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Jessica Camacho is an American professional TV and film actress. She has been featured in several hit series over the years. Some of her most notable appearances on television include roles in series like The Flash, Taken, Roman J. Israel, Esq, Think Like a Man, The Mentalist, Last Resort, and Nikita.

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Jessica Camacho Biography

Jessica Camacho is an American professional TV and film actress. She has been featured in several hit series over the years. Some of her most notable appearances on television include roles in series like The Flash, Taken, Roman J. Israel, Esq, Think Like a Man, The Mentalist, Last Resort, and Nikita.

Jessica has established herself as one of the leading actresses in Hollywood and she is constantly refining her craft with each new character that she takes on. She has come a long way in her profession and is still climbing steadily up the ladder.

A lot of questions have not been answered about this actress’ personal life. Just as it is very hard to tell anything about her parents, nothing is known about her siblings. We will update this info as soon as we dig up some information on her family and parents.

Jessica moved out to Los Angeles to stake her claim in Hollywood. She held down a number of jobs while she struggled through auditions and tried to get her feet in the door at casting meetings and other events. Her hard work and dedication eventually paid off as she made a great impression with casting directors and was given a series of small roles in movies and television series which then led to bigger, recurring roles on other projects that helped catapult her into the spotlight.

The talented actress landed her first role on television in the series Come On Over in 2007. Two years later, Jessica went on to appear in The Beast, which led to other roles in Justified, Dexter, and Undercovers. In 2011, Jessica was featured in The Mentalist and Gossip Girl. She went on to land roles in other series in the coming years including El Jefe, Wedding Band, Last Resort, Nikita, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Hello Ladies, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Castle.

With each new role that she played, Jessica Camacho got more attention in the industry and she was able to secure bigger roles on other TV shows such as Bones, Rizzoli & Isles, Minority Report, Stalker, Longmire, Sleepy Hollow, The Flash, Harley, and the Davidsons, and Taken. She has also appeared in All Rise, Casual, and Frequency.

Jessica Camacho Age

Jessica was born on November 26, 1982. She is currently 36 years old as of 2018. Her birth sign is Sagittarius.

Jessica Camacho Height|Weight

Jessica stands at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. She weighs a total of 125 pounds.

Jessica Camacho Married|Wedding

However, it is quite hard to believe that the 36-year-old beauty has never had a boyfriend. So, some even predict that Jessica is dating her The Flash co-actor, Carlos Valdes. But both Jessica and Carlos have never confronted the public about the rumors.

On the other hand, fans are also putting out the possibility that Jessica is already married. But as the lady has never unveiled any information on her husband, be it her wedding or her relationship with Carlos, both stand out, nothing more than fan fiction or simply, a supposition.

Jessica Camacho Net Worth

Camacho has an estimated net worth of 19 million dollars as of 2019.

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Jessica Camacho The flash

In the TV show, she portrays “Cindy Reynolds” or better known as “Gypsy”. She is a Metahuman from Earth 19. She is a Multiverse Bounty Hunter on her Earth and her current mission is to track down and bring back to her Earth Harrison Wells.

Powers and Abilities

Dimensional Awareness: Gypsy can most likely perceive various events throughout time and space, letting her see into the past and future as well as parallel dimensions. Also, she most likely can “vibe” like Cisco can, enabling her to suppress speedsters’ connection to the speed force, possibly demonstrated when she was able to toss Barry into a breach even while he was super speeding.

Dimensional Travel: Gypsy can manipulate the dimensional energies of the earth to open portals to other dimensions.

Jessica Camacho Sleepy Hollow

Camacho plays “Sophia Foster” on Season Three of Sleepy Hollow. Camacho is an American actress who played Sherese Mason on Justified. Sophie Foster is a main character and an undercover FBI agent working for Daniel Reynolds against Atticus Nevins. Sophie like Abbie`s sister Jenny has experience collecting artifacts as well as a murky relationship with the late Sheriff Corbin.

She pretended to be Nevins’s ally and a rival of Jenny Mills and Joe Corbin. Sophie becomes a true ally of Ichabod Crane, Abbie and Jenny Mills, Daniel Reynolds, and Joe Corbin. She joins Team Witness in the fight against the supernatural evil that terrorizes the inhabitants of Sleepy Hollow in the episode “Blood and Fear”.

Sophie is a mysterious, sexy and highly intelligent rogue player in the world of high-end artifacts trading who plans on challenging Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and Joe (Zach Appelman) in their quest for the Shard of Anubis, a mystical artifact and this season three’s Holy Grail.

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Q: “Taken” was such an iconic film franchise. It was interesting to hear the story was coming to television. It had a solid rookie campaign, but then the creative team opted to reboot. Had you seen the show in season one, and what was the appeal in joining for season two?

Jessica: When I got cast, I hadn’t seen the show. Initially I just loved Santana. I loved who she was on the page, you know, the materials that I got from my audition. And I was super-excited at the idea of doing a show that would, essentially, take its characters all around the world and find them going into the underbelly of the crime world or whatever – you know, places that we never actually see, but are very real.

And having action and chases — I love stuff like that. I’ve always, always wanted to do an action. It’s been a very real dream of mine. And so that was the initial appeal.

I hadn’t seen the show, and I got cast; and so, for research purposes, I started binging season one. And I was excited. It’s an exciting show. It’s nonstop. That really kind of appealed to me. It’s not a show where you just find two characters sitting down and just talking for hours on end. (Laughs) Which is fine; this is a different genre. I think I just wanted the adrenaline rush that this show provides.

Q: We’re just getting to meet Santana. We’ve only seen her in two episodes so far. What can you tell me about this character – and what did you like about her; what was it about her that made her come off the page for you?

Jessica: Santana, she’s totally confident in her own skin. She owns who she is. She acts without hesitation. She’s kind of been through the fire, I think, certainly has been a woman in what used to be very much – and is only now starting to change – the military; very much a man’s world. She had to prove herself time and time again. And not only prove herself but prove that she could go above and beyond to handle what her male colleagues handled as soldiers.

I think there’s something – there’s just a grittiness that gives a woman. A certain awareness of who they are and what they’re capable of. I love that. I’m definitely a strong woman. I’m a determined woman. (But) I wouldn’t say I’m nearly as confident as Santana is. And it’s fun to be able to walk in those shoes.

Q: We’ve only had a few hints about Santana’s past. I’m wondering: What will we learn about her in the coming episodes?

Jessica: I think that the story is still unfolding. I think it’s fun for me because, just as the audience is learning who she is, little by little, piece by piece – that’s how she comes to me. They don’t give me too much. (Laughs) I think they like to keep us guessing.

But, I think that we’ll definitely find what makes Santana tick. Why she kind of is so – why she kind of bulldozes her way through situations, and why she feels compelled to do that. What, morally, kind of drives her. We’ll be able to learn a little more about that.

Q: The reason I asked to interview you was because I had like a ‘holy crap’ moment in the second episode. I was really taken aback at how well you fit into the storyline, and how well you meshed with Clive and Jennifer. It was like you’d been a part of the team for years. What is the challenge in fitting in right from day one, and how did you do it so well?

Jessica: I don’t know. I came to set the first day with a very real package of nerves. A bundle of nerves. It’s intimidating. It’s intimidating like you said. It’s coming onto an already established set – an already established show, an already established camaraderie.

But, honestly, I mean, before we even started filming, I met Jennifer and I met Clive, and they’re just such warm humans. They’re not affected. They’re just very open. They’re very real. They’re very humble human beings. And they went out of their way to extend a welcoming hand and let me know that I was welcomed – more than welcomed; that I belonged there. And that meant the world to me. It really meant the world to me.

That enabled me to kind of say, “OK, this is where I’m supposed to be.” You know? And here at the beginning of this journey, now let me put my head down and study and kind of find this character. The warm welcome that I received from them allowed me to just sink into the work that was waiting for me.

And then one thing that is always fun for me, when I’m playing a character who’s coming into an already established team, is just as I’m bringing my nerves, and just as I, me, Jessica, am trying to find my comfort zone with the other actors and on-set, and trying to navigate my way, my character’s doing the same thing. I can put those nerves and maybe that slight hesitation, or the not-knowingness of that feeling, I can put that into my character. And it just works.

Q: You’ve been a working actor for some time now. You’ve got the acting thing down. But like you said, this is a big action show. And Santana, so far, we’ve seen her use some grandiose weapons. What was that aspect of “Taken” like for you? What sort of interesting training did you have to do?

Jessica: Well, as I said, I’ve been dreaming about being an action actress for a long time. So, periodically, I would take different classes. I would do stunt training. I would do fight choreography training. I never kind of became an expert at anything, because I was always busy auditioning and whatnot.

But, you know, I would dedicate whatever time I had to try to keep my body – to keep it challenged. To keep trying new things. To keep learning new ways of moving my body and learn how to move.

Especially when you’re doing fight choreography, stunts, and stuff, you can still do damage. If you throw an elbow and it’s a little too wide, that can land on somebody’s jaw. So, you have to learn how to control movements and how to just kind of own your movements and be aware of your body.

I did a little bit of my own training leading up to getting this role. And then production provides us with amazing experts – you know, weapons experts who come in. They teach us – somebody who has a military background – “This is how you clear a room with a weapon. This is how you hold it. This is how you load it.” So, we don’t go in blindly. And certainly, for the first few episodes, I was leaning heavily on my experts, because I wanted to do it right.

Santana is a weapons expert. She is highly trained in many areas of combat and weaponry. I needed to project that comfort with weapons and with different fighting styles.

My awareness was totally limited, so I definitely leaned on the experts they provided for us. And that gives me confidence. They’re there on set watching us. They watch a take and, “Oh, OK, that was great. Now, make sure you tuck your elbows in.” So, there they’re kind of guiding the way.

And then, in addition, I have a phenomenal stunt woman who really gets in there when the going gets rough, and I’m so grateful for that. It’s a collaborative effort.