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Dillon Casey  Biography

Dillon Casey was born in Dallas, Texas, the United States as Dillon Francis Casey. He is an American-born Canadian actor and producer, famous for his role as Sean Pierce in The CW action-thriller television series Nikita.

Dillon Casey Age

Dillon Francis Casey was born on October 29, 1983, in Dallas, Texas, U.S. He is 35 years old as of 2018.

Dillon Casey  Family

Casey was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Oakville, Ontario, to Richard, is a urologist, and Patrice, an image consultant. He has three siblings.

Dillon Casey Married | Dillon Casey Spouse

Dillon Casey Siblings

  • Lyndon Casey: Brother
  • Taryn Leigh Casey: Sister
  • Conor Casey: Brother

Dillon Casey Education

He attended Oakville Trafalgar High School and later proceeded to McGill University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2005 and later joined the University of Toronto, where he earned a Master of Economics degree.

Dillon Casey  Height

  • Height 6′ (1.83 m)

Dillon Casey  Image

Dillon Casey Image

Dillon Casey  Career

Casey played the role of Trevor Lemonde in a short running CBC show called MVP. The show garnered attention for the actor, putting him on a giant billboard in his underwear in Times Square. In January 2009.,he attained guest roles on shows including Warehouse 13 and The Vampire Diaries and recurring roles on Valemont, Being Erica, and Skins. In July 2011, Casey featured as Brad in a notable episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, titled “Dead of Night”. In 2011, he was cast as Navy SEAL Sean Pierce in the action show Nikita. Casey’s part was initially intended to be a short term recurring role but was upgraded to a series regular.

He obtained his first lead role for the movie Creature which was released in September 2011 and was unsuccessful at the box office. In 2012, Casey was cast in The Vow, which was successful at the box office as the fourth-highest weekend debut of 2012. Casey starred in the 2013 digital series Backpackers, and in the 2014-15 TV drama Remedy In 2016, he guest starred in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., appearing in the episodes 4,722 Hours and Maveth as astronaut Will Daniels and HYDRA Inhuman Hive.

Dillon Casey Net Worth

Dillon Casey has an estimated net worth of $19 MILLION.

Dillon Casey Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is an American political thriller drama television series where Dillon Casey featured in as Blakey.

Dillon Casey Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural teen drama television series, whereas Noah.

Dillon Casey Agents Of Shield

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an American television series where Dillon Casey appeared in as Will Daniels/Hive. The series revolves around the character of Phil Coulson, with Clark Gregg reprising his role from the film series, and his team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who must deal with various unusual cases and enemies, including Hydra, the Inhumans, Life Model Decoys, and alien species such as the Kree.

Dillon Casey The Vow

Casey was cast in The Vow, a 2012 American romantic drama film portraying Ryan.

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Dillon Casey  Interview

Published: Apr 6, 2015, 8:31 PM

Source: www.globaltv.com

When did showrunner Greg Spottiswood tell you about the story in episode 203?

Dillon Casey: I remember Greg sent me an email telling me that I had to have a showdown with a lawyer for 17 straight pages of dialogue; he was telling me to make sure that I caught up on my rest. So I knew there was going to be a showdown; I just didn’t know what it was about until I actually got the script.

R: As the episode begins, we’re seeing a very different Griffin Conner than we have previously.

DC: We wanted everything to be going really well for Griffin up until this point. We wanted him to have somewhere to go. If this had happened to him in the first season, it wouldn’t even be that big of a deal, because Griffin’s life is hell, and this is just part of his hell. But in this season, everything’s going well: he has his stuff together more than anyone else.

 In this episode of Remedy, he’s helping a patient Jane Bauer (Christine Horne) at the hospital, they’re buddies, and he thinks he’s doing the right thing, and then reality check.

Griffin’s used to being the scapegoat – he’s used to everybody blaming stuff on him. So when they bring up his history with drugs, it’s sort of like, “This again? I’m sick of being the guy who’s blamed for everything.” But part of him knows that he might be in the wrong here; as much as he is trying to shrug it off, he knows he did something. He knows he’s in trouble for a reason.

Everyone always looks at Griffin when something goes wrong. Granted, Griffin also needs to learn when to stay the hell out of things and keep his head down and work.

R: Tell us about shooting with Christine Horne – you had a full day where it was pretty much just the two of you?

DC: It was fun – Christine was mind-blowing, I mean she was so fun and easy-going and laid back, and then as soon as they would say ‘action’ and she would get into character… her stuff was so intense, you’d just look at her and she wouldn’t have to do anything, she would just affect you deeply because she’s such a good actor. I didn’t know her, I’d never seen her work. I knew she was good, but I didn’t know that she was that good. It was such a pleasure working with her. I hope I get to do it again.

R: There’s one scene where Griffin and Jayne are engaging in a little subterfuge involving her medical records, and it plays like a fun spy thriller.

DC: We did that scene the first time, and Jeff Renfroe, the director, said: “Okay, you guys need to have more fun with it”. So we did it again, and he was like “Okay, even more, fun.” Often, when I’m on a set and I’m playing for comedy, I need to tone down my goofiness. So I had to ask Jeff, “How far are you looking for here? Because I can go really far, I can go really goofy if you want.” And he said, “Do whatever.” Christine and I just kind of escalated until it looked like a scene out of Scooby Doo. We were going crazy and in the end, he had to bring us down. By the end, we were just having as much fun as we could possibly have – we had takes that went a minute and a half long because we were just improvising stuff. And by that time, Christine and I had bonded over the long work hours and an insane amount of scenes we had to do in a day, so we were ready to have fun. I had to sort of bring my Nikita training into that scene.

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