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Danielle Lama is an American journalist who has been a reporter at WOLF-FOX in Orlando, Florida, since 2016. She delivers daily lead stories and live shots and has extensive breaking news experience. Lama has also been an enterprise reporter with an extensive network of sources.

Danielle Lama Age

Lama’s age information will be updated soon.

Danielle Lama Education

Lama attended the University of Maryland, Merrill College of Journalism, College Park where she was studying Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism, Minor in Middle East Studies. She also studied in Richmond, The American International University in London, Rome Study Center.

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Danielle Lama Awards

  •  Regional Emmy Nomination, Health/Sciences/Environment category, “Why Scott County?”
  • Regional Emmy Nomination, Societal Concerns category, “Heroin Hell”
  •  Kentucky AP Awards 1st Place for Hard News Feature, “Heroin Hell”
  •  SPJ Louisville 2nd Place, Crime/Courts/Criminal Justice Category, “Judge Takes a Stand on Jury
  • Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association 1st Place for Best Continuing Coverage, “Madison Child
    Abuse Case”
  •  Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association 3rd Place for Best Feature, “#BiebsMeetAly”
  •  Philip Merrill College of Journalism 2011 “Outstanding Broadcast News Stu

Danielle Lama WDRB

Lama Enterprised daily stories for WDRB News at 6, Covered breaking news through compelling live reports, Maintained sources to break exclusive stories and generated ideas for special assignments, Posted stories to station website and used social media to promote stories and connect with viewers.

Danielle Lama WKOW

Lama Covered daily news and enterprise stories as a multimedia journalist, Shot and edited video, Produced weekend evening newscasts, Filled-in as an anchor, Posted stories to station website and used social media to promote stories and connect with viewers.

Danielle Lama WEHT

Lama Covered a package and Vo/Sot on different subjects daily
Shot and edited all video, Posted stories to station website and used social media to promote stories and connect with viewers.

Danielle Lama Darryl Perry

Article by Danielle;

An Orlando man is working every day to “come back from the dead.”

In 2007, former University of Florida football player Darryl Perry’s heart stopped for seven minutes. After doctors told his family to let him die, he woke up. Life was different though. He couldn’t see, could barely talk and for a while, Perry couldn’t talk.

Perry’s story became national news, and he’s continued to recover from the deadly medical episode. The News Station checks in with Perry now to see how he’s doing.

Danielle Lama CBD

Article by Danielle;

Attorneys for a great-grandmother who was arrested for having CBD oil in her purse at Disney World are holding a press conference Tuesday in Orlando.

Hester Burkhalter’s arrest is being talked about worldwide. A lot of people can’t believe the 69-year-old woman was charged with a felony for having CBD.

“The arrest was a legal arrest. I think maybe looking back – maybe that should have been handled in a different manner,” said Orange County Sheriff John Mina.

Last month, Burkhalter was on vacation in Orlando with her family from North Carolina when she was stopped by security outside the Magic Kingdom.

She says she was carrying the CBD oil, which was recommended by her doctor, for arthritis pain.

Orange County deputies placed her under arrested and booked her into jail on a felony charge.

“Our priorities are more dangerous drugs than that,” Mina said.

Mina says his deputies are now encouraged to contact someone on their legal team before making a CBD arrest. He also says he’d like the department to have better field tests for drugs.

“We do have field kits that test for THC but it seems like they’re not very reliable,” Mina explained.

Deputies say Burkhalter’s CBD oil tested positive for THC, even though the bottle said zero milligrams.

Charges against the great-grandmother have been dropped but a legal battle may be brewing.

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