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Cynthia Johnson Biography

Cynthia Johnson is an American entrepreneur, marketing professional, author and keynote speaker. She is the co-founder and CEO of Bell + Ivy, a personal brand development and management agency, and a former Managing Partner & Director of Marketing for RankLab, a digital marketing agency listed in Inc.

Cynthia Johnson Age

Cynthia has not made her age public.

Cynthia Johnson Networth

Cynthia’s net worth is under review.

Cynthia Johnson Husband

She is enganged to T.J Pancoast (his instagram handle) and they are set to wed.

Cynthia Johnson Education

Cynthia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from Colorado State University in 2012. She also studied acting, speech communication and rhetoric at American musical and Dramatic Academy (2006 – 2007)

Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson Career

Beacher’s Madhouse

Cynthia began her career in June 2005 at Beacher’s Madhouse, a comedy nightlife show, as a marketer. Her roles were to promote and market the celebrity guest show and at one time she was transferred to Miami to promote for Ocean Drive Magazine and Paris Hilton.

Daniel Hoff Agency, Inc.

In August 2007 she joined Daniel Hoff Agency, Inc. as an intern and was later offered the assistant position in August 2008 a position she held until February 2009.


In June 2010 she became a social media strategist for LiveCitizen until June 2012. Her roles were to start up a social media website through the use of other social media networks, maintain and create brand image through Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook. She also created and implemented marketing campaigns and track results.

Stickam Worldwide Inc.

In August 2011 she joined Stickam Worldwide Inc. as an advertising and marketing expert. Her roles were to implement display and video ads through ad servers, communicate with ad networks to enhance traffic, delivery, CPM and CPC. Track revenue and performance with detailed analytics for the team. Create and promote new marketing campaigns. Drive traffic through social media outlets and buying ad space. Create and execute social media campaigns. Write social media posts, blog posts, press releases
and newsletters. Promote and help with live shows, events and chats. She held the position until February 2013.


In February 2013 she became a partner & director of marketing for RankLab, a digital marketing company. She developed the company’s first social media marketing department and grew social media revenue to over $300,000 annually and in three years the company’s revenue grew with 65%. She served the company until July 2015 when it was bought out by American Addiction Centers for $4MM.

After American Addictions Centers bought out RankLab she became the companies director of brand development. Her roles included managing all social media marketing campaigns for corporate brand and facility brands and creating and managing cross-platform marketing initiatives in digital advertising, social media, and email marketing.She held the position until January 2017.

Cynthia also worked as an advisor for DIVONA for one year (august 2016 – August 2017). Since February 2016 Cynthia has ben a freelance columnist for entreprenuer media. She also serves as an advisory board member for the Millennium Alliance.

Cynthia Johnson – Bell + Ivy

In August 2016 Cynthia co founded Bell + Ivy where she serves as the CEO. Bell + Ivy is a personal brand development and management agency that focusses on accelerated thought leadership for business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists to help them achieve their goals.

Cynthia Johnson Publications

  • April 2016: 4 ways to save time with social media marketing tools, social media examiner.
  • November 2015: The top social media tools for working smarter, not harder, Fox News
  • September 2015: Search and Social: Mobile Integration
  • May 2015: How to network when you are an introvert, TIME Magazine aand Entreprenuer Magazine
  • February 2015: Latest Snapchat updates makes it easier for brands to grow audiences
  • February 2014: Case study on HLG Studios: How to be successful with Viral Video marketing, Social media club
  • 4 Lessons 2014 Taught Us About Social Media Marketing, Startup Grind
  • Seven Life Skills I Learned from Mark Zuckerberg, Forbes
  • Viant, Google, Myspace, and the Future of Advertising, Search Engine Journal.

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Cynthia Johnson Interview

Grammarly blog caught up with Cynthia and interviewed her about her personal take on great writing, as well as her love for Grammarly as a writing resource.

How important has writing been to the success you’ve experienced in your career?

Cynthia Johnson: Extremely important. Writing is my voice and the one thing that allows people to get to know me, and it gives a clarity on what my expertise is.

Tell us about your background in writing, how and when did you become a confident writer?

Cynthia Johnson: I became a confident writer by writing. The first time I wrote an article for a major publication I was insanely nervous. It was practice, flexibility, and the opportunity to work with great editors that allowed me to become confident.

What do you look for in various forms of writing like emails, text messages, books, content? In other words, what does great writing look like to you?

Cynthia Johnson: Great writing takes the reader into consideration. Is your message clear to the person receiving it? Is it too long? Are they busy people? No one enjoys reading a message that was drafted for the masses or someone else. When I receive long-winded, self-serving emails and texts, I simply respond tl;dr (too long; didn’t read). In my opinion, the audience is number one.

What’s been your experience with Grammarly?

Cynthia Johnson: I love it. It changed my life. Well, it made my editor’s job much easier.

What’s your favorite part of Grammarly’s product?

Cynthia Johnson: It is extremely user-friendly, which again, is the most important part. It has also decreased the number of commas in my writing significantly. I had no idea how neurotic I sounded before.

Why did you recommend Grammarly to your massive social media audience?

Cynthia Johnson: I recommend it because it is useful and saves time.

Why is the mobile keyboard exciting for you to use?

Cynthia Johnson: I tend to text and type very quickly, so the mobile use helps me to complete sentences and finish words without the predictive text changing my word to something completely outside of what I meant to write.

Who would you recommend Grammarly and the keyboard to?

Cynthia Johnson: Everyone, especially my mom.

What would be your advice for people who don’t identify as writers but rely on written communication in their everyday lives?

Cynthia Johnson: Ninety-nine percent of all problems start with miscommunication. The more we communicate using technology, the more we need to focus on the delivery of our words. You never know how a misspelled word or grammatically incorrect statement can change someone’s opinion of you or hinder your opportunities.

How has writing helped you improve your confidence as a public speaker?

Cynthia Johnson: When I know that the audience has read my work I feel more confident that they understand and will appreciate the subject matter.