Geraldine Page Biography, Death, Oscar and Husband

Geraldine Page Biography

Geraldine Page, born Geraldine Sue Page, was an American actress. She started gaining fame for her work on Broadway. Besides Broadway, she also garnered recognition from her works in major Hollywood films and Television productions. She was awarded an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, one BAFTA award and four other nominations for the Tony Award.

Her first credited was in the film ‘Hondo’, which earned her, her first Academy Award nomination. She continued to appear on television and on a stage and earned her first Tony Award in 1959-1960. She then played in the film ‘Adaptation’ which got her a Golden Globe Award.

Geraldine Page Death

She was found dead in her lower Manhattan Townhouse on the 13th of June 1987. She died just as she was supposed to participate in the Blithe Spirit. At the time of her death, she was 62 years old. Upon investigation, it was discovered that she succumbed to a Heart Attack, causing her demise. Five days after her death, people flooded the Neil Simon Theatre to pay tribute. Her acting and teaching achievements were highlighted during the ceremony. Later, Page was cremated.

Geraldine Page Family

Geraldine was born on the 22nd of November 1924 in Kirksville, the county seat of the Adair County in Missouri. She, however, spent most of her life in Chicago. Her parents, Edna Pearl (maiden name Maize) and Leon Elwin Page worked at Andrew Taylor Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery. Her father was an author known for writing Practical Anatomy (1925), Osteopathic Fundamentals (1926), and The Old Doctor (1932). Beside her, they had one other child, her older brother named Donald.

Husband & Children

She got married to Rip Torn, an actor. Although Torn was her junior, they shared a close connection, as described by her daughter. They were married officially on the 8th of September, 1963. Page then bore three children with him. One girl Angelica Page, an actress, director, producer, and screenwriter, and two twin sons, Anthony and Jonathan Torn.

Before marrying Rip, she had been married to Alexander Schneider. The marriage lasted from 1954-57.

Geraldine Page Career

She started off as a method actor. During these times, she got minor roles in various repertory theater productions after graduating from college. She made her stage debut in October 1945 with a role in Seven Mirrors, a play devised by Immaculate Heart High School students from Los Angeles. The play was performed at the Repertory Theatre on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Soon after, she started getting many roles in many plays such as “Yerma” (1952), Summer and Smoke (also 1952), and many others.

Geraldine made her first performance in the film, Hondo. Her role there got her an Academy Award nomination. After this, she kept appearing on stage and on television. Some years later, she earned her first Tony Award nomination for her performance in ‘Sweet Bird Of Youth’. She repeated this role in ‘The Adaptation’ and got a Golden Globe Award for the same.

Geraldine Page back in the day

She also got an Academy Award for her roles in ‘You’re A Big Boy Now’ and ‘Pete ‘n’ Tillie’ in 1966 and 1972 respectively. These were then followed by a Tony nomination for “Absurd Person Singular” in 1974-1975. Her other film productions include, “What Ever Happened To Aunt Alice?” in 1969 and “The Beguiled” in 1971. She voiced ‘Madam Medusa’ in “The Rescuers’ in 1977 and then ‘Interiors’ in 1978. These earned her a BAFTA award.

In 1982 she returned to Broadway and played a lead role in Agnes of God. She got a third Tony Award nomination.  Her performances in The Pope Of Greenwich Village in 1984 and The Trip To Bountiful” in 1985. With this, she garnered yet another nomination to the Tony Award. She also earned her an award for Best Actress.

Geraldine Page Oscar

She is known as one of the most Oscar-nominated actors of all time. She has earned 8 nominations. Despite getting all those nominations, she only garnered one win. The win was for her performance on ‘The trip to Bountiful’. Although she was once blacklisted in Hollywood, She managed to make a tremendous comeback. She then earned seven more nominations.

Along with these, she has collected other various accolades both on and off-stage. In 1996, the New York daily news deemed her one of the finest actors of her generation.

Geraldine Page’s Oscar win

A Christmas Memory

This production starred her and Donnie Melvin, and Truman Capote was a narrator. It was originally a Short story but it was adapted for Television for ABC stage 67. This production won the Peabody award.

The Trip To Bountiful

The film stars her as Carrie Watts, an old mother. Despite her age, she has a strong desire to travel alone to her home town. Her son and Daughter-in-law try to stop her but she sets out anyway. On her way, she meets a young woman with whom they talk a lot about their secrets and memories. Her son and his wife on realizing that she’s gone, they involve the police.

Sweet Bird Of Youth

Here she plays the role of Alexandria Del Lago, a fading Movie Queen. She is encountered by Chance Wayne, the main character, and asked for help in creating his career in acting. She agrees to help him ‘meet all the right people’. As she helps him, she finds herself in a position that brings her career back up, despite judging it at first. She then starts working toward making her comeback in Hollywood.


Here, she is a Frontierswoman who falls in love with Hondo, a hard-bitten cavalry scout. She and her son are in danger of her husband. Hondo tries to get her to move off her land to save herself but she declines. After leaving her place, seeing the stubbornness of the woman, Hondo is attacked by the woman’s husband. He goes back to claim her love for him and to protect her from these goons.


Here, she plays as Eve who was married to Arthur. after decades of marriage, they split. This really shocks their adult daughters. They now struggle to aid their mother where possible.

Geraldine Page Documentary

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