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Javier Soto is a distinguished American broadcast journalist and morning news anchor from California. Acknowledged best for working at the 3TV’s ‘Good Morning Arizona’, the newscaster updates the local in Arizona with breaking news and headlines.

Started career behind the scene as an executive producer, Soto worked diligently hard to make all the way above as newscaster, landing the first-ever onscreen role at KPVI in Pocatello.

Javier Soto Age

Soto was born on February 25, 1975. He is 45 years old as of 2019.

Javier Soto Wife

Although the news anchor intends not to speak publicly about his relationship with Beatrice Makowski, it’s evident that they’re gleefully married for six years now. Often stippled getting intimate during vacations and romantic trips, the two shares an enviably great bond and connection.

Onscreen candid and forthright Javier has been notoriously private when it comes to speaking on his personal life and relationship on public arena ever since he embarked on the industry.

But it appears that his relationship with longtime love Beatrice has changed the approach of a newscaster. It’s been a while for his nuptials with her, and the 43-years-old news anchor just doesn’t stop gushing about how incredibly sweet and lovable his wife is on social media.

Unbelievably cute and adorable together, the pair seems to be more in love than ever being snapped packing on serious PDA, accompanying each other during events and stepping out hand in hand.

Javier Soto Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Javier Soto?

The Good Morning Arizona weekday news anchor Javier estimated net worth and salary hasn’t been revealed yet. However, his remarkable accomplishments and career success of over the years, makes one anticipate that he has potentially amassed a colossal fortune.

A connoisseur in bringing important news and breaking headlines ranging wide from politics to economics, he definitely upscales the audience watching the show as well as boost cash coming from the work.

Featured in the Modern Luxury Magazine for three consecutive years starting 2015, he has served various popular TV stations including KTLA-TV and KPVI over the years which might also have hoarded Soto a hefty amount.

Javier Soto Photo

Javier Soto’s Image

Javier Soto Miami

Soto is the CEO and the President of the Miami Foundation.

Javier Soto Interior Design

Soto Interiors Group provides an outstanding experience to residential and commercial customers to help them transition their home to their “Dream Place”. We coordinate all the steps involved in the magnificent transformation from detailed planning, to extraordinary execution so that we make sure to create memorable places.

Soto has over 20 years of experience in the design and his proactive and futuristic vision has made him acquired an impeccable reputation among his clients. He has learned to transform ambiances through his multiple trips abroad where it has been exposed to this experience that has increased his talent and understanding of what to offer to each customer depending on their needs and style.

Javier Soto Miami Foundation

An accomplished Miami leader takes a role on the national stage

It is splendid to have been part of the evolution of at least six different Miamis. Our home has grown from a sleepy Southern town, which I found on my honeymoon in 1953, to a vibrant metropolis rightfully placed among the great communities of the world.

At each step, we attracted people from every racial, political, social, and economic background. That has led to some of Miami’s most decisive inflection points: our fight for civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights and, even now, our willingness to be a sanctuary for immigrants. Those points have shaped our history, but what defines Miami’s history is our ability to unite across lines of difference and stand together, resilient in the face of challenges.

It should seem obvious, then, that such a community would produce Javier Alberto Soto, a native son, and president of The Miami Foundation. His remarkable track record since assuming that role seven years ago includes some of the most significant efforts to unify this diverse Greater Miami that I have ever seen. Chief among them is Give Miami Day.

For the past five years, the foundation has led a rallying cry across Miami-Dade to pour millions into the people and nonprofit organizations serving this community every day. Thousands of donors, from every corner of the community and every walk of life, come together based on their mutual love for the place they call home.

In a political and social climate where we are increasingly pushed to define ourselves by our differences, the foundation under Javier’s leadership has been a critical reminder: There is much more that binds Miamians than divides us.

Now, he will take his talent to Washington as the newly elected board chair of the Council on Foundations. For almost 70 years, the Council has been the leading association of grantmaking foundations and corporations, empowering the sector to meet today’s toughest challenges and advance philanthropic activities in the United States and around the world.

This volunteer role puts Javier at the forefront of a massively influential organization at a significant moment in the field’s history.

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Nonprofits and philanthropy are under fire. Movements in Washington threaten the sector’s ability to independently serve the community free from political influence. While it’s important that nonprofits collaborate with government leaders to tackle macro-level civic issues, they work to remain a nonpartisan, independent space where different political points of view, large and small businesses, grassroots groups, and local residents can convene around solutions to improve quality of life.

It is also no secret that our national endowments and other major public grant sources are at risk of being drastically underfunded or, worse, eliminated. Couple that with proposed tax reform that could undercut charitable giving incentives, and it’s clear why now is the time for a strong, thoughtful voice to advocate on behalf of nonprofits and philanthropies across the nation.

Javier is unquestionably the man for the job. He has shown a keen ability to drive consensus when it matters most. When the Miami, Miami Beach, and Miami-Dade County needed an independent convener to help them submit a joint application to Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program, Javier and The Miami Foundation were there.

Now, following that successful bid, Greater Miami has joined a prestigious global network of forward-thinking communities, giving us access to funding and top expertise as we prepare for sea-level rise and other threats to our resilience.

Building bridges has been ingrained in Javier because he, too, has witnessed the evolution of this community. As the child of Cuban immigrants who settled here over 40 years ago, he appreciates — as only a Miamian can — how a community built by people across the spectrum can emerge with a shared identity.

We depend on a healthy, well-funded social sector to meet the needs of Greater Miami residents every day. Let’s help him build consensus and fight for us — and every American who has dedicated their life to philanthropic work and service to their community.

Ruth Shack is president emeritus of The Miami Foundation and past board vice chair of the Council on Foundation

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