Heidi Van Pelt,Bio, Age, Taran Noah Smith, Vegan Restaurant, Networth

Heidi Van Pelt Biography

Heidi Van Pelt was born on July 11, 1968, in the Midwestern state of Missouri[ U.S. A ]. Where she also spent her childhood. She is by nationality an American with a white ethnic background. Her parents divorced when she was barely a year old. Van pelt shuttled back and forth between a mother who missed her swim meets and a father who couldn’t remember her birthday.

Her astrological sign is Cancer.Ms. Heidi is famously known for marrying Noah Taran. Back in 2002, sixteen years her junior. The marriage came as a shock, especially to the young lad’s parents. Made headlines in media platforms but unfortunately ended in a bliss.

Heidi Van Pelt Career

She started a media company called Emergent Films. Work dried up in the grunge capital. As a production assistant and a prop master; Van quickly grew frustrated bouncing between television and movie sets.Pelt moved reluctantly to Los Angeles. It proved to be the perfect place for her to find her true call: vegan cooking. Van Pelt had been a vegetarian for several years.

In Seattle, she met animal-rights activists who also shun dairy products, eggs, and even honey. To a Midwesterner, even an eccentric one, this sounded like a cult. In the years that followed, her skills as a vegan chef took her to the center of the Hollywood party life.

Here she met the child star who would become her husband. Van Pelt worked as a nutritional counselor at a clinic in Los Angeles’ rough Watts neighborhood. She taught homeless people how to salvage the shriveled greens. Obtained from food pantries and instructed Head Start families how to eat a balanced diet on little income.

Van Pelt also co-hosted a show called Raw Health on the local Pacifica radio station. When her name started circulating, she landed catering and nutritional counseling jobs.  Woody Harrelson was among her clients.

Heidi Van Pelt Age And Early Life

Heidi Van Pelt Age

Born to Marsha Duncan[mother] but the name of the father is not revealed. Heidi Van Pelt is 51 years old at the moment. Van Pelt’s mother is a native Midwesterner who has worked in corporate human resources and city clerk jobs.

Marsha could see that her daughter was anything but a conformist. Van Pelt had such a unique style In elementary school, that Duncan says she called a teacher to say, “Please don’t think I dress my child like that.” Still, Duncan encouraged Van Pelt to find her niche — no matter how offbeat.

Van Pelt was the odd, artsy girl who wore bright turquoise and orange in the dead of winter; at Oak Park and Blue Springs high schools. After graduating in 1986, she studied fashion design at Stephens College in Columbia. She says her classmates were more like sorority girls than couture creators.

Van tried studying German and philosophy at the University of Missouri. The University of Washington lured her to Seattle to pursuing the Russian Studies program in 1988. She hoped to become a CIA agent but she quit the program with one semester left. In 1994 she took online classes from the American Academy of Nutrition. Miss Heidi obtained a certificate as a nutritionist.

Heidi Van Pelt Taran Noah Smith

Taran Noah Smith young star of the hit sitcom Home Improvement, Showed up at her house for a raw-food dinner party in 1998. Smith was just 14-years-old; a meat-eating kid. Van Pelt didn’t pay him much attention. The two crossed paths again at a movie premiere in 2000. They struck up a conversation about the band Radiohead. Among  Pelt’s numerous hobbies is playing the bass.

Smith invited her to his house in Sherman Oaks. To jam in his recording studio. After which they began a relationship. To Smith, the age difference was never a bother. The relationship progressed so quickly and she moved in with him. Taran still lived with his parents; he told them that the 32-year-old Van Pelt was 25. Two months later, an argument about a speeding ticket betrayed his girlfriend’s age.

His parents freaked out and kicked her out. The two went on the run, crashing on friends’ couches. They traveled south of the city and worked on a farm for a couple of months. When they banked a thousand bucks, the couple flew to Maui for four months. Smith says he made $12 an hour as a landscaper. Van Pelt taught cooking classes out of their home in Haiku.

Their fugitive status kept her on edge, especially when her friends in California called and said a private investigator had been asking about her. She felt responsible for Smith, but every time she pressed for him to return home, he’d ask her to hold out a little longer. Van Pelt knew what he was going through. She’d watched his mother confront him with headshots of him at age 7.pushing him to get back into acting.

Taran implied that the family would be destitute if he refused. Pelt wanted to help him out.

Heidi Van Pelt Husband

On April 27, 2001, Van Pelt and Smith, both barefoot, exchanged mood rings. The most ridiculous part, I guess, was that the ring bearers were strippers, Despite the spectacle, it was a sentimental moment for Van Pelt. “It was pretty major. I thought I was getting married. To me, I was making a commitment to a good friend. And, of course, I loved him.”

Heidi Van Pelt Cheese Nuts

Heidi Van Pelt and her husband, Taran Noah Smith opened a California based non-dairy cheese manufacturer and restaurants that specialize in vegan and organic foods. Van Pelt says she converted Smith a former fan of the In & Out burger chain to an animal-free diet.

While they were living in Lawrence, the two came up with a concept for vegan restaurants. They called the venture Playfood.  Moreover, when Smith turned 18 in 2002 the couple moved back to Los Angeles. They jointly incorporated Playfood in the state of Delaware. Smith became the chairman and CEO and Pelt was president.

They bought a $45,000 van to promote their new product. Painted it orange and emblazoned their Playfood logo on the side. They drove their mobile catering service to art openings and trade shows. The dual invited people to the Smith family’s half-million-dollar house, owned by Taran for promotional dinners.

The unofficial Playfood café could seat 80 people; Van Pelt and Smith often served more than 200 people in just a few hours. Daryl Hannah was a regular; they got catering gigs for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beavis and Butt-head creator Mike Judge. They weren’t a licensed food establishment. The business was illegal. Though it collapsed after the couple divorced and Heidi went back to her home in Kansas.

Heidi Van Pelt Divorce

Trouble hit by 2007 and the couple split up. The breakup came after their feelings for each other began to fade away. Helped by Smith’s cheating and excessive partying. All this began after their return to California. After a year on the run from the police and his parents. No children were produced by the union and it lasted five years.

Heidi Van Pelt Restaurant

In 2005, Heidi and her then-husband formed a California-based, non-dairy cheese manufacturer and restaurant. Playfood, specializing in vegan and organic foods. when the couple’s relationship went south, Van Pelt returned to Kansas City.

Where She soon opened Füd as a raw-vegan pop-up restaurant. Located in Bad Seed, the Crossroads farmers market. Füd debuted as a stand-alone eatery on the Westside In 2010.  however, the restaurant closed sometime later for what appeared to be strange reasons. I had operated for seven years.

Van Pelt came to the conclusion that her employees were conspiring against her.“I do believe they were plotting [against me],” She stated. “I can prove it.”Howbeit she never supplied the proof to the pitch’s press deadline.
But there is much evidence that she sincerely believes it to be true.

Most notably, there is the fact that on the afternoon of Friday, August 4, 2017, Van Pelt arrived at Füd with her attorney and a police officer and ordered everyone — cooks, servers, customers — to leave the premises.

Heidi Van Pelt Now

Ever since her long divorce battle with former husband, Taran Heidi has been off the public eye. She hasn’t been seen for quite a while now but the information will be updated soon.

Heidi Van Pelt Networth

Information on the Celebrity Net Worth is not available at the moment. Nevertheless her ex-husband, Tarah Noah Smith has amassed a net worth around $ 300,000 from his professional career as an actor, moving towards her net worth we shall update the information soon.