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Geneva Carr Biography

Geneva Carr is an American television and stage actress best known for her portrayal of Marissa Morgan on CBS television series Bull and for her performance as Margery in the original Broadway cast of Hand to God, winning a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play.

Geneva Carr Age

She was born on 6 May 1971 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States; lived in Michigan and the Carolinas before moving to Atlanta, where she graduated high school. She is 47 years old as at 2018.

Geneva Carr Height

The American actress stands at a height of 1.6 m.

Geneva Carr Photo | Image

Geneva Carr Image

Geneva Carr Family

She was born to George and Phyllis. She has two brothers, George Carr II and Joseph Carr.

Geneva Carr Husband | Spouse

She married architect, Yuji Yamazaki in 2014.

Geneva Carr Children

She has no children yet.

Geneva Carr Education

She graduated high school in Atlanta, she moved to Paris after graduating from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in French. She earned an MBA from the prestigious ESCP Europe Paris campus there. While working for a French bank on Wall Street, after seeing an off-broadway play that awakened her true calling, Geneva turned her resignation.

Geneva Carr Career

Before joining the acting scene, she sold derivatives for a living in a French bank. This came to an end when she moved to New York and joined the Actors Studio, an organization where members are taught professional and theater performing.

Before becoming a full-fledged actress, Geneva featured in AT&T mobile phone commercials that she became popular among television viewers.

By 1997, the American actress started to act professionally with her debut appearance as Kathy in the American sitcom Spin City. In the year that followed, when she delivered the role of a funeral guest in Restaurant, she had her first movie acting experience.

The next time the actress was seen on the screen was in 2001 in the movie The 3 Little Wolves. The actress began to make recognizable progress in her career as she began to appear among others on popular films and television series such as Sex and the City (2002), Law and Order: Criminal Intent (2003).

When asked about the personalities that influenced her most in the line of her career, Geneva pointed to actresses like Viola Davis, Helen Mirren, Mary Tyler Moore, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She also revealed that if she were not an actress, she would have been an investment banker. This shows that she definitely still has something to do with business.

Aside from the movies and sitcoms she featured in during her early acting days, she has had recent appearances, including Visions of Joana (2012), Darkroom (2013), Bull (2016-present). Bull has so far been one of her most successful projects, gaining her wide recognition.

The actress made her Broadway debut appearance in the stage play Hand To God in 2015. Her role as Margery earned her a nomination for Best Actress in a Play at the Tiny Awards. She has also voiced characters as a versatile actress in two video games, namely: Bully and Saints Row: The Third.

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Mitsy Ann


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Hospital Administrator





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Shannen Wolf



Funeral Guest






I Shudder

Susan Marie Henglebert



Marissa Morgan



Mary Beth Bell





The Mysteries of Laura

Danielle Bailey


Yoga Partner



Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell




Rebecca Burrell


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Nurse Liz Picket


Blue Bloods

Sally Burton


Onion News Network

Diane Connor


Rescue Me

Pamela Keppler


How to Make It in America

Tiny Apartment Mom


Team Umizoomi



The Good Wife



The Unusuals

Cheryl Thayler


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Katie Harris


Law & Order

Larry’s Accountant


What Goes On

Naomi Knowles


Two Families



Jonny Zero

Mrs. Weston


Hope & Faith



Law & Order: Trial by Jury

Talia Rawlings


Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Faith Yancy


Chappelle’s Show

Airline Employee


Third Watch

Caroline/Sarah Guile


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Margo Sanders


Law & Order: Criminal Intent



Sex and the City

Delivery Nurse


Spin City


Geneva Carr Net Worth

The American actress has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Geneva Carr Twitter

Geneva Carr Instagram

Geneva Carr Interview

I Am a New York Actor: Liz Zazzi Interviews Geneva Carr


“I’m really not terribly bright,” says selfdeprecating actor Geneva Carr, but a look at her fascinating life and career tells us otherwise.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Geneva found herself moving almost every eight months. “My dad couldn’t hold down a job. Constantly moving can be upsetting for kids. It can make them shy. But it made me quite the opposite. It also taught me that home is wherever I make it.”

While she did some acting in high school plays, she found her passion in language, when she saw the Truffaut classic film Jules and Jim. This led her to pursue her degree at Mount Holyoke, where she also studied German and Arabic. “But French was offering a full scholarship to study in Paris and I won it.” For her junior year, she attended Sciences Po in Paris.

This “not terribly bright” scholarship winner then became the first American to graduate with an MBA from prestigious ESCP (École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris), which eventually led to an internship at a French bank. When her work permit ended, she returned to the United States. “I was selling derivatives in New York and I went to see an off-Broadway play at EST [Ensemble Studio Theatre]. I was floored. I realized that this was what I really wanted to do. Make art. Tell stories. So I basically offered myself as an intern, reader, usher, cleaning lady!” She describes EST as “the equalizer — a hidden gem where actors, writers and directors all work together to create plays. They don’t do revivals. It’s all new work. So many great playwrights started there.”

Geneva studied, worked day and night, volunteering at EST, but also holding down various day jobs. “You wouldn’t believe some of the jobs I’ve had. I’ve waited tables, I’ve translated, and done all kinds of trade shows and events as all kinds of characters. I’m short, so I was the go-to Tweety bird! My passion kept me alive.” She will always come back to her work ethic, and advises next generation performers to do the same. “Volunteer. Find a place to work. Theater in New York is so exciting because it is colorblind, age-blind and gender-blind. And it is the best training for everything that follows.”

As Geneva continued to work in theater, both in New York and national tours, she began to do commercials. “I’d done some non-union commercials early in my career, but once I earned my union card, I realized how different everything was. And it wasn’t just the money. It was safety, cleanliness, privacy when you were dressing and breaks!”

It was on union sets that she also learned to stand up and fight when something wasn’t right. “I’ll never ask for more than I deserve, but I will fight for what I am entitled to.” She cites one example where she refused to sign a contract during a Saturday shoot. Her agent wasn’t available and the producers had done four setups but were trying to pay for one ad. “It was settled and I got paid properly, but eventually I ran into the casting director who’d handled background for the shoot. She said,

‘You’re an idiot. You’ll never work again.’ And I said, ‘I’ve already shot two more commercials for the same producers.’” Geneva encourages actors to fight for what they are owed under union contracts.

“We’re peanuts compared to what these corporations spend on these ads,” she said.

“I talk to young actors who are so eager to work, they don’t realize how bad working off the card is. If you’re willing to do that, casting people will never see you any other way. Don’t undervalue yourself. Union work will help you build your future with protections, pensions and health care.”

Geneva looks at commercials as another way to tell a story. “They’re 30-second movies. When I was the voice of McCormick, I wasn’t selling spices. I was helping people understand how to season food to make the holidays memorable. When I played the mom in a series of spots for AT&T, it wasn’t to sell plans, it was to teach my sons the value of a dollar.”

Her devotion to EST continued, and playwright Rob Askins wrote Hand to God specifically for Geneva and actor Steven Boyer. “We did reading after reading and eventually it was a showcase, which essentially paid me in subway tokens, but we were doing it because we believed in the play and in each other. I would take a bullet for those people. When we moved to MCC [Manhattan Class Company], we were thrilled, but the move to Broadway was unbelievable,” she said.

Her Tony nomination was “the cherry on top. The night before they were announced, our company manager told me I might want to get a nice outfit because if I was nominated, I’d be doing 50 interviews at 9 a.m., and I thought, why get my hopes up? It will never happen. And then it did. The next morning, hearing my name announced was an out-of-body experience. And I got to meet Helen Mirren! Her first free night, she was in the audience at Hand to God. She was gracious and gorgeous. Losing a Tony to her was a win for me.”

Her Broadway experience was made even more enjoyable by the support she received from her community. She refers to us as “the usual suspects. Everyone I know from commercials and voiceovers came to see the show. It was heaven. It is so important to have love and support for what you do. This is a brutal business and my work ethic and my friends are what sustain me.”

Currently, Geneva plays Marissa Morgan on CBS’ Bull, her first starring role in a network series. Citing Mariska Hargitay as an inspiration, she says, “I’d worked on a few Law & Order SVU episodes as a guest star and she was my learning curve. Seventeen years on the show and Mariska is first on set. She’s at the top of her game, yet she is always growing.”

Glenn Gordon Caron is Bull’s showrunner. Citing Moonlighting and Mediumas his signature series, she notes, “Those characters and their relationships are what you remember. He cares about the people that tell these stories.” She also appreciates CBS for valuing diversity and inclusion.

“They cast people who look like people in the world we live in. It’s great to be a woman over 40 and have such a wonderful character to play,” she said.

Geneva has just wrapped season two of Bull, and she’s on a much-needed vacation in Paris, where she is staying with friends she’s had since her ESCP days.

“Doing a TV show is hard work. The money is good, but you earn it. Michael Weatherly [Bull] worked with rarely a day off in nine months. Our crew put in 68 hours in the final week. People ask me where I get my work ethic, and I say ‘theater!’ I was offered a play where I needed to learn sign language. I agreed to do it only if I could train intensively for three months. I wasn’t interested in learning only what I’d need for the play. I always want to grow. It’s a beautiful language. Look at Marlee Matlin. It isn’t just what she does with her hands. Her face is so expressive.

“When I did Hand to God, we were getting rewrites every day before every preview. It’s grueling. In TV, that training helps. It’s like theater but it happens much faster. Season one of Bull was like previews. Season two was ‘opening,’ and season three? It’s exciting. I’m cresting for what comes next for my character.

“I love working. I have friends who love and support me. It’s intoxicating!”

Lucky for us, generous, warm, talented and “bright” Geneva Carr has many more stories to tell.

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