Geraldo Rivera Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Height, Fox News, Net Worth And Interview

Geraldo Rivera Biography

Geraldo Rivera is an American Journalist, talk show host, writer, and attorney best known for hosting Geraldo talk show from 1987 to 1998, and the newsmagazine program Geraldo at Large, the occasional broadcast of Geraldo Rivera Reports, and appears regularly on Fox News programs like The Five.

Geraldo Rivera Age

He was born on 4 July 1943 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. He is 75 years old as of 2018.

Geraldo Rivera Wife(s)

He has been married five times. He married his first wife Linda Coblentz in 1965 and divorced in 1969. He then married Edith Vonnegut on December 14, 1971 and divorced in 1975. He married his third wife Sherryl Raymond on December 31, 1976, the two had a son and divorced on 1984.

On July 11, 1987, he married his fourth wife C.C. (Cynthia Cruickshank) Dyer, the couple had two daughters and six children who were conceived through IVF and miscarried.They divorced in 2000. He is currently married to Erica Michelle Levy of whom they have a daughter with. The couple married in 2003.

Geraldo Rivera Children|Geraldo Rivera Daughter

He has four children, his son, Gabriel Miguel born in July 1979, from his second marriage with Sherryl Raymond. His two daughters Isabella Holmes born 1992 and Simone Cruickshank born 1994 are from his fourth marriage with C.C. and his last born daughter Sol Liliana born 2005 from his fifth marriage with Michelle.

Geraldo Rivera Height

He stands at 1.76 metres (5ft 8 ½ ) tall.

Geraldo Rivera Education

He grew up in Brooklyn and West Babylon, New York, and attended West Babylon High School. He attended the State University of New York Maritime College from September 1961 to May 1963, where he was a member of the rowing team. In 1965, he graduated from the University of Arizona.

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Geraldo Rivera Career

In 1966, he enrolled at Brooklyn Law School, and held internships with the New York County District Attorney before he received his J.D. near the top of his class in 1969, that same year, he held a Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship in poverty law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and was later admitted to the New York State Bar.

He became a frequent attorney for the Puerto Rican activist group, previously worked as the lower Manhattan-based Community Action for Legal Services and the National Lawyers Guild. He attracted the attention of WABC-TV news director Al Primo in the 1960 interview about the group’s occupation of an East Harlem church.

Primo rendered him a job as a reporter. ABC planned for him to study introductory broadcast journalism in the Ford Foundation-funded Summer Program in Journalism for Members of Minority Groups at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1970 due to his dearth of journalistic experience.

Geraldo Rivera Show

Geraldo is an American daytime television talk show hosted by Geraldo Rivera that aired in syndication from September 7, 1987 to June 12, 1998. The last two seasons aired under the title The Geraldo Rivera Show. The series was a production of Investigative News Group and distributed by Tribune Entertainment.

First episode date: 7 September 1987
Final episode date: 12 June 1998
Number of seasons: 11
Created by: Geraldo Rivera
Original network: Syndicated

Geraldo Rivera Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $15 million dollars.

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Geraldo Rivera and Hannity Erupt Over Border Policy: ‘When Did We Become the Party of Child Abuse?!’

Geraldo Rivera News

Geraldo: ‘Facts of life’ talk for rock throwers should replace tear gas used by Border Patrol

Updated: November 30, 2018

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera has an alternative to tear-gas agents used along the southern border to stop rock-throwing migrants: “the facts of life.”

Mr. Rivera made the impassioned plea Thursday night during a debate with Fox host Sean Hannity and guest Dan Bongino, who demanded he supply an alternative crowd-control measure to 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS, which has been used for years.

“These are innocent people seeking a better life,” Mr. Rivera said of thousands of migrants encamped in Baja, California. “What you don’t do is send 6,000 GIs with fixed bayonets at the border. Here’s what you do. You send Spanish-speaking ambassadors to the crowd. You explain to them that they are not going to be able to rush the border. You explain to them the facts of life. You explain to them the reality of what’s happening.”

“Are you serious?” Mr. Bongino incredulously replied.

“This is a stain on the Trump presidency that will be very difficult to eradicate,” Mr. Rivera continued. “This is a benign, suffering civilian crowd. You can cherry pick three scenes of the rocks being thrown. What about the scenes of them living in squalor in the athletic field?”

Homeland Security data shows that CS gas has been used to control crowds along the southern border since 2010.


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