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Draya Michele Biography

Draya Michele is an American fashion designer, actress and media personality born on 23rd January 1985 in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. She gained popularity when she joined VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’. She is the founder and owner of Mint Swim and Beige $ Coco clothing line.

Draya first gained the attention of the public being the girlfriend of an American singer Chris Brown. In 2011, she was part of the freshman cast of the VH1 reality show called Basketball Wives LA and in the same year made her first scripted acting debut in TV One’s Will to Love where she was paired opposite Keshia Knight-Pulliam and Marques Houston.

She remained with the show Basketball Wives LA until its fourth season which ended in 2015. In 2016, she had a supporting role in the film The ‘Perfect Match’.

She is also the proprietor figure in the media as the famous fashion designer and founder of two fashion lines: her swimwear line “Mint Swim”, launched in 2011, and her stylish lifestyle clothing line “Fine Ass Girls” launched in 2013. In November, 2016 she launched another clothing line called Beige & Coco.

She has appeared in music videos for artists like Kanye West, Usher, Nicki Minaj, The Game, and Jay-Z.

Draya Michele Age

Draya is 33 years as of 2018; she was born on 23rd January 1985.

Draya Michele Parents

Draya’s mother Valeria Diaz is of Italian descent while her father is of African American ethnicity. In 2014 Draya took her mother to a plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami for a specialized face lift as a gift for her weight loss.

Draya Michele Ethnicity/ Draya Michele Nationality

Draya is an American national, and belongs to black and white mixed ethnicity as her mother is of Italian descent and her father is of African American heritage.

Draya Michele Husband

Draya and Orlando Scandrick, an American football cornerback, got engaged in June 2015

“He told me to dress casual and we ended up going to where we had our first date, he was acting so weird and so nervous. When he walked up to the bar he tripped and fell over some chairs! I was thinking ‘What in the world is wrong with him?’ He got down on one knee and as soon as he started to talk I got nervous and couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically. I was laughing and crying at the same time.” Draya yold Prople magazine.

Prior to their engagement Draya and Scandrick had taken a break from their relationship, which began in 2013, with Draya noting that it wasn’t a break up but a break.

“We were getting ready to take the next step and I believe that with new levels comes new devils. We needed a little time away to realize that we missed each other terribly. I never give permission to move on or anything like that. While he was in Dallas we stayed in contact and talked almost everyday.”

In January 2017 she announced that she was pregnant with her second child and also announced that she and Orlando had split. A year later they were pictures celebrating their son’s birthday which lead to speculations that they had gotten back together. Judging by her Instagram feed it seems like they are growing strong in their relationship


Draya Michele Children | Draya Michele Son

Draya gave birth to her first born son Kniko Howard when she was 17 years old. On 8th April 2016 she gave birth to her second son Jru Scandrick with her fiance Orlando Scandrick.

People began speculating who the father of her first born son was until she felt the need to address it on her social media platform where he made it clear who the father of her son was.


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#Draya sets the record straight about who her baby daddy is and she says it isn’t #GilbertArenas !! Via prior posts #LauraGovan #JenniferWilliams #Next15

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Draya Michele and Chris Brown

Draya began dating Chris Brown after he beat up and broke up with Rihanna. Draya and Chris dated for nine months before they broke up with Draya saying that he knew a different Chris as he never showed any signs of violence. She also stated that Chris never mentioned the Rihanna incident to her despite it being plastered all over the media at the time.

Draya Michele Boyfriend

In 2010, she dated a rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and Bernard Berrian before dating Chris. Draya Michele was in relationship with Chris Brown after his breakup with Rihanna. Her relationship with Chris was the most talked about one. The relationship was a nine months affair before Chris started dating Karrueche Tran.

Draya Michele Mint Swim/ Draya Michele Mint Swimwear

Draya launched a swimwear line ‘Mint Swim’ in 2011. It was created and designed with all shapes and sizes in mind. In 2015 her Mint line expanded to offer plus sizes and children’s swimwear. She made more than $1 million in sales in 2015.

During an interview with the Undefeated she said;

“It’s difficult to start any type of clothing line, because your head is filled with a bunch of ideas. You want to make something that you love, but then there’s a fear that everyone else isn’t going to love it.”

Draya also launched two more apparel lines Fine Ass Girls and Beige & Coco.

“Fine Ass Girls is streetwear, Beige & Coco is a little more sophisticated, and matches how I’m growing up as well,” she added.

Draya Michele Clothing line

Draya launched her capsule collection, Beige $ Coco for the modern woman. The line caters for a range of women who are comfortable in their own bodies and sensuality. The staple pieces ranges from t-shirts, shorts, jackets, trousers and dresses with a modern sexy edge.

Draya Michele Movies

  • All In (2018)
  • We Belong Together (2018)
  • Til Death Do Us Part (2017)
  • True to the Game (2017)
  • Bring Out the Lady (2016)
  • The Perfect Match (2016)
  • Will to Love (2015)
  • 2014 ESPY Awards: Drake vs Blake (2014)
  • Real Husbands of Hollywood (2013)
  • Basketball Wives LA as (2011)

Draya Michele Net Worth

Draya  has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand.

Draya Michele Boobs

Draya had a boob job during her modelling career for men’s magazine. In 2015 she revealed that the omplants were getting on her way and has scheduled to remove the implants in September.

“I’m tired of these boobs making everything look all skanky all the time. Saying bye bye to my “girls” in September. Flat a*s and chested makes clothes look better girls. And take it from me, this fake tidday phase is outta style.”

Draya Michele Tattoo

Draya Michele has at least 4 known tattoos:

  1. Bow, zipper on her side
  2. Writing on her forearm
  3. Writing on her side
  4. Name on her upper back

Draya Michele Bikini | Draya Michele Swimwear | Draya Michele Hot

Draya Michele Bikini, Swimwear and Hot

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Draya Michele Interview


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Why did you decide to create a swimwear line?
Draya Michele: I wanted to do something others really weren’t doing. Especially for young Black women, no one had tapped into the swimwear industry yet, so I decided to do it. I always loved the beach and I always loved water, so it made sense for me to create my own swimwear. I started to promote it exclusively to people who were following me on social media, and it took off from there.

Were you expecting it to grow into such a large business?
Draya Michele: Yes! I was very intentional when coming up with the concept for the line. I definitely needed it to work out; it wasn’t a side project or done on a whim. I wanted it to be an exit out of reality television. I wanted to create something meaningful I could continue to grow and pass down to my children. I think that’s so important.

Your line is known for its sexy cuts and shapes. How can all women feel sexy in their clothing?
Draya Michele: Social media has influenced how women look at themselves in clothing. People try to fit their body into specific styles and sizes, but they should be confident in their own frame. Find things that fit you, instead of you trying to fit clothes. That’s why I made sure to include pieces for plus size women and made them specifically to compliment fuller figures.

What have you learned about women’s empowerment since being part of reality television?
Draya Michele: Being the owner of a brand gives you a platform to have a voice. But the thing is, once you have that voice you have a big responsibility to the world (and yourself really) to be influential and use that in a positive way. I needed to find a way to use the platform the show gave me to make a positive impact on my life and the life of others. That came through the swim line and I’m really spreading my entrepreneurial wings.

What’s an affirmation you live by?
Draya Michele: I look at quotes all day every day in order to get a motivational boost. One thing I tell myself often is my job is to like me—it’s not anyone else’s job to like me. I’m the only consistent thing in my life and I have to be me. Once you stop searching for acceptance you can stop stressing, and from there people will respect your confidence and drive.

What kind of space are you in during this phase of your life?
Draya Michele: I feel excited and I feel anxious. I’m also very curious. I haven’t really expected what’s happened to me this far, from my personal life to my career. I know what I planned and had in-store for myself, but it’s all far exceeding my expectations. It’s crazy. I’m doing what I love, going to the beach and researching trends and planning my next moves. I feel blessed to be in such a fun space doing what I love.

Any advice for those wanting to step outside of themselves and take on a different role?
Draya: Just know that when it’s time, you’ll know it. Get organized and get the behind the scenes stuff done before you make any announcements. ‘Coming soon’ doesn’t translate in the right way to people, and that’s how you get haters and doubters discouraging you before you have time to flesh everything out. Make sure you’re confident in your plans before showing the world, that way other people’s hate and jealousy won’t make you doubt yourself and not follow through.