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Greg Gisoni Biography | Greg Gisoni

Greg Gisoni happens to be a Nuclear services vice president and also the project director for the famed Westinghouse Energy Center. Greg is at the moment working for the Westinghouse ElectricCompany. Greg happens to be from a family which is of Italian American ethnicity. Greg was raised in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

He married Melissa Gisoni on July 19th, 2013 and had two children Michele Gisoni and Matthew Gisoni He has two step-daughters Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler.

Greg Gisoni Age

Gisoni is 60 years old as of 2018. He was born on 12 August 1958 in United state.

Melissa Gisoni Greg Gisoni

Greg happens to be from an Italian American heritage family. Greg was raised and also born in the United States of America. He’s wanted to be a successful businessman ever since he was a very young child.

Greg is currently married and his second wife has two children by her previous marriage. Greg loves his stepchildren like they were his own. He has two children from his current wife. Greg is rumored to be a hardworking professional man and is said to be a trusted employee for his company.

He has no alleged/reported extramarital affairs. Rumors of Greg being in an illegitimate relationship have been declared all false. He loves to spend a major chunk of his time with his family.

Greg’s wife starred in a series called Dance mom. She happens to have two children from her previous marriage to husband Kurt. She has two stepchildren with Greg who is her current husband.

Mike is the son of Greg Gisoni and brother to Michele. Not much is known about Mike except for the fact that he happens to have a big family and enjoys being with them.

Michelle happens to be the only daughter to her father Greg. Michelle is 27 years of age. Not much is known about Gisioni family except for the fact that that it is big and rich.


Greg has over 34 years of experience in the field of nuclear engineering and around some 19 years of experience being an engineering manager. He completed his graduation from the University of Pittsburgh.

Melissa Gisoni Professional Life and Career

During her Career, she started a dance studio in her house and employed a dance instructor to continue with the dance classes of the girls. It was her perseverance and motivation that turned both her daughters into celebrities at a very tender age.

She also appeared in the music videos of Todrick Hall, titled ‘Freak Like Me’ and ‘Ease on Down the Boulevard’ and acted in the TV series ‘Famewhore’.

However, bringing up her celebrity children was her biggest challenge. Today, both her girls are established models and actors and have several endorsements to their credit. They have appeared in a number of music videos and television serials. Both girls have a large following on social media.

She is good friends with Abby Lee Miller who owns the Abby Lee Dance Company. Despite all this, she has taught them to remain humble, respectful and to value basic etiquette. Her efforts seem to have paid as both her daughters are rising stars, with their feet very much still firmly on the ground.

Greg Gisoni Net Worth

There is no information about her salary. However, as per the sources, she has earned a net worth of around $2 million.

Gisoni has estimated net worth Under Review as of October 2018, according to Celebrity Net Worth & Forbes.

Greg Gisoni Image

Melissa And Greg Gisoni

Gregory “Greg” Gisoni is Melissa’s husband. After Melissa and Kurt got a divorce, Melissa re-married to Greg in 2013. Because of their marriage, Maddie and Mackenzie now have one stepbrother and one stepsister from his side, Mathew and Michele Gisoni.

Relationship with Maddie and Mackenzie
Greg loves Maddie and Mackenzie and seems very close to them, even closer than real father Kurt Ziegler

Greg Gisoni Trivia

  • Greg is a Nuclear services vice president and project director at Westinghouse Energy Center.
  • He and Melissa wed on July 19th, 2013.
  • He and Melissa had their honeymoon in Vietnam.
  • Greg is from an Italian American family.

Greg Gisoni Friends and Family

Michele Gisoni (stepsister)

Michele Gisoni is actually not a blood relative of a dancing star Maddie Ziegler. She is a daughter of Greg Gisoni (a rich businessman and vice president of Westinghouse Energy Center) from his previous marriage. Michele is Maddie’s stepsister.

Mathew Gisoni (stepbrother)

Mathew Gisoni is a brother of Michele Gisoni and stepbrother of Maddie Ziegler. He is the son of Greg Gisoni. They say Mathew Gisoni and Maddie Ziegler do not communicate.

Greg Gisoni Spouse(s)

Melissa Gisoni is a TV Star, who rose to notoriety subsequently after landing a role in the TV Series, “Dance Moms” along with her daughters. She is known as the mom of dancing sensation, Maddie Ziegler.

Likewise, she has featured in another TV Series, Famewhore and music video like “Freaks Like Me.” With her rising popularity, Melissa has gathered around 3.2 million followers on her Instagram account. Melissa Ziegler (wife)

Melissa was born in New York, USA on 13th June 1968. She is of American nationality and part of the mixed ethnicity with Polish, German and Italian descent. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Melissa has two daughters who are part of the TV reality show, Dance Moms. She is married to husband, Greg Gisoni, who is the vice president of Westinghouse Energy Center.

Married to Husband, Greg Gisoni
As of 2018, Melissa is married to her Italian American husband, Greg Gisoni. The duo tied the knot on 19th July 2013, and they are going through a savoring minute with their kids. She has a stepson, Mathew, and stepdaughter, Michele from Greg’s past marriage.

Melissa’s marriage with Greg wasn’t’ her first as she already imparted wedding pledges to Kurt Ziegler in 2000. After being together for eight long years, the ex-couple ended up with divorce on 7th December 2010.

After the separation settlement concurrence on 15 June 2011, Melissa won lawful guardianship of her little girls. She raised them with her then-beau Greg. Read also Ja’net DuBois

Greg Gisoni Children

Maddie Ziegler (stepdaughter)
Mackenzie Ziegler (stepdaughter)
Michelle Gisoni (daughter)
Matthew Gisoni (son)

Greg Gisoni Pets

Pets Molly (dog, deceased)
Maliboo (dog)
Peanut (cat, rehomed)

Greg Gisoni Instagram

Greg Gisoni Interview

Gisoni interview is not yet revealed.

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