Clint Walker Bio, Age, Twin Sister, Wife, Height, Children and Net Worth

Who is Clint Walker?

Norman Eugene Walker is a retired American actor and singer. He died of congestive heart failure in Grass Valley, California, on May 21, 2018.

Detailed Clint Walker Biography

He was born during the depression years and the family was forced to move from town to town, wherever there was work. Clint began his own wandering at the age of 16 when he quit school to work in a factory. He later worked on the local riverboats, then joined the Merchant Marines at the age of 17.

After a stint in the oil fields of Brownwood, Texas, Clint moved to Long Beach, California, then on to Las Vegas, where he worked as a deputy sheriff at the Sands Hotel. There, he met many celebrities who encouraged him to try his luck in Hollywood. He did just that.

As luck would have it, Clint was quickly introduced to Cecil B. DeMille, who took a liking to him and offered him a part in his latest film, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Shortly thereafter, Clint was cast in the role of “Cheyenne Bodie” in the series CHEYENNE, which ran for eight years. CHEYENNE became television’s first hour-long western and established Clint as one of the new medium’s biggest stars.

When Clint decided to quit the show, he was cast in a number of films, including None But The Brave, The Great Bank Robbery, The Dirty Dozen, Send Me No Flowers, Night Of The Grizzly, Fort Dobbs, Yellowstone Kelly, and Gold Of The Seven Saints. Clint, who has a beautiful singing voice, also recorded an album of songs and ballads for Warner Bros.

After Cheyenne, Clint made another television series, Kodiak, and a number of features and movies for television, including The Bounty Man, Yuma, and Snowbeast. Then came a freak accident at Mammoth Mountain, where a ski pole pierced Clint’s heart. Two months later, he was back at work in Spain co-starring with Telly Savalas in another western, Pancho Villa.

Since then Clint has been involved in other projects through the ’90s, such as The Gamblers Returns, a Kung Fu episode, and he joined some of his pals from The Dirty Dozen to do voices for the production of Small Soldiers. He continues to turn down roles that he feels are in bad taste, and when the right project comes along, Clint is ready to get back in front of the camera.

Clint Walker Health

In May 1971, Walker barely got away from death in a skiing mishap at Mammoth Mountain, California. In a tumble from a ski lift, Walker was pierced through the heart with a ski shaft. He was taken to an emergency clinic and articulated dead. Be that as it may, a specialist distinguished blackout indications of life and hurried Walker to a medical procedure, where his harmed heart was fixed. Inside two months, Walker was working once more. Walker has said about the mishap that he had a brush with death.

What is Clint Walker Age?

He was born on May 30, 1927, in Hartford, Illinois, USA. He died on May 21, 2018, at the age of 90 Grass Valley, California, U.S.

Who’re Clint Walker Family Members?

He is the son to Gladys Huldah and Paul Arnold Walker.

Clint Walker Twin Sister

He had a twin sister named Lucy who died in 2000.

Who’re Clint Walker Children?

Clint Walker’s marriage to Verna Garver produced one daughter Valerie Walker. Valerie Walker Daughter of Clint Walker became one of the first female airline pilots.

Who’s Clint Walker Wife?

Walker married Verna Garver in 1948. The marriage produced one daughter Valerie in 1950 before divorce in 1968. Valerie became one of the first female airline pilots. In 1974 Walker married Giselle Hennesy, who died in 1994. Walker then married Susan Cavallari in 1997.

What is Clint Walker Net Worth 2020?

He had an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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Clint Walker Height

He stands at 6 feet, 6 inches.

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