Heather Gustafson Biography, Age, Education, News Reporter

Heather Gustafson is an American journalist who is a veteran anchor-reporter with 5 years of experience as a producer, anchor, and reporter. She is a specialist at enterprise reporting.

Heather Gustafson Biography

Heather Gustafson is an American journalist who is a veteran anchor-reporter with 5 years of experience as a producer, anchor, and reporter. She is a specialist at enterprise reporting.

Before coming to Orlando, Heather worked in Corpus Christi, Texas as an anchor and reporter. She spent three years covering everything from Hurricane Harvey, to a city-wide water ban and even witnessed the successful separation of three conjoined triplets. Heather was also the only reporter in her market to travel along the Texas-Mexico border to investigate illegal immigration.

Heather Gustafson Age

Gustafson’s age information will be updated soon.

Heather Gustafson Education

Gustafson attended Lynn University, studied Communication in Media and Politics and gained a degree.

Heather Gustafson News reporter

Heather was a News Reporter at WVNS 59News from May 2013-Jun 2014. She pitched stories, conducted on-camera interviews, edited news packages and developed contacts.

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Heather Gustafson Intern

Gustafson worked as an intern in Palm Beach County Film and Commission since May 2011- Aug 2011. She obtained filming permits for production companies, assisted on active film sets assisting the crew and working with equipment, she also edited copy for scripts and news releases.

Heather Gustafson Sandhill Cranes In Lake County Targeted With Arrows

Article by Heather Gustafson;

Someone is shooting Sandhill Cranes, a Florida protected species, around Umatilla.

Anthony Villicana witnessed one crane near the North Lake County Park. He said he’s seen several birds near there injured from BB guns or paintballs.

“It’s not uncommon to see around here,” he said. This time, the bird was injured with an arrow.
“It was a full arrow. like completely through its body or neck area.”

Jane Lynn also saw birds in front of her home, at least three more wounded with arrows. Villicana said there’s not much they can do to help the birds.

“A biologist said that it was bad to remove it from the bird it’s already had it for so long it’s grown to live like that and if you were to remove it, it would hurt it in some sort of way.”

The pictures have been sent to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is now investigating the shootings. Since these birds are considered a threatened species, wounding them or killing them is a misdemeanor.

Heather Gustafson Lost Stuffed Animal Post Goes Viral

Article by Heather Gustafson;

At a Dairy Queen in Oviedo, ice cream cones are swirled to perfection, with the help of a pink-spotted dog sitting nearby.

The dog, nicknamed by the restaurant “Lovely,” is a stuffed animal looking for her long lost owner. The store’s manager, Ryan Allen, is now looking for the dog’s owner, a little girl who left “Lovely” behind by accident.

“When you’re a kid, your stuffed animal is like their pets or their best friend. It’s defiantly heartbreaking to know that there’s some child out there that are missing their loved one,” he said. “They ate ice cream and she left it on the bench, and then they left.”

The store, taking to their Facebook page, saying “We know there is probably a sad kid out there missing their friend. Trying to find the owner of this super cute pup.”

That could have been the end of it, but the posts didn’t stop there.

“Day two: still haven’t found my person, but the people watching me have lots of ice cream. Miss my kid though, waiting patiently for you to come back for me. #lostlovely.”

That post shared over 1,000 times.

Heather Gustafson Golf Course Pursuit In The Villages Caught On Camera

Article by Heather Gustafson;

A high-speed car chase led police through a golf course in a Florida retirement community on Sunday.

Lady Lake police released dashboard camera video of the wild ride, where they say two police cruisers chased after a stolen “watch car” in The Villages. The Community Watch SUV was taken at about 9:30 a.m., near the Boone Gate on the Historic Side of The Villages, authorities say.

Officers caught up with the stolen vehicle in the 1800 block of West Schwartz Boulevard. The video shows golf carts swerving out of the way, as the suspect leads police across the greens.

“It was ‘Smokey and the Bandit!’ The first guy crashed and flew halfway down the hills, hit the ground, fishtailed to the right. It was crazy!”

One woman playing with Saxby was visiting from up north. When the cars drove by, she was putting at the green. The cars narrowly missed her by two feet, running over her golf towel.

“Holy smokes were we close to getting seriously mammed!”

Nehemiah Wolf, the Division Cheif for the Community Watch, said the vehicle taken was a 2018 Ford Escape.

The police report states that the suspect, Jessie Webb; approached the gate at the Orange Blossom Hill Country Club. They said Webb was acting suspicious and told them someone had eaten his brains.

“He was a little disoriented, walking all around the gate station, walking around the camera,” Wolf added. That’s when another security vehicle arrived. Wolf said its standard for the security vehicles to remain running when at an active scene to keep the flashing lights on without killing the car’s battery.

Webb jumped in the running car and took off. That’s when police were called and followed after the suspect. Wolf says they are taking measures so this doesn’t happen again.

Webb eventually crashed the vehicle and was arrested. He faces several charges including theft of a motor vehicle.

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