Jessica Szilagyi Biography

Jessica Szilagyi works as a contributor for WAGA FOX5 News. In spite of the metro-Atlanta roots, Szilagyi looked for haven south of the gnat line in 2015-referring to bigotry to traffic.

With her two labradors close behind, Szilagyi moved to provincial south Georgia where she actually stays excessively city for the nation and excessively country for the city.

Jessica Szilagyi WAGA FOX5 News

Szilagyi has worked in the political domain beginning around 2009 when she started working the mission circuit to get nearby and state-level applicants chose, promptly lamenting practically every one of them.

The spirit-pounding experience drove her to send off her own blog zeroed in on responsibility in government, eventually opening the entryway for her to compose for the political site Peach Pundit (presently

Jessica Szilagyi
Jessica Szilagyi

A masochist, Szilagyi finds it entertaining to foist her optimism upon the Gold Dome where she has filled in as a strategy expert for twelve Georgia lawmakers throughout the previous seven years, unintentionally changing over her into an official guard dog.

Presently, as an insightful writer for AllOnGeorgia, Szilagyi goes through her days kicking ant colonies, uncovering ineptocracies, and featuring defilement in neighborhood legislatures across the state – extraordinary utilization of her MPA from the University of Georgia. She’s been a Fox 5 “Like It or Not” supporter starting around 2016.


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