Courtney Perry(The Bachelor) Bio, Age, Family, Partner, and Occupation

Courtney Perry Biography

Courtney Perry is an American television reality star and cosmetologist. She is well known for being a contestant in Season 24 of the dating and relationship reality show, The Bachelor. Additionally, she is an independent and focused woman.

Courtney Perry Age

Perry was born in 1993 in Venice, Florida. She is 26 years old as of 2019.

Courtney Perry Family

She has grown up with her parents and siblings. Her mother is known as Cathy Perry while her sister is known as Jessica Hayes.

Courtney Perry Height

Not Known

Courtney Perry Net Worth

Perry earns from being a reality show star and also from her work as a cosmetologist. However, her exact net worth is not yet known.

Courtney Perry Personal Life

Perry is likely to be turned on by a man in cowboy boots. However, she is claustrophobic, meaning she is scared of confined places. She loves taking wine while taking a gorgeous view. Apart from that, Courtney loves to go boating with friends, tanning at the beach, and going out for drinks.

Courtney Perry Partner

She has had 2 past serious relationships. Though she does not explain her breakups, she is already done wasting time with boys. Perry is ready for a man now.

Her man qualities include finding the right guy who is tall, athletic and have a bright smile. Also, his partner should be able to make her smile. As we quote her “ I am genuinely looking to get married because I believe everyone has a soul mate out there in the world and I, unfortunately, have yet to find mine”.

Courtney Perry Occupation

She works as a qualified cosmetologist.

Courtney Perry The Bachelor

Perry is a cast in the dating and relationship reality show, The Bachelor. During the introduction of the 30 women, Chris introduced Courtney as a Florida girl.

It is a show that airs every week on ABC originally from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.The dating and relationship reality show star Peter, a pilot, who is out to find the right partner between 30 women. Will Courtney Perry make it to the Finale?

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