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Gillian Jacobs Biography

Gillian Jacobs (Gillian MacLaren Jacobs) is an American actress well known for portraying Britta Perry on the NBC/Yahoo! Screen comedy series Community and Mickey Dobbs on the Netflix series Love.

She also known for having a recurring role as Mimi-Rose Howard on the fourth season of the HBO series Girls and has as well been featured in films such as Gardens of the Night of 2008, The Lookalike of 2014, Life Partners of 2014, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 of 2015, Don’t Think Twice of 2015, Brother Nature of 2016, Life of the Party of 2018 and Ibiza of 2018.

Gillian Jacobs Age | How Old Is Gillian Jacobs

Jacobs was born on 19th of October 1982 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. She is 36 years old as of 2018.

Gillian Jacobs Height

She stands at a height of 5 ft 4 in or 163 cm.

Gillian Jacobs Nationality | Ethnicity

She is an American by nationality and she is of German, Irish, and English ethnicity.

Gillian Jacobs photo

Gillian Jacobs Family

Jacobs was born to William F. Jacobs ( father) and Martina Magenau Jacobs ( mother). Her father, William F. Jacobs is an investment banker while her mother Martina Magenau Jacobs is the director of Heinz College. She was raised along with her sister in Mt. Lebanon. Her family owned the Erie Brewing Company in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Gillian Jacobs Husband |Boyfriend | Partner | Dating

As Gillian grew up battling her parent’s divorce, she didn’t witness any successful marriage that could redeem her faith in the commitment.

One way or the other, her relationship decisions could have been slightly affected by the incidents she saw as a child.

The Lemon movie actress, age 36, has an ambivalent point of view towards a lifetime commitment as she has not come forth with any realistic case of a working marriage. Till today, all she has seen is her friends getting married for green cards and health insurance.

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Well, seems like she has no intentions of getting married any time soon. Talking about her relationship, she dated and even had some boyfriends in the past, but none of them were her fellow theater nerds. She never shared romance with another actor except in cameras.

Gillian Jacobs Children

There are no records about her having children or a kid from her past relationship. She has kept her personal life so confidential.

Gillian Jacobs Net Worth

Jacobs has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars

Gillian Jacobs Education

She got enrolled in acting classes on Saturdays at the Pittsburgh Playhouse while growing up. Gillian later attended Mt. Lebanon High School and graduated in 2000. After her graduation, she resided to New York City where she got enrolled at the Juilliard School and later graduated from there with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004. Before becoming a movie actress, she performed with the Pittsburgh Public Theater.

Gillian Jacobs Career | Actress

Jacobs began her career being featured as Adele Congreve on the television series The Book of Daniel. She played as Kim in the pilot of Traveler ah the role was later given to Pascale Hutton when ABC acquired the series. She as well appeared as a guest on Fringe and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Jacobs then starred in an Off-Off-Broadway production of Chris Denham’s cagelove. She got praised in several reviews.

Gillian has been featured in theatrical productions including  The Fabulous Life of a Size Zero of 2007, A Feminine Ending of 2007, and The Little Flower of East Orange of 2008. She later joined the cast of the NBC single-camera comedy series Community as Britta Perry, a high school dropout who aspires to become a psychologist in 2009.

She has been featured in the film like Blackbird of 2007, Choke of 2008, Gardens of the Night of 2008, The Box of 2009, Revenge for Jolly! of 2012, Bad Milo! of 2013, Walk of Shame of 2014, The Lookalike of 2014, Life Partners of 2014, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 of 2015, Visions of 2015, Don’t Think Twice of 2016, and Brother Nature of 2016. She as well provided the voice of the character Sta’abi in the Nickelodeon series Monsters vs. Aliens. The community was canceled by NBC on in 2014,  and later that month, it was reported that Jacobs had landed a recurring role as Mimi-Rose Howard in the fourth season of the HBO series Girls.

Yahoo! Screen picked up Community for a sixth season in June 201.  It was then announced on September 16, 2014, that she had been cast to star as Mickey in the Netflix original comedy series Love, which premiered on February 19, 2016. She directed the 2015 documentary short The Queen of Code about computer scientist and the United States Navy rear admiral Grace Hopper. She then directed Curated, a narrative film short, as a part of a series produced by TNT and Refinery29.

Gillian Jacobs Community

Gillian was featured as Britta Perry, Britta’s claims that other girls have always hated her, and Abed estimates that over 50% of the people who meet her don’t like her. She aspires to be selfless, she is prone to be vain and hypocritical in her actions. Despite her best efforts, when she tries to do good it will usually backfire on her. She is as well distrustful of large organizations, particularly government and religion

Her constant rants against such institutions annoy everyone in the study group who consider her a buzz-kill, She as well attempts to appear progressive and cool but often comes off as misinformed and pretentious. Her mispronunciation of certain words has caused her to be referred to as “the worst” and made her the butt of many jokes.

She as was a hipster mentality and scorns anything conventional or popular. Britta loves cats and has had several including Suzie B who became ill and died whom she later replaced with Daniel who has only one eye. Romantically, she found herself drawn to men who are damaged in some way; she admitted it’s because she hated herself that she did this.

Gillian Jacobs Love

She was featured as Mimi-Rose Eleanor Howard as a supporting character on (HBO’s Girls). An aspiring writer and her three friends, all in their early 20s, together try to make sense of what life has in store for them after living in New York for two years. They’re not sure what they want, or who they want it from, and the picture isn’t getting any clearer.

Hannah tends to think that she has what it takes to be a successful writer if only she would write something. She then wants a boyfriend without dealing with an actual relationship, and she wants a job without having to work. Marnie is Hannah’s best friend, a Type A personality who has a serious boyfriend and an actual job.

Jessa is a devil-may-care bohemian whose apparent lack of fear hides her own kind of insecurity. Her cousin, Shoshanna, is an NYU student who would love nothing more than to experience a “Sex and the City” lifestyle. The others tend to underestimate Shoshanna, but she proves to be a sharp source of wisdom.

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