Jessica Holmes Biography, Height, Husband, Net worth And Salary.

Jessica Holmes Biography, Height, Husband, Net worth And Salary.

Jessica Holmes Biography

Jessica Holmes is an American television personality born on 17th November 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. She is a morning news anchor of the KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles and former co host of Nickelodeon TV series ‘Slime Time Live’.

Jessica was brought up in southwest Florida, she has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in radio and Television from the University of Central Florida. In her field as a news anchor she has covered the Newtown tragedy, the Boston bombing and the tsunami in Japan among others. She is a three time Emmy award winner and 2 times Golden Mic Awards winner.

Jessica Holmes Age

Jessica was born on 17th November 1976 (41 years as of September 2018)

Jessica Holmes Height

Jessica stands at 1.55m/ 5ft

Jessica Holmes Husband | Arie Solomon Jessica Holmes

In 2015 Jessica married Arie Solomon, in March 2015 while on live TV, at KTLA Morning News she announced that she was engaged.

Jessica Holmes Baby

On 8th October 2015 she gave birth to her son Levi Solomon. She first announced her pregnancy on 25th May 2015 on live TV, at KTLA Morning News.

Jessica Holmes Net worth

Jessica has an estimated net worth of $2 million


Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes Career

In 1999 Jessica worked as an intern for Nickelodeon and then got a part time job in the finance department, she was approached by a producer in a hallway at the network and was asked if she would like to appear on air.

In 2000 she began co hosting he show Slime Time Live which ran for 8 seasons until 2003. In 2003 she was hired to host Bragging Rights for the OLN cable network (formerly Outdoor Life Network). The reality television show run for 13 episodes with Jessica as the host.

Holmes relocated to Los Angeles to further her television career, after her brief stint on OLN,at the time she was jobless. Her agent submitted an application for Holmes to appear in a KTLA Morning News competition called “The Audition”.

“The Audition” was a segment on the KTLA Morning News that was a game show competition. The winner of the competition was reportedly going to be the new weather caster on the show. Holmes won the competition which was determined by viewer votes.

After winning the competition Holmes began doing weather segments on the KTLA Morning News. A month later she was hired as a helicopter-based traffic reporter for the show. After two years she began co-hosting a new 9am morning news show. Holmes later expanded her duties to include co-hosting the 7am KTLA Morning News broadcast, replacing Michaela Pereira.

Jessica Holmes House

Jessica Holmes house is tiny and her co workers call it Thumbelina’s Cottage. During an interview she revealed that the house got its name because it was tiny.

‘It got the name Thumbelina’s cottage because it’s tiny! But I love my little place and the neighborhood especially. What started as a place that was perfect for just me has turned into a home for a family of three…and a dog! There is a little nook that was an office space that has now been transformed into the baby’s room. Only a crib and dresser fit but let’s be honest what more does the little guy need right now? I am doing my best to stay very organized…the container store is my friend!’

Jessica Holmes Twitter


Jessica Holmes Video

KTLA anchor Jessica Holmes asked out on a date by a live TV viewer

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