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Georgette Mosbacher Bio

Georgette Mosbacher is an American business executive, political activist and United States Ambassador to Poland. She is also the chairman of Green Beret, Foundation a special operations force. She was nominated as a member of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy by former president Barak Obama.

In 1987 she purchased a cosmetic firm La Prairie and other companies like Revlon, Avon and Estee Lauder. She sold La Prairie at a profit and founded Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises a business and finance consulting company. She was also the CEO of a cosmetic manufacturer named Borghese from 2000-2015. She is also an author of two books Feminine Force and It Takes Money Honey.
shes also a political person serving as a co-chair of the Republic Nationational Committee.

She was the first woman to work as the general chairman of the Republic Governors Association. She was a co-chairman Of McCains 2000 presidential campaign. Shes also involved with various organizations like Business Executives for National Security as a board member and Foreign policy Association. Was nominated the Ambassador of United States of Poland by president Donald Trump on February 14, 2018.

Georgette Mosbacher Age

Mosbacher was born on 16th of January 1947, in Highland, Indiana. She’s 72 years old.

Georgette Mosbacher Family

Mosbacher was born to Dorothy and George Paulsin. At age 7, her father passed away. she has three siblings George, Melody, and Lyn.

Georgette Mosbacher Career

In 1987, she bought a struggling cosmetic company La Prairie and other outbidding company like Revlon Avon and Estee Lauder. She served as CEO and President of the Switzerland-based company. She later sold La prairie to Beiersdorf in 1991. She then founded Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises a Finance and business consulting company based in New York. She is also an author, she published her first book released in 1993 titled Feminine Force: Release the Power Within to Create the Life You Deserve. Her second book titled It Takes Money Honey: A Get-Smart Guide to Total Financial Freedom released in 1998.

She became the CEO of Borghese a cosmetic manufacturer in New York in 2000. She was nominated the president and in 2006 was the chairwoman. Mosbacher was a member of Republic political company. She was the co-chair of the Republic National Committee’s Finance committee. She has been involved in New Republic Majority Fund and National Republic Senatorial Committee. Mosbacher was the first woman to work as general chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Mosbacher was appointed the US Advisory Board for Trade Policy and Negotiations, as a New York Commissioner of Racing, and appointed by the mayor as trustee of the New York Hudson River Park Trust.

Was also involved with National Women’s Economic Alliance and was appointed a member of the United States Advisory Commission On public Diplomacy by former President Obama. In 1998 she was a supporter of John Mccain campaign for Senate and was a national co-chairman for his 2000 Presidential Campaign. She also anchored fundraising projects for Bush Cheney George Bush and John McCain in 2008. She was nominated the United States Ambassador to Poland in 2018 12th February by President Donald Trump.

Georgette Mosbacher Net Worth

Mosbacher has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

Georgette Mosbacher Books | Feminine Force

Her first book was published in 1993 titled “Feminine Force ” is a self-help book specifically written for women. Its based on the life of a fatherless working-class girl from Indiana who survives an abusive marriage but manages to reach the height of a glamorous life having her own cosmetic company. This girl is georgette herself. Her second book published in 1998 is a book aimed at helping women make good decisions and take control of their finances in a world that’s only about men. It teaches women how to financially take care of themselves.

Georgette Mosbacher Ambassador Poland

Mosbacher was nominated the United States Ambassador to Poland in replacement of Paul W.Jones by Prsident Donald Trump. Her nomination was announced by Voice Vote in the United States Senate.

Georgette Mosbacher Home

Mosbacher gave a tour of her Fifth Avenue home and discussed having lavish parties and distinguished guests on Open House TV Show.

Georgette Mosbacher Fox News

Mosbacher was also a contributor at the Fox News. This was before she was nominated as United States Ambassador to Poland.

Georgette Mosbacher Trump

Mosbacher has known President Donald Trump for quite a long time. She even attended his wedding to Melania and also hitched a ride in is plane. She thinks that President Trump is actually a gentleman and charming. She is a Trump fan and supporter. shes also a Republican.

Georgette Mosbacher Photo

Georgette Mosbacher Photo

Georgette Mosbacher Diamond Ring

Georgette Mosbacher Diamond Ring

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