Ernest Angley Biography

Ernest Angley is an American Christian author and evangelist. Apart from this, he is also a television station owner. He is a native of Gaston County in North Carolina.

Ernest Angley Age

He was born on 9th August 1921 and is 97 years old

Ernest Angley Nationality

He is an American national born in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Ernest Angley Family

Angley was born and raised in the rural North Carolina in the Charlotte vicinity. Angley’s family is Baptist by denomination, and he grew up in the Baptist church.

Ernest Angley

Ernest Angley Wife

He married the late Esther Lee Sikes who was  born in 1921 and passed away on  December 28, 1970

Ernest Angley Broadcasts

His weekly one-hour program The Ernest Angley Hour can currently be seen throughout North America as well as internationally via internet streaming, cable, broadcast stations, and satellite channels.he also broadcasts The 90 & 9 Club weekdays on his ministry owned TV station WBNX-TV 55.

Ernest Angley Sexual abuse allegations

Angley has been accused of sexual abuse by Rev. Brock Miller who is a former Grace Cathedral pastor. He filed a lawsuit against Angley claiming that he was abused for nine years. A 1996 tape recording of Angley admitting to sexual relations with a different man was leaked out. Allegations of further sexual abuses, including forced abortions and vasectomies.

Ernest Angley Controversy

He claims that AIDS and other diseases can be cured by God’s healing power. His claims received criticism in South Africa. The skepticism was based on lack of filing of medical documentation at that time for healing of AIDS through prayer.

Angley has since stated that he has legitimate medical documentation from former AIDS patients that he can submit to any country that requires it. In the television broadcast, he displayed medical documentation from four supposed former HIV positive patients of their new negative tests results.


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