct and encourage anyone who either has been abused or suspects abuse or misconduct to report it to local law enforcement, the U.S. Center for SafeSport or U.S. Figure Skating. We condemn any and all acts of bullying and shaming of those who share their story,” part of the statement said.







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