Chris Nichols Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Books and Net Worth

Chris Nichols Biography

Chris Nichols is an American columnist, editor, preservationist, and author. He is well known to have written the “Ask Chris” column as an Associate Editor of LA Magazine since 2000.

Chris Nichols Age

There is no information about Chris’s age, and the place he was born though he is an American by birth.

Chris Nichols Family

There is no information about his family and how he was raised up. Chris has not shared any information about his parents and with their occupation, he has also not shared any information him having siblings or elder brothers and sisters

Chris Nichols Wife | Married

There is no information about Chris having been married, he has not shared any information about him having married and has opted to keep silent about his personal life. He has also not shared any information about him having dated before.

Chris Nichols Career

Nichols worked as a former Chairman of the Los Angeles Modern Committee of the Los Angeles Conservancy, works to preserve the mid-century modern architecture of Los Angeles. He began writing the “Ask Chris” column for Los Angeles Magazine in 2000. In “Ask Chris”, Nichols answers readers’ questions about Los Angeles area history and people.

Chris Nichols

Nichols is the author of The Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllister, a book largely about historic neon signage and mid-century structures in Las Vegas and other cities. This book received positive reviews, including from Publishers Weekly, and it won a 2008 Independent Publisher Bronze Medal award.

Chris Nichols Net Worth

Chris estimated net worth is under review, there is no information about his net worth or salary but he is said to have been earning a huge salary from his work.

Chris Nichols Interview

Hello Chris, can you give our readers a short introduction regarding your age, location, education, employment etc?

Hello, I am 27, living and working in Vancouver B.C Canada. I’m currently working at CIS Vancouver on a film as a modeler/texture artist. I finished Graphic Design back in Perth, West Australia and after working on a couple of short films I moved to Vancouver back in 2007. Since then I have worked at Bardel Entertainment, Spin VFX and CIS Vancouver off and on.

What is the reason of choosing CG as career, you started it just as a hobby or did you see the potential for your career? 

One of my cousins is a film producer and showed me some samples that an artist at Weta had sent him of work he had done on the Fellowship of the ring. At this point I felt really driven to give it everything I had and study like crazy to get into creating 3d for feature films. I got involved in some short films with friends which is really where I learned the bulk of my skills and then took a year off and moved home with my parents and taught myself how to model and texture characters and creatures. After I felt I had enough work to show around I moved to Vancouver and started looking for work.

How was the experience while working on the movie “Invictus” as a texture artist. What is your main nature of work? Please also give us some useful insight about the shots you worked on.

Sure. I was hired on as a texture artist to work on creating textures for the background people that populate the rugby stadiums in the film. It mainly involved projecting photographs of extras onto models parts in ZBrush. A lot of clothing and prop textures were required as well. As modelers left the studio I got do some modeling on the characters and towards the end of production I stepped in to help the environment department with some modeling and texturing of the UN assembly environment and props. 

You are Australian and completed education in Australia so how you got a chance to work in Canada?

I was born in Saskatchewan Canada but moved to Australia when I was 2 years old. When I wanted to move back here I just applied for a Canadian passport and relocated to Vancouver. I really appreciate this fortunate circumstance as it’s quite difficult to get into Canada to work and then permanent residency is another matter. Being able to bypass this is a huge blessing.

In five years of experience, you worked with various companies on different roles, so which role you enjoyed the most and where would you like to work again?

I really enjoyed working at CIS on Invictus. I found the studio to have a relaxed attitude and working conditions were great. I keep going back there for short stints when they need me and like being able to jump around on a bunch of different areas of film work instead of just working in one area.


Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols