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Grace Gummer Biography

Grace Gummer (Grace Jane Gummer) is an American actress who received a Theatre World Award for her Broadway debut in the 2011 revival of Arcadia. She is best known as the daughter of the Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep.

Grace Gummer Age

Grace Jane Gummer was born on May 9, 1986 in New York City, New York, U.S. She is 32 years old as of 2018.

Grace Gummer Mother | Grace Gummer Father

Gummer was born the third child of actress Meryl Streep and sculptor Don Gummer.

Grace Gummer Sister | Grace And Mamie Gummer | Mamie And Grace Gummer

She has an older brother musician Henry Wolfe Gummer and older sister actress Mamie Gummer, and younger sister, model Louisa Gummer.

Grace Gummer Meryl Streep | Grace Gummer And Meryl Streep

Gummer appeared with her mother in the 1993 film The House of the Spirits, as the younger version of her mother’s character, Clara del Valle.

Grace Gummer Photo

Grace Gummer Husband

There is no existing information on Gummer’s husband or spouse.

Grace Gummer Actress

Gummer graduated from her mother’s alma mater Vassar College with a degree in Art History and Italian. She then made her stage debut in 2008 in Lukas Bärfuss’s The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents. Gummer starred as Anna Moore on the TeenNick show Gigantic from 2010-11. The show premiered October 8, 2010.

She then appeared in the 2010 film Meskada playing Nat Collins, before playing Abby in Bashert (2010) with Paulo Costanzo. She then perfomed the role of Chloe Coverly in the revival of Arcadia by Tom Stoppard at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York.
Gummer starred alongside Halle Berry on both seasons of the CBS show Extant in 2014 and 2015.

Grace Gummer Mr Robot | Mr Robot Grace Gummer

It was announced on January 29, 2016, that Gummer had joined the cast of the USA Network series Mr. Robot as a series regular in the role of FBI field agent Dominique “Dom” DiPierro.

Grace Gummer American Horror Story | Grace Gummer AHS

Gummer first appeared on Coven as Millie, a student at Miss Robichaux’s Academy who helps kill the Axeman in 1919 and later became a regular as Penny on Freak Show.

Grace Gummer Larry Crowne

Gummer had a small role in as a student in Julia Roberts’ class in Larry Crowne (2011). The film was directed by Tom Hanks.

Grace Gummer Newsroom

She joined the cast of the HBO series The Newsroom beginning in its second season, which then premiered on July 14, 2013.

Grace Gummer Net Worth

Gummer has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Grace Gummer Hot | Grace Gummer Tattoos

Grace Gummer Films





Standing Up, Falling Down



The Long Dumb Road


Beast of Burden



Jenny’s Wedding

Anne Farrell


Learning to Drive

Tasha Shields


The Homesman

Arabella Sours


Frances Ha



Larry Crowne

Natalie Calimeris



Nat Collins




The House of the Spirits

Young Clara del Valle

Grace Gummer TV Shows





The Hot Zone

Melinda Danport


That’s Harassment



Mr. Robot

Dominique DiPierro



Ricki Seidman

Good Girls Revolt

Nora Ephron



Julie Gelineau


American Horror Story: Freak Show






The Newsroom

Hallie Shea


Zero Hour

FBI Agent Paige Willis

American Horror Story: Coven




Katie Rand



Anna Moore

Grace Gummer Instagram

Grace Gummer Frances Ha

Grace Gummer Interview

Grace Gummer Talks Masturbating Onscreen in Mr. Robot


Published: Oct 11, 2017

At the end of season two, Dom showed Darlene a conspiracy chart linking all of fsociety’s key players together. How did it feel to be part of such a big reveal?

It was amazing. I mean, the fact that she’s the only one who zeroed in on Elliot and fsociety is pretty cool. I didn’t see any of it coming. None of us did. There are so many unanswered questions, and the fact that Elliott found out he was in jail brought out a collective gasp when we read the script. It was pretty crazy.

How did you prep to play an FBI agent?

I met with real FBI agents as research. I’m very pro gun control—I think that we have to demand more action against semiautomatic weapons—but these girls carry around a little handgun in their purse all the time, because they could be undercover whenever. To know you have that on you must be psychologically very strange and stressful. It’s just different from what I know as a person.

Do you think you’d be a good FBI agent in real life?

Yeah! I think I would. I’m very thorough and thoughtful, and I’m always intrigued and very observant. I like to look at people and I like to obviously inhabit other people. But I think I’d be good. I think it’d be a really fun job—and a really hard one, especially in the FBI’s cyber crime division.

The only main characters we’ve really seen you interact with on the show are Angela (Portia Doubleday) and Darlene.What’s your relationship like offscreen?

Carly and Portia have become really close friends of mine. I love them both so much, and they really welcomed me with open arms when I first came to the show in the second season. I wish we [had] scenes [all] together, because it would be really fun to have it be more girly. It’s cool that the female characters on the show aren’t defined by being the wives or the sisters or the girlfriends or whatever. They have their own stories, and all the narratives intertwine with each other.

Dom is unusually close with her Amazon Echo, Alexa. What did you first think when you found that out?

It was sort of sad to me, but I think it can be true for a lot of people. I think it’s a lonely existence we’re living in, especially with social media. I feel like a lot of people aren’t seeing themselves through a clear eye. Instead of just being truly themselves, people are seeing what they think the world should see them as and putting out an image of what they think people want to see about them. So the Alexa stuff is a little sad, but she’s smart enough to know that Alexa isn’t really her only friend.

Do you own an Alexa?

I do, but I don’t use it. I was given it as a present from USA, ironically, but I don’t trust it. I used it before I did my Alexa scenes just to see what it felt like, and I immediately got too freaked out. I had to unplug it and disconnect it from everything. Even when it’s plugged in, I think it’s definitely listening.

You’ve filmed some graphic solo scenes where Dom frequents cyber-sex chat rooms. What was that like?

I think it’s cool that Sam [Esmail, the series creator] is showing a woman pleasuring herself on TV. I think that’s pretty f—ing rad. It’s very rare to see that, and it definitely paints a picture of a well-rounded and complicated person. She’s layered, complex, and has her own thing going on that you wouldn’t necessarily know about. It’s like with everyone, you think you know who they are, but then you realize you don’t.

What do you think of Dom’s style?

It’s rough. For my audition, I wore an outfit that was a more fashion-forward version of Dom. I wore Acne bell-bottom pants, a white shirt, a blazer, a s—t ton of eye makeup, and big hair. That ended up being turned into what she wears now, which is very practical and functional. She seems very comfortable in herself as a woman, and she’s not afraid to show her body. I don’t wear a lot of tight clothes, but that’s not to say I’m not comfortable with my body. I am. But she’s on the job and being herself, not really thinking about what looks good. You can’t be recognizable when you’re undercover, so she tends to be covered up when she’s working. When I met the girls who work for the F.B.I., you wouldn’t know if they had any tattoos because they’re all covered up, too. They have to be changeable and malleable. But underneath, they all have weird, funky, cool personalities.

Off-camera, what’s your go-to power outfit that gives you confidence?

A pantsuit, man. I have a couple that I love from Dries Van Noten and Acne, and then I have a vintage Christian Dior white power-suit that’s very cool.

Who are your favorite designers right now?

Right now I’m wearing a lot of Sies Marjan. I love Dries Van Noten, a brand called Dusan, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh, who has a store downtown. I wear a lot of vintage, too. A lot of vintage YSL. Acne is always my go-to, and then Valentino for red carpet vibes.

Who are some of the women in the industry that you’ve looked up to career-wise?

I admire people who just really focus on their work and have that be the image they put forward to the world. I love Sarah Paulson and Claire Danes and Carey Mulligan, too. They’re all good friends of mine. I just admire their work and their work ethic.

Growing up in the industry, what’s one thing you learned that helped you get to this point in your career?

Be yourself. Really, don’t worry about all the other bulls—t. Just do what you love, and if it makes you happy, that’s the most important thing. It’s just like, who cares? F—k the world. Do what you want.

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